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  1. Simple Armani dress watch for me today - Yet another watch that had a battery change recently, and hadn't been worn for a while:
  2. Another one that's had a new battery fitted this week, so a good enough reason to wear it. One of the many Fat Face watches in my collection:
  3. I get that occasionally as well mate. Doesn't bother me though, not a proiblem, I just leave it and log back in later. It's not like this is an important part of my life or anything That ^ was either a spelling mistake, or my comment should be read in a New York accent!
  4. Cheers mate. As Nigel said, the pushers are for the digital display functions, the two on the left are for setting and operating the various modes, and the one on the right is for the display illumination as well as setting the time etc (to be honest, the light is a bit feeble, and I struggle to read the numbers in any light without glasses). As with most digital watches, it was just a question of trial and error to work out how to set the time, date, alarm and stopwatch.
  5. Just a few tiny marks on the case under close inspection, but absolutely nothing to worry about (especially with my poor eyesight ). The crystal is unmarked, which is always good, and the strap has cleaned up nicely, so yes, it could almost pass for NOS in the right light and from a distance Cheers matey
  6. Yeah, that Davey P is a great bloke, and has always been very popular around here...
  7. Well, despite the fact that I've been considering slimming down my collection this year, I just couldn't resist this lovely Fat Face watch, picked up on ebay this week for a bargain £15.90: Condition was better than expected, and I just needed to take off the strap and clean it with Glyptone leather cleaner, followed by a wipe over with Glyptone conditioner. The watch head was in better condition than I'd expected, and only needed a quick rub with AutoSol to clean it up: As is pretty normal for these cheapies, it needed a battery (which is no problem, obviously) and with the separate digital display I was expecting 2 batteries to be inside. However, it only needed one 399 battery to power both analogue and digital. As expected, it fired up straight away, and works fine: The strap was a tricky bugger to get back on. It's curved to fit into the lugs, which looks nice, but was a very tight fit and difficult to get the pins properly located. Anyway, it's sorted now, and this is the finished result: The digital display has a choice of date, alarm, stopwatch, or time. As it's quite small and hard to read without my glasses, I'm not really bothered which display is showing Very pleased with this one, any comments welcome as always
  8. Our postie is female, but she is indeed built like Arnie, so no problems there
  9. TW Steel CEO Canteen for me today: I keep saying I'll put a few of these up for sale because I've got too many duplicates, but it's proving remarkably difficult to go ahead and do it...
  10. Strangely, we compared them side by side the other day, and the Juke is actually about a foot shorter than the Boxster
  11. Yep, it's not going to set the tarmac alight, but nippy is a good description There are 3 driving modes as well, we've only used Sport so far, but Ruthie is going to try out the Normal and Eco modes over the next few weeks to see how they compare. I drove a Fiat Panda hire car on a recent work trip, and in Eco mode it sounded (and felt) like one of the spark plugs had been disconnected I'm hoping the Juke will be a bit more refined than that...
  12. Just thought I'd put up a quick post about Ruthie's new pride and joy after we sold the MR2. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing "Daisy" (as in, "Daisy Juke" - Geddit? ): Ruthie has been talking about getting one of these for a while, and now it's here I can definitely see the attraction. Even the quirky appearance is growing on me It's a low mileage 2014 1.2 turbo, 6 speed, and is absolutely loaded with every conceivable extra you can think of, so it's going to take a while for her to suss out all the gadgets and gizmo's Condition is nice and clean, with only a few faint surface scratches on the paintwork in a couple of places, but nothing that won't polish out I reckon. One of the wheels has been curbed, so that will need looking at sometime. The interior is pretty much as new, and finished in black leather with yellow highlights on the seats and dashboard. The added toys include electric windows/mirrors (auto folding when parked), climate control, reversing camera, sat nav, bluetooth phone connection, keyless entry, blindspot assist, rain sensing wipers, stop/start engine system, auto dimming rear view mirror... she seems to find something new every day I've driven it a couple of times, and it's very easy to drive. Steering is light, gearchange is silky smooth, the engine is nice and quiet, and although it's obviously no match for the Boxster it does accelerate well in all gears. Despite looking like a pretty big car, we checked today and my Porsche is actually about a foot longer So there you have it, what a great year, with the wedding, my Porsche, and to top it all, Ruthie got her dream car - Get in!
  13. I don't recognise it, but that's not to say I didn't do it mate...
  14. Interesting that it's nearly £2.5k more expensive than this bracelet version, which (to my eyes at least) looks much better in every way: The aged lume is probably the worst feature on the 007 version, and for £6.5k I'd expect them to at least include a bracelet as well as a NATO. I'm obviously missing something, and it's a definite from me.
  15. TW Steel Volante for me today - Yet another one that hadn't been worn for a while, waiting for a new battery, and now sorted:
  16. To be honest, I think I'd rather have the Casio back than the Rolex anyway
  17. That would certainly free up some storage space in my home office...........
  18. I've only regretted selling a couple in the past, but even then I don't think I would go as far as buying them back. I don't have any sentimental attachment to my watches, so when they're gone I don't look back. I generally flip mine to fund another one, so the collection is more or less self funding now. I'm currently thinking about having a shake up to get rid of some "duplicates" where I've got more than one watch of the same design but different colours. I just need to decide which ones I prefer wearing, but it turns out that's not as easy as I thought it would be...
  19. Another one I haven't worn for a while because it was waiting for a new battery - Now sorted, and loving the bonkers iTime Phantom: I should point out, the photo makes it look a bit bigger than it is in real life
  20. One of several TW Steels that had a battery change the other day, and great to have it back on the wrist again:
  21. Mate, you are more than welcome, I'm so glad it works perfectly (although as it's a Casio I'm not at all surprised) It's always great to give something back on here, and you've made a cracking job of bringing it back to life, well done that man Wear it in health me old mucker
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