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  1. Blimey, you guys have got a very different interpretation of a "daily beater" to me....
  2. Took the Porsche in for a full service this morning, hopefully I won't get stung too much for the privilege Wearing the mighty Bulova Precisionist today: Always love wearing this one
  3. I take more short breaks and long weekends away than full holidays. When I go on a "proper" holiday I'm normally skiing, so I take something that is impact resistant! Probably a G-Shock, or similar, and I'd only take one.
  4. Nice one @Bricey - That Bernhardt caught my eye when it was advertised, but I didn't realise it was so chunky, otherwise I might have been tempted to pull the trigger. Excellent stuff, well played that man!
  5. Excellent Fossil diver for me today:
  6. Excellent stuff, well played that man! First one's not my cuppa tea, but I really like the Wolbrook Skin Diver - That is right up my street And two more incoming tomorrow...?
  7. G-Shock carbon core for me today: Oh, and the Beatles song to go with it..? Obviously "Yellow Submarine"
  8. Looks a lot better on the rubber strap, nice one mate
  9. Excellent stuff, well done that man! Bit of a bummer you had to pay 30 quid in customs charges for your "free" winning prize, but apart from that it's a great result. I reckon Rocky will love it when you give it to him, after you accept the fact that the design is probably just a bit too... er... how shall I put it.... "young" for you Looks like a nice watch though, apart from the Zulu strap, obviously...
  10. Lovely Fossil smart watch with e-ink display, bought from the Guv'nor a few months ago, and now a firm favourite in the collection - Cheers @Roy Interesting fact: It has a backlight function that lights up the dial by tapping twice on the crystal. Never seen that function before on any other watch
  11. I've had more than one occasion on here where I've sold a watch and the buyer has requested time to pay. They might be waiting for funds from one of their own sales to arrive, or sometimes they simply haven't got the money until payday and just need a bit of time, but don't want to lose the watch (I know it might be hard to believe, but I have sold some desirable watches occasionally... ). I have sent them the watch anyway, and then waited until they can afford it, sometimes for a few weeks. I also accept Paypal "friends and family", or a bank transfer, safe in the knowledge that nothing is likely to go pear-shaped with the transaction. I think it's important to have a bit of trust when buying and selling on here. It's what makes this forum such a special place to be
  12. A nice offer @Roy but from my experience on here - both buying and selling - there is no need for it. Everyone I've dealt with in the past has been honest and, as @Sulie said, it's quite common for items to be sent even before payment is received. I for one am comfortable dealing with established members, but would probably think twice about dealing with anyone who hasn't got a track record and plenty of posts under their belt.
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