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  1. I accidentally bought myself another watch for my Birthday yesterday...oops! I love that there is a magnifier hidden in the recess of the date window. Chopard LUC GMT in the rain by dougal74, on Flickr Chopard LUC GMT in the rain by dougal74, on Flickr LUC GMT 16/1867 by dougal74, on Flickr LUC GMT 16/1867 by dougal74, on Flickr
  2. Personally I think the larger and smaller HCs wear bigger than their stated diameters due to the lugs. My choice would be an Oris Aquis 39.5mm or the Seiko SPB149.
  3. Casio is a great choice. I wear mine more than I do any other watch, has to be over 12 years old and barely a mark on it... ProTrek Compass by dougal74, on Flickr
  4. There is nothing that Rolex offer that GS doesn't match or beat. GS was founded to defeat the Swiss in various metrics and they do it. Plus their dials and finishing are jaw dropping - simply wonderful. However, they don't have the brand cachet amongst the ignorant and some models suffer with value retention. That shouldn't really matter if one of the GS models speaks to you. 11 Great Grand Seikos
  5. Trying to wear a new watch each day this week! Navitimer by dougal74, on Flickr
  6. Doing a spd check on my wife's new watch, looking around +4 at the moment... Cartier Tank by dougal74, on Flickr
  7. I have sat across a number of watch auctions for the past few weeks. During initial lockdown reserves were high and bid volumes low. The past fortnight bids have often been crazy (volume and level) with people paying close to Chrono24 prices before buyers premium. i don’t think it’s just watches though, I was looking at a BBQ for sale close to me. Buy it new for £499 at John Lewis, bidding at £600 with 1 day to go!!!
  8. I asked for advice on a new watch from this good parish. Lots was forthcoming and greatly appreciated. Received it today. Rubbish outer box, inner box, watch setting. Oh well, you don't wear the box etc. Tried it on, bracelet/clasp a little jangly. And all in all, I thought meh...I hope it grows on me: - ROLEX DJ2 by dougal74, on Flickr ...then I took it into the sun...and...wow!!! ROLEX DJ4 by dougal74, on Flickr
  9. Pointless but fun all the same! Reminds me of the video with John Mayer where he explains his one off PP with a salmon dial. He asked specifically for luminous hands so he could read the time on stage in low light...questioner asks him if he's ever worn it on stage and JM laughs and admits not!
  10. There was an auction 5 years ago with the following details: - Longines Conquest Wristwatch, Ref. L1.613.9, C. 2000Longines Conquest wristwatch, ref. L1.613.9Switzerland, c. 2000Quartz movement, hour, minute, second, dateAnthracite dial, gold handsWatch case, original strap and butterfly clasp of partially gold plated titaniumWatch case no. 27447247; snap-in caseback Yours looks very similar to that.
  11. MM300 by dougal74, on Flickr Seamaster Chrono by dougal74, on Flickr
  12. The bezel marker on my Aerospace at 15 mins. It interferes with turning the crown so I always have the bezel askew!
  13. I have been on a waiting list for a BB58 for ages and frankly I think I'm done with all the Rolex/Tudor market manipulation. That said, if you've set your heart on a BB you should wait, though if you have a bigger wrist a used Pelagos might work better? For around £900 I'd be sorely tempted by (depending on your wrist size and how chunky you want it): - Marathon GSAR Auto Squale 1521 (or 50 Atmos if you have the wrist for it) Glycine Combat Sub Yema Superman Maxi I've excluded Seiko as your already have one but I really like the look of the SPB149J1 coming in June
  14. Lots of calls abroad...but now it's wine o'clock Aerospace by dougal74, on Flickr
  15. That would end in divorce! I'm probably only fixated on the Master Geo idea due to all the Zoom conference calls going on!! The timezone functions of my two quartz are far better anyway! I actually prefer the GP, don't like the screws on the AP or the hatch look of the PP. If I got a Zenith it would be an El Primero and I am happy with the chronos I have.
  16. Thanks for all the suggestions, really useful to narrow things down a bit. I think I'm looking at one of the following, any further advice most welcome: - JLC Master Geo by dougal74, on Flickr gp_5790586 by dougal74, on Flickr JLC UTM by dougal74, on Flickr GO PanamaticLunar by dougal74, on Flickr JLC Master World by dougal74, on Flickr djrhodium by dougal74, on Flickr JLC Master Geo 3 by dougal74, on Flickr
  17. Thank you, tried one at an airport and thought the dial proportions didn’t work on my wrist, lovely thing though. Was looking at a GS GMT with the white etched face, not sure I could live with no lume on a GMT. Nice idea, a Reverso with a moonphase maybe...
  18. Both the Hamilton and the SARB tick the everyday wear box, plus their size/value means I'll give them to my kids in a few years (my daughter already loves display backs and movements). A DJ has never really spoken to me - nor has any Rolex for that matter. A GS, Railmaster, IWC Mark might tick the everyday box when they go. I've never held a German watch. and therefore I am only going on videos/photos, but they always come across as wearing a bit large on the wrist...beautifully designed and engineered though they are.
  19. I was due to send off the Navitimer for a service and the Aerospace for a battery. Instead I got the watchbox out and did the battery change myself - seems to be running with the new battery just fine!!! The service will have to wait. In the meantime I realised I have one slot in the box being taken up by my wife's Oris Big Crown diver (which she never wears). Now this got me thinking, assuming I sell on the Oris what watch do you guys think I should get to fill that remaining cushion? She tells me she doesn't want "another bloody watch" which I guess means I can get what I want for mysel
  20. BB58 is 11mm. The older ETAs were also thinner. Agreed though that the GMT is far too slab sided and thick.
  21. Lots of Eterna in my local TK Maxx, not dirt cheap and missing some papers / wetsuit extension. They had a 1973 Ltd Ed Super Kontiki for £599. They had that 710 Alpina too which sat around at £699 for months.
  22. There is absolutely nothing classy about a modern Rolex diver, there used to be but not anymore. They have even started to ruin their understated models like the Explorer.
  23. Birthday watch on the right day for it!! LUC 1860 by dougal74, on Flickr
  24. I’m on the list at an AD in Victoria, they think December time (same for the BB GMT).
  25. I don’t see the difference between sending a watch in for service in Switzerland (e.g. Bienne) vs. sending it to Japan? I’d take the MM300 over that special edition SLA though.
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