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  1. If you paid via Paypal, and they turn out to be not as described, you will get a refund anyway. If they are from somewhere like China, and the cost of returning them is more than they are worth, you might not even have to send them back and still claim a refund. Don't ask me how I know that...
  2. Yep, the world has gone mad, and nothing makes sense any more.......
  3. Back to this lovely Shenhua automatic for me today, courtesy of @Graham60 - Cheers mate
  4. If you are anywhere near the Bicester Village Designer Outlet it might be worth popping in there first. I've not been myself, but I've heard there are some good deals to be had. You could also try phoning them to find out if they have the model you are interested in - Tel: 01869249008 Given the choice between new and used, especially for a special birthday pressie, I'd go for new every time, but that's just me.
  5. New battery fitted to this lovely Fossil this morning, and tbh I've hardly worn it since I bought it from the Fossil Outlet Shop in Austria last year, so a good enough reason to give it some wrist time. Also, I refitted the original bracelet at the same time, to replace the non-OEM rubber, which I thought was needed to tone down the "bling" a bit when I first bought it. However, I really like it on the bracelet, so that is now a keeper (it's almost like having a new watch! ):
  6. Weirdly, and for no good reason at all, I have changed to... an automatic It's almost like I've been brainwashed...
  7. Er, given your freakish and slightly odd preference for going double-wristed, don't you mean TWO watches...?
  8. Nice little Fat Face f*shion watch () for me today:
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