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  1. That's a good question mate. I have written to the CEO of Fossil to find out for you, so hopefully he will get back to me soon with an answer
  2. I saw this gorgeous Fossil hybrid in the sales corner, offered at a bargain price from @Roy and I just had to have it (hence the recent quick catch and release of the G-Shock from @Rotundus ) Over the past year I've tried to slim down my watch collection, and sold quite a few that are the same or similar to others, but it's increasingly difficult to find watches that are completely different to anything else I've got. This Fossil hybrid, however, manages to achieve that, thanks to it's E-Ink display on the dial which I've never seen before. I'm not bothered about the smartwatch feature
  3. Well, after I said "a lovely addition to the collection, and I'm really pleased with it" the watch is now........... SOLD! I guess you could call it the ultimate catch and release, or maybe I've just got a short attention span. Anyway, I made the mistake of having a quick look in the Sales Corner "just out of interest..." and I think we can all guess what happened......... I saw something from @Roy that I simply had to have, so the G-Shock had to go before I became too attached to it. You've got to love this place, haven't you...
  4. Received this nice G-Shock from @Rotundus today, and wanted to say a public thank you: It was originally part of a raffle by @scottswatches for Macmillan, and I missed out on that (my lucky streak really has deserted me these days! ) so when it came up for sale shortly afterwards I couldn't resist it. I've never seen this model before, the design looks a bit "retro" by G-Shock standards, but condition is pretty much pristine and as new. The proportions are different to most other G's, with a fairly small but quite thick case. All the usual functions are there, so that means various
  5. @Roy, I think I might have inadvertently breached that rule as well, in my thread yesterday about my late father's Wedgewood collection. Please feel free to delete it if that's the case, and I will open up a new thread in the sales section instead.
  6. Something a bit different for me today, and one that I've hardly worn, so nice to give this lovely Fossil some wrist time:
  7. The mighty (and appropriately named) TW Steel Goliath for me today:
  8. A lovely TW Steel for me today:
  9. This ^ is exactly what I do, and I've never been defeated by even the most stubborn case back. Just be careful, use a twisting motion, and if you're not confident it would be a good idea to wear protective gloves and goggles. If it's that difficult to get off, you will almost certainly need a simple case back closer to pop it back on. Not a disaster, they are cheap from ebay, I think mine was about 12 quid: Easy to use, comes with a wide selection of dies, and very satisfying when the case back snaps in with a click
  10. Not a bad start to the year (considering I'm supposed to be reducing the collection...), with these so far: Pagani Design chrono: And my pride and joy, this lovely Avia from my wonderful father, who sadly passed away on his 93rd birthday just after Christmas: Working fine, and keeping time to 1 minute a day, which is quite remarkable for a watch that is probably older than me
  11. Saw this little beauty outside the front of our house this morning. I think he's a kestrel, but regardless of whether that's right or wrong, we are calling him "Kes" anyway!
  12. Obviously it will have to be the new incoming from yesterday for me today: Not sure I will wear this one very often, the hands are a bit tricky to see against the white dial in certain light, due to my poor eyesight. However, it is a lovely looking thing on the wrist, so that makes up for it!
  13. Naah, I'm supposed to be reducing the collection, not increasing it
  14. Just received this lovely Pagani Design chrono from @greasemonk It came supplied as watch head only, and the only strap I could find in my spares box was black leather with white stitching, which actually doesn't look too bad (it's not as shiny in real life as it looks in the photos). I might switch to black rubber sometime, but it's fine for now. The watch is slightly smaller than my usual gigantic types, and to be honest that's probably not a bad thing. It sits nicely on the wrist, and appears to be really well made. I can't even pretend to have any idea what a bleedin' Mecaqua
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