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  1. Happy birthday mate, I hope you have a great day, despite the obvious difficulties and restrictions at the moment Well, now @Roy 's awesome Sales Corner is temporarily shut down, I'm pulling the plug on these two TW Steel Mavericks. I wore the beige one yesterday, and I'm wearing the black one today. They are both excellent, and I've decided I must have been mad to even consider selling them, so they are now officially... KEEPERS!
  2. Before anyone else on here says it, this ^ pretty much describes me as well The only difference between us is, judging by your watch collection, your pockets appear to be a bit deeper than mine...
  3. The obvious answer would be to contact @simon2 if you want it sorted properly without getting ripped off
  4. Well, if I can't sell 'em at the moment I might as well wear 'em, so it's the mighty TW Steel CEO Canteen for me today: Stay safe out there guys
  5. I couldn't be bothered to change 'em all today, so just did the date and time on the one I'm wearing (an awesome TW Steel Maverick, thanks for asking ) I usually display the atomic clock on my laptop, then change the time on my watches to the second... for the first few... and then I get bored and just change the rest to the nearest minute or two
  6. No problem @Roy - I've still got a few on there up for grabs, but they're all crap so you are doing everyone a favour (I'm kidding, obviously they are all excellent)
  7. Davey P

    DIY haircuts.

    Same here, I stopped going to the barber when it used to take them 5 mins with the clippers and they still charged me 8 quid
  8. Picked this one out at random this morning - Sometimes less is more
  9. It's time to shake up the collection, so I've just sold 4 watches in the sales corner on here. I think we all know what that means.......... I've got my eye on a lovely Casio Edifice which will be ordered soon
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