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  1. I can't remember how many we've had in the past, but 12 seems a bit of a poor turn out. However, the most important thing is that I'm in, so I don't care
  2. Cheers mate, it's a beauty and I really like it. I've not really captured the finish very well in my photo. In real life it's a lot shinier and it "pops" in daylight much more than my poor attempt at a photo shows. I must get a pic of this one next to my "similar" Seiko to show the differences
  3. Nice one mate, looks good on the new strap New incoming again for me today - I'd resized it by taking out 3 links, but had to put one back in and make some finer adjustment on the clasp, now sitting perfectly on the wrist: I bloomin' LOVE this one!
  4. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to @Karrusel for my latest incoming. I did some technical illustration work for him recently, and even though I said there was no need to pay for it, he insisted on some form of reimbursement for my time. We came to an agreement that he could send me a watches2u voucher, and when it arrived I picked out this awesome Casio Edifice I've got to say, this one is a stunner, with it's rose gold detailing and dark blue dial to match my Porsche (coincidence? I don't think so... ) I am chuffed to bits with it. I'm not usually a fan of rose gold on watches, but the thin slivers around the dials and on the edge of the hands are a lot more subtle in real life than they look in the photo. In my previous WRUW post today I thought this was similar to my blue Seiko chrono, but actually when they're side by side they are very different. I'll take a photo of them together sometime for comparison. Thanks again to Alan for the generous gesture, it was very much appreciated mate
  5. Yep, it's a firm favourite, and has had quite a bit of wrist time since you sold it to me Whenever I wear it I usually have the stopwatch running, because I find the seconds hand quite distracting when it sits in the "12" position. Much better to see it running IMHO, and it makes reading the time a bit clearer. Note: since the photo was taken I have removed all of the clear protective film from the bracelet...
  6. My one and only Seiko being given an outing today: I ordered a Casio Edifice yesterday, which should be delivered today, and I've just realised it is VERY similar to this one ^
  7. Fossil diver for me today: Not worn this one for a while, I'd forgotten how much I like it
  8. Nice one @Teg62x - You're supposed to copy and paste the list, then add your name, like this: 1.) Pauluspaolo 2.) iceblue 3.) Davey P 4.) Marcin 5.) Bridgeman 6.) jaslfc5 7.) Graham60 8.) Wrench 9.) Richard734 10.) Teg62x
  9. Quite a low turn out this year, which is a shame, but never mind
  10. I plan to use the Boxster as a stepping stone to a Cayman - If it doesn't bankrupt me first
  11. PM sent, they are yours mate
  12. I found two Seiko boxes, so here are a couple of pics: The blue one is older, and slightly smaller. Neither of them has got SQ branding anywhere. Both have got their original cushion as far as I can tell. The white one is from a fairly modern chrono, but as I've got no intention of selling it I'm happy to let that one go as well. The blue one had a gold watch for Mrs P, and again that will never be sold so the box is not needed. Let me know if you're interested in either or both of these mate.
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