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  1. Just to make you feel even worse, I came into Stansted yesterday and my bag was already waiting for me as I walked up to the carousel. And on the transfer bus to the car park mine was the first bus stop as well
  2. Yeah, I know, what a Muppet! It was exceptionally heavy (even by my standards ) so I very rarely wore it. In some respects, it was almost too good to wear, if that makes sense? It was a bloody minter as well - Gutted! Given the number of watches that have passed through my collection over the years, I guess only one regret out of such a high number isn't too bad...
  3. An interesting concept. Talk me through it mate...
  4. I can only think of one that I definitely should have kept, and still can't believe I flipped it:
  5. Oh I think we all know how your warped mind works by now, so that comment about blue being your favourite is almost certainly a red herring - I'll change my previous entry, and go with the mighty iTime Phantom Carbonio, complete with a Kawasaki green strap and gigantic carbon fibre composite case, which is as bonkers as it's name suggests: Get in!
  6. Just a quick heads-up, watches2u have got a flash deal on Fossil watches at the moment, but it's only until midnight tonight so anyone interested will need to act fast. There are over 200 watches, starting from £45.00 for some nice simple dress watches, up to £139.00 for the Q Hybrid smartwatch range. The link is here: https://www.watches2u.com/watches/flash.html?per_page=288&sorting=price-ASC A couple that caught my eye are this one at £55: And this one at £59: Also available in black on a bracelet for just £65: Nothing in there for me this time, but I'm always happy to help you lot spend your hard-earned money on stuff you don't really need. You're welcome
  7. Still in Austria, so still wearing the giant TW Steel Volante: I had to laugh, when I walked into the office on Tuesday afternoon, a couple of the guys here pointed out that I'd left a watch behind on my previous visit. I mentioned it was a spare, just left here deliberately in case I forgot to put one on for my visits in future (I've done that a couple of times in the past - NIGHTMARE!!! ) and they looked at me as if I'd gone mad... until I pointed out it was a 5 Euro Lidl special (They still think I'm mad though!). To be fair, I actually quite like the Lidl watch, so I guess that means I'm not taking things quite as seriously as some of you lot...
  8. Picked up my hire car at Vienna Airport this afternoon, and I got a "free upgrade" to... a Skoda Rapid Estate I dread to think what I'd been upgraded from (actually, it's not a bad car - Jeez, I must be getting old!)
  9. Blimey, there are some cracking watches on display as always, nice one guys I'm working in Austria now, until Friday, so it will be this big fella for the rest of the week: It's the full size TW Steel Volante, and size-wise it is right on the edge of being wearable for me I don't think I could get away with anything larger than this one, the damned thing is almost as wide as my wrist when viewed straight-on I've got the smaller version in green, and that is much more sensible, and probably wears nicer than the larger one. However, I love them both equally, that goes without saying
  10. Wearing one of the smaller TW Steels in my collection today, but it's still quite a substantial beast of course:
  11. What a coincidence, so did I Mine was mainly cardboard boxes, plus a couple of shock absorbers and a few pieces of glass. We are both quite literally living the dream mate Today I'm taking my Dad to the Doctor's to have his ears syringed...
  12. My opinion, for what it's worth, is the Oris has got more wrist presence than the Rado, and looks nicer (Note: I don't have any 1st hand experience of either makes, or indeed automatic watches in general). However, I can't help feeling you can get an equally nice looking Seiko 5 for 1/10th of the price... As always though, it is entirely down to your personal taste, and I don't think you will go far wrong with any Rado or Oris watches in terms of quality.
  13. What an amazing coincidence, Ruthie's Ford Ka passed it's MOT yesterday as well. She's sold it to her sister, so she now gets to use the MR2 all the time, and I get Brownie points for giving her the best... wedding present... ever! On a separate note, my belly button is still peeling from the ultimate lad's weekend in Puerto Rico. Note to self: when it's 40 degrees and sunny, don't sit by the pool with no sun protection..........
  14. Nope, count me in as well, that's a cracker mate
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