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  1. Very nice mate, I like everything about that one, excellent stuff
  2. Go big, or go home - It's the mighty iTime Phantom for me today:
  3. Too late, we are all pointing at you and laughing........
  4. Probably this Bulova Precisionist for me: Always makes me laugh whenever I wear it, with the bonkers bezel locking lever that looks like a bicycle bell Water resistant to 1000 feet though, which is very useful and means I don't need to take it off to do the washing up.....
  5. Hamilton looks very nice, I like that a lot. Your definition of "mid range" is a bit different to mine though... Good luck for tomorrow mate
  6. Ha ha, brilliant marketing BS - "Wearing this timepiece pays homage to the tireless work required to create a singular item - an idea belonging both to yesterday and to tomorrow, where the line is blurred between day and night". Er... OK then... that seems fair enough.... and a bargain at 770 quid.........
  7. Lovely TW Steel Pilot for me today - Another one I haven't worn for ages, which is probably a sign that I need a clear out sometime to slim the collection down a bit...: It's been so long since I last wore this one, the date needed changing from 22nd to 28th....
  8. Given the result, it seems like that was a complete waste of time and effort Makes you wonder why Seiko didn't just reproduce the watch exactly the same as the original, which is a million times better than the "Pogue inspired" version. I'm obviously missing something.
  9. Nice simple TW Steel Maverick for me today:
  10. It's the mighty TW Steel Goliath for me today:
  11. Excellent G-Shock carbon core for me today:
  12. Blimey, you guys have got a very different interpretation of a "daily beater" to me....
  13. Took the Porsche in for a full service this morning, hopefully I won't get stung too much for the privilege Wearing the mighty Bulova Precisionist today: Always love wearing this one
  14. I take more short breaks and long weekends away than full holidays. When I go on a "proper" holiday I'm normally skiing, so I take something that is impact resistant! Probably a G-Shock, or similar, and I'd only take one.
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