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  1. You will have noticed this in the classified section then: Watch & Clock related sales only. No dealers, fakes or replicas. Access only available to members who regularly contribute in the other sections and have at least 50 posts. What you're trying to do is not really in the spirit of this forum mate, unless you have other useful and interesting posts to add. I'm not trying to pee on your firework, but just making you aware of how things are done around here. Also, if you try to speed-post your way to 50 in order to access the sales corner, the Mods will take a dim view and y
  2. Just the sort of underhand tactics I would use myself, so I salute your cunning and slightly sneaky efforts mate Some extra clues for anyone daft enough to want that Lidl pile of poo on their wrist: It's brand new, not used I'm buying it direct from the manufacturer's website in their Black Friday sale at a massive discount It's under £100 Now I've probably made it too easy, and someone will almost certainly win that top quality timepiece, just in time to give it away in the TWF Secret Santa...
  3. After the previous competition, you are banned from entering this one mate. You must have cheated to guess so quickly, but I haven't worked out how yet................
  4. Well, the great Davey P clear out was coming along nicely, with 8 sold in a week, and only 1 incoming (The mighty Bulova Precisionist). But then a bargain came up in the sales corner (A Tom Tom smart watch) so just for a bit of fun I thought I'd give that a try....... and then Black Friday happened......... oh dear, that can only mean one thing........ and another "mystery watch" got ordered before I'd even had my breakfast this morning As is the tradition around here, I will offer up a freebie to anyone who can guess my next watch (not the Tom Tom, the other one!) and the prize will be
  5. We're in the Fens mate, you can see the curvature of the earth from our upstairs window
  6. I took this photo looking out of my kitchen window this morning, especially for @mach 0.0013137 Just in case you were wondering, the blue bit at the top is sky mate. That's what it looks like in the East of England. You're welcome
  7. One more day for the mighty Bulova Precisionist:
  8. If it helps, I can send you a few pics tomorrow from the sunny East of England - You're welcome mate
  9. It's got to be the new Precisionist for me today: Not sure if this one will be a keeper yet. After wearing it for most of yesterday it seems a bit top-heavy, and needs to be fastened quite tightly to stop it turning on the wrist. Might just be a question of getting used to how it wears. Shame if it has to go, because it does look bloody awesome. I'm sure I'd get my money back if I do move it on anyway, these are selling on ebay for a lot more than I paid, so not a complete disaster if it becomes a catch and release..........
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