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  1. That ^ was going to be my answer, because my Dad's old Avia with engraved back is the only watch that is irreplaceable, the rest can be claimed on insurance. But since I had the foresight to leave that one at home, I'd save this Bulova Precisionist, which doesn't get worn very often, but I did wear it at my wedding, so that says it is still my favourite: You can see it in action here, during my sparkling and witty speech: And this is the irreplaceable and priceless Avia I mentioned: The bit that makes it priceless is this:
  2. Awesome Bulova Precisionist for me today:
  3. Been on Isle of Wight since Sunday, interning my Father in Law's ashes, and got back yesterday. I was wearing the mighty Bulova Precisionist diver every day while I was away, and changed to this Fossil smart watch today:
  4. Relatively small TW Steel Volante for me today:
  5. Nice blue and rose gold Casio Edifice for me today:
  6. Nope, watch swap is a better idea TW Steel is now in the sales corner, looking for a new owner...
  7. Put on this Fossil dress watch this morning, and realised how similar it is to the newly arrived TW Steel slimline Trouble is, I like the Fossil better, so I reckon we might be heading for a "catch and release" on the TW Here they are side by side: The Fossil is about the same diameter, but twice the thickness, and probably twice as heavy thanks to the bracelet. The TW is a lovely looking piece, but I think the Fossil is more "me". Here's another side by side pic: Seems a bit pointless keeping both, so I'll pop the TW on the sales corner and see what happens.
  8. Great write up mate, well up to your usual high standard, and very informative Personally, I like the Spinnaker best out of the two, purely based on looks.
  9. Probably the most impressive watch in my collection is this G-Shock Carbon Core: Obviously loaded with the usual G-Shock features (none of which I will ever use...) including Bluetooth/timer/stopwatch/alarms etc, but more important is the build quality and finish to the case and bracelet. An absolutely stunning looking thing on the wrist, with a decent weight but not over the top heavy, thanks to the carbon core.
  10. I assumed you were talking about me for a minute there mate... TW Steel slimline for me today:
  11. Amazing value, well played that man for getting the last one I would have ordered one myself at that price if they had them in stock, just for a laugh.
  12. The mighty Bulova Precisionist for me today - I seem to wear this one quite a lot, and love it more each time: Ooooh, it's a big beast though
  13. I've got one Diesel watch in my collection, but don't wear it very often (in fact, I haven't worn for a few years...). It's this bright red one: And when I say bright red, I mean it is SERIOUSLY bright (even more so that the photo shows). I quite like it, but it soon became apparent that red hands against a black dial are quite difficult to read in low light, so it's not one I would wear when the sun goes down. Quite a nice thing to wear though, with a nice soft silicon strap, and it's not too big like some of their other watches mentioned previously on here. One other disadvantage i
  14. Look on the back for the 4 digit module code (in a rectangle) and type it into this link to get the instructions: https://support.casio.com/en/manual/manuallist.php?cid=009 Much easier than trying to read the tiny printed manuals supplied from Casio I've had my eye on that same watch for a while, but can't seem to find anyone with them in stock. Out of interest, where did you get yours from?
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