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  1. Blimey @Bricey you don't muck about, do you? Your "cheap addition" is right at the top of my self imposed top budget Both lovely looking pieces though, well done mate
  2. This ^ is the correct answer I've got several smartwatches in my collection, and I only bought them because I liked the look of 'em. I don't use any of the "smart" functions, to me they are just nice looking watches, and I enjoy wearing them. I think the Fossil hybrid type are a good compromise, with normal analogue hands and good battery life. I did have a full digital smart watch for a while, but again I only used it as a fancy looking digital watch, and the only function I used was the ability to change the display style Here are mine, starting with the TomTom, which looks quite "old skool" with it's low-res display compared to the more modern type, but I really like it: Next up is a Fossil with an E-ink style background display: And finally a Fossil Q Hybrid, which is Bluetooth but has an analogue subdial for the smartwatch functions (none of which are used by me, as previously mentioned: I've also got an awesome G-Shock, which is Bluetooth connected, but not sure if that is classed as a smartwatch: So there you have it, shock horror, you don't have to use all of the functions, they can also be used as.... gasp.... a watch!
  3. Oooh, apparently they are "diver’s watch experts and the undisputed masters of reimagining such historical prototype watches for the faithful few."
  4. Awesome Spinnaker auto for me today:
  5. Looks great mate, and that strap is a massive improvement over the horrible NATO that @spinynorman seemed to think was a good idea.... See my previous comment................
  6. Yes mate, it has finally happened. I've got two autos now, and I'm not ashamed to say they are both awesome
  7. Steeldive Auto for me today:
  8. I reckon black suede would look great on that one It's a slim case thickness, so whatever strap goes on it will need to be quite thin as well.
  9. I'm not a greedy thief (unlike that despicable tea leaf @Bricey ), so I would only pinch one, and that would be the Omega Seamaster, which is still my all time favourite watch. Oh, who am I kidding, on my way out I might be tempted to pop that Monaco in my pocket as well.......
  10. That has turned out to be a nice looking thing now you've repaired it, but it's not really my cuppa tea, so feel free to offer it up to anyone on here if you like mate
  11. I would only consider having it back if you promised to burn that NATO strap mate Looks much better without the massive crack in the crystal, good work that man I think crystal replacement is something I need to learn. I've already got the press and a selection of nylon discs, but only ever used it for push-on case backs so far. I'll probably start with a practice on my lovely Skymaster, I can't think of any others in my collection that have any damage.
  12. I drive a hard bargain mate I'm wearing the Skymaster today, and despite the non-working digital parts and a slightly scratched crystal, it actually looks quite nice on the wrist and makes a great beater
  13. Oooh, I hadn't thought of that. There is a small rubber "bung" in between the 2 batteries, and I thought they were both the same way round, but of course I might be wrong. Next time I take the watch apart I'll try flipping the large one over and see what happens. Very frustrating, knowing that the digital functions were working previously... If I can get it fully working I might have a go at changing the crystal as well, which is something I've never done before. What could possibly go wrong... Bummer, that's just the sort of thing that would happen to me
  14. Thanks for that mate. The link was dead, but I managed to work it out from the description, and got the stem out. However, after changing both batteries and reassembling the watch, it now has a working analogue part, keeping good time, but the digital display is dead (and that was previously working!) - I really shouldn't attempt these things....
  15. Just a quickie, I'm trying to remove the crown on an Accurist Skymaster, and it has beaten me, so it's over to the experts! Here's a quick pic (ignore all the dirt and debris...). What do I need to do to release the crown stem? Cheers, Dave
  16. Ha ha, good point mate, now you've said that and I read my description back it does sound a bit wrong. However, both the 38mm and 40mm watches do "wear smaller" if that makes a difference...? Oh, and for the record, I don't think I've ever been described as "well endowed". Fat, yes, but well endowed - Not so much!
  17. Just received a mini joblot of 3 Accurist watches, bought cheaply on ebay for a bit of fun. The only one I want to keep is the Skymaster, so if anyone is interested in the other two after I have described their faults, just let me know and I'll send one (or both) to you free. So, here are the 3 Amigos: The Skymaster needs the frames from the digital windows removing, as they have all fallen off and are loose under the glass (I'm not going to attempt to refix 'em, as I think it looks fine without them). It was advertised as having a working digital part, but non-working hands. However, when I pulled the crown and pushed it back in the seconds hand started moving, so possibly just a low battery. I will replace both batteries anyway when I've opened it up. The crystal has some light scratches, but I won't bother replacing that at the moment, mainly because I haven't got a clue how to do it , I think it looks worse in the photos anyway. Everything else is in pretty good shape, with just minor marks from normal wear, and it looks really good on the wrist. I will polish up the case and bracelet/clasp a bit, and I reckon it will make a nice beater. Thankfully, the bracelet is long enough for my big fat bloated wrist, and I will just need to remove one link for a perfect fit. The clasp works and locks fine, and only has minor desk diving marks, which I'll try to polish out. It's a chunky fella, at around 45mm excluding crowns / 13mm thick, so pretty much a perfect size for me Anyway, here's a better pic of the bad boy: Next up, a chrono/alarm, which isn't working. When I pulled the crown, it didn't move the hands, so this one might be beyond repair. I'll open it up and have a look to see if there's anything obvious. Overall condition is pretty good, with just minor general marks on the shiny case and bracelet from normal wear. This one is quite loose on my 7.5" wrist, so would need 1 link removing for a better fit, but I won't bother resizing it as I don't want to keep it. This is quite small, around 38mm excluding crown, so could probably be classed as unisex. It's pretty heavy though, about the same weight as the Skymaster. Here's a closer pic of the chrono: Finally, there's a gold slimline dress watch. This one is working fine, with a subdial seconds hand, and the case is in nice condition with an unmarked dial. However, the crystal is badly cracked and needs replacing. (It is glass, not plastic) and it will need a new strap. Not really my cuppa tea, and at 40mm excluding crown / 6mm thick it could probably be classed as unisex. Here's a better pic of that one, which shows the massive crack at the top of the crystal: So there you have it. As mentioned previously I'm only interested in the Skymaster, and considering I only paid £19 + postage for all 3 I reckon that has got to be a bargain I'll post my findings on here later tonight, when I've had time for a play.
  18. Always enjoy wearing this big fella, it's the TW Steel Goliath for me today
  19. Oooh, cheers matey, I'll keep an eye out and hope your ebay sale is unsuccessful (Just kidding, obviously, and good luck with your ebay listing )
  20. Hey buddy, I'm quite surprised you didn't list these watches individually on this fine forum... I'd have thought there would be plenty of interest, and you'd be dealing with trustworthy members, instead of the usual ebay timewasters and chancers. For what it's worth, whenever I list anything on ebay I always tick the box that says "UK buyers only", and I always make it clear in my descriptions that I will not sell anything outside of the UK under any circumstances. Ironically, the one I like the most is the Kingsbury, which is the cheapest of the 12 - Says a lot about my taste in watches I guess Good luck with the sale anyway
  21. Fossil Hybrid for me today:
  22. New batteries fitted to a few of mine, including this Armani, so a good enough reason to give it an outing today:
  23. I have already entered that one, but cheers for the heads up anyway mate
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