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  1. It's in joint 1st position in the pole with the GP and IWC, so there are a few other members on here with similar impeccable taste to me....
  2. That was a long shot mate, as the original post is from April 2016... So, no, I haven't still got it, sorry
  3. Worth mentioning, in case it isn't obvious, do not submerge the whole watch into the ultrasonic bath, but take the bracelet off first and clean the watch head separately (i.e. Not in the ultrasonic).
  4. I forgot to mention, I've done a fair number of trades on here in the past as well (straight swaps, with no money exchanging hands either way) and that has also been great, with both parties completely satisfied and happy with the swaps.
  5. I've bought and sold plenty of watches on ebay in the past without any problems, but I'd only use it as a last resort now. The sales corner on here is extremely reliable from my experience. Everything I've bought has been exactly as described, and everything I've sold has gone smoothly without fuss. As @Roger the Dodger said previously, "The big advantage of selling here is that you will probably know the buyer, or can communicate with them via the PM service, as all are genuine watch enthusiasts". That pretty much sums it up really, the members on here have always been honest and easy
  6. Nice simple TW Steel Maverick for me today:
  7. I voted for the MB&F, purely because there was no option for "none of the above"
  8. I agree with @JoT - the Bulgari is definitely the least horrendous of that lot. And since my impeccable good taste is legendary around here, I think we can all agree that is the correct answer
  9. Excellent TW Steel for me today:
  10. If you get stuck with any of these, I'd be happy to help out. There are a few samples of my photo editing work on my website if you're interested: https://davepatey-illustration.co.uk/
  11. Happy birthday @mach 0.0013137 Have a great day mate
  12. Awesome Bulova Precisionist for me this morning:
  13. I work from home, and I've converted one of my desk drawers to a watch box, which holds my top twenty favourites. The dividers are covered in carbon fibre effect sticky backed plastic (very Blue Peter! ), and I made individual cushions covered in black velvet (very Austin Powers! ) to hold them safely in place. The rest of my collection are on stands dotted around the office, so ironically I get to see the cheapies on display, while the good stuff is hidden away
  14. A bit of Casio Edifice bling for me today:
  15. I have a self imposed limit of 200-ish quid per watch, and most of my collection are significantly cheaper than that. I don't see the attraction of watches that are really expensive, but good on anyone who can afford them. I'm happy with my collection, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. The OP has answered his own question by saying "I'm also concerned at £2k I'll be too scared to even use the watch"
  16. Another vote for Omega from me. Not based on any first hand knowledge, and obviously they are both great watches, so not much to choose between them.
  17. Small, but perfectly formed, Casio Edifice for me today:
  18. Another vote for G-Shock from me, and there are millions to choose from, so it should be quite easy to find one you like. Depends how much functionality you need, or want, but they seem to cover most of the usual stuff like stopwatches/alarms/countdown timers etc. Another option (still Casio) would be one of their ProTrek range, which are also tough and loaded with functions. Most will be under 200-ish quid, and some are a lot cheaper than that.
  19. Let's not forget the King of film quotes, nobody delivers a one-liner like Arnie: "No problemo!"
  20. TW Steel Maverick for me today: Love the shape of these, my photo doesn't really capture it very well, but such a great watch in the flesh
  21. Lovely Casio Edifice for me today:
  22. G-Shock Carbon Core for me today, and still loving this one, what a great watch: Going camping today, for one night only - just an excuse to meet up with some mates for a socially distanced get together, and eat burnt burgers - Nom nom nom...
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