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  1. I've still got 14 that need new batteries, I just haven't got round to sorting them out yet
  2. Yes, it is that one mate, but that advert shows the wrong size. TW Steel do the Volante in two different sizes, one is 45mm (which I have also got, but in green) and has a subdial for the seconds, and the blue one, which is 47mm or 48mm and has a normal seconds hand. Weirdly, although there's only a couple of millimeters difference, the blue one looks massive compared to the green version. Here's a pic of the 45mm model: Not sure which one I prefer, I think the smaller version is a bit more sensible on the wrist, but they both look excellent to me
  3. This one is a bit bigger than 45mm mate, and I didn't say it was TOO big, I just said it's a big bugger (and it is)
  4. TW Steel Volante for me today - and it's a big bugger, even by TW Steel standards :
  5. I haven't noticed any post bumping in the sales corner, but then again I'm not in the market for anything new at the moment anyway, so maybe I just haven't been looking... Personally, I think if a watch doesn't sell on here in the first week or 2 of advertising, you might as well pull the plug on it and switch to ebay.
  6. You're welcome mate, I know my opinion is very well respected around here
  7. Wow, that looks awesome, what a fantastic looking watch... until you turn it over and look on the back (what were they thinking?). Jesus, for $12.5k I'd expect a bit more class, that Godzilla looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old. Have I missed something? Needless to say, I doubt they will have any trouble shifting all 650 of those bad boys, even with the hideous display back artwork.
  8. You've obviously seen my watch collection then...
  9. One last day in Austria for the mighty Precisionist, before returning to the UK later:
  10. Have you seen my watch collection? It's safe to say, I never put in an insanely high bid for anything Also, you don't need sniping software to cancel your bids if you change your mind and realise you don't really need that purple Seiko after all... Ebay allows you to do that anyway. The only time I've needed to do that is when I've put in bids for a couple of items that are the same, and unexpectedly won the first one
  11. Maybe mate. I think it's also what Wolverine's claws are made from
  12. I don't like it. (I'm kidding, obviously, it's excellent )
  13. Are they also available in men's sizes..?
  14. September 4th and again on the 21st were the other posts made by TIMUS watches, to advertise their Kickstarter.
  15. Never saw the point of using a sniping app, I just bid what I'm comfortable with and let the market find it's own level at the end of the listing. If someone wants it more than I do and outbids me, that's fine, and they are welcome to it
  16. Yes mate, after you've copied the link you can right click on your reply and select paste, or press Ctrl + V if you prefer.
  17. If you right click on a photo, then select "copy image address" from the drop down box, you can paste it into your reply on here and the photo will display
  18. Ironically, I looked at a few Oakley watches made with unobtanium, but they were unavailable I can only think the damned stuff is difficult to get hold of...........
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