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  1. Awesome work from the Guv'nor, and I actually prefer the new dial to the original one
  2. Nobody is more surprised than me......
  3. Not sure why, but I've switched to this mechanical for the rest of the day: Who knew that I'd actually get to like these things, with their old fashioned springs and cogs whirring away
  4. Make sure it's the finest 904L steel though mate, we don't want any half measures around here
  5. I wouldn't over think it mate. For what you paid it's an absolute bargain, so just fit a new battery then glue the back on, end of story. Not sure what sort of glue would be best though, you want it to be removable for battery changes in future. Maybe a hot glue gun? Or some sort of Loctite might do the trick? Keep us informed anyway, I love stuff like this
  6. Swiss Legend for me today: This one was given to me by @RWP and is a cracker. Always enjoy wearing it, and the timekeeping is amazingly accurate, even by quartz standards
  7. I'm not sure whether I feel offended of flattered...
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