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  1. -6 spd isn’t bad especially if new. Experiment with different positions during the night (crown down etc) and see if this has an impact.
  2. The most legible compass on a watch I know of on my ProTrek (plus Barometer and Altimeter). ProTrek Compass by dougal74, on Flickr ...and I was born in Burnley General!
  3. Oh no, I’m cursed!!! I don’t think the automatic wind is working. It has stopped a couple of times now...bugger!
  4. Better than the Rolex effort!!
  5. Is it bad that I wore it to the dump to get rid of a load of cardboard!?
  6. Yes it is, you get a display back fitted and a spare solid gold back too. L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr
  7. New on today L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr
  8. As some of you remember from last week, I had a false start to my Birthday watch. The replacement came today, and what I love most is that I think it has been worn almost daily for most of its 18 years! Had I bought a pristine one, I might have kept it in the watch box for fear of dings and scratches. Now I can wear it and enjoy! L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr L.U.C. by dougal74, on Flickr
  9. It is possible/likely that Seiko will direct you back to the AD. Were the papers stamped as “new” in 2018 or earlier? It looks like it has suffered more than just storage issues before you got it.
  10. Desk diving today... MM300 by dougal74, on Flickr
  11. Keep the watches that really do something for you when you put them on - the ones that stir emotions, memories, significant times in your life etc. Those that sit in the box and are there because you are “supposed to have one in any watch collection” will not be missed (other than perhaps financially). I have a Navitimer which I love looking at because it is beautiful and I think I “should” have one but I don’t wear it because it isn’t very comfortable on the wrist and makes too much of a statement for my taste. I think it is unhelpful to think of watches as low, mid and high-end, I get as much pleasure from a £350 SARB at present as I have from 10/20 times more expensive similar pieces in the past.
  12. Late to the party sorry! MM300 by dougal74, on Flickr
  13. I think we are confusing the application of the general term "sports" here. For me a sports watch = sports utility vehicle. A watch which is a combination of things which allows a broad operating window across a number of different situations just like a modern 4x4 (dressy, active, outdoor, everyday, reliable, dependable, resistant to the elements etc.). The more specialised "sports" watches are like sports cars - good at what they are supposed to do but less adaptable to be an all around proposition.
  14. Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chrono GMT
  15. The seller was kind enough to accept the return, in the end I just couldn’t live with the dial that way on the lower left side. It’ll be a great watch for someone else and I’m sure it’ll be popping back up on a certain auction site!
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