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  1. Happy birthday mate, I hope you have a great day, despite the obvious difficulties and restrictions at the moment Well, now @Roy 's awesome Sales Corner is temporarily shut down, I'm pulling the plug on these two TW Steel Mavericks. I wore the beige one yesterday, and I'm wearing the black one today. They are both excellent, and I've decided I must have been mad to even consider selling them, so they are now officially... KEEPERS!
  2. Before anyone else on here says it, this ^ pretty much describes me as well The only difference between us is, judging by your watch collection, your pockets appear to be a bit deeper than mine...
  3. The obvious answer would be to contact @simon2 if you want it sorted properly without getting ripped off
  4. Well, if I can't sell 'em at the moment I might as well wear 'em, so it's the mighty TW Steel CEO Canteen for me today: Stay safe out there guys
  5. I couldn't be bothered to change 'em all today, so just did the date and time on the one I'm wearing (an awesome TW Steel Maverick, thanks for asking ) I usually display the atomic clock on my laptop, then change the time on my watches to the second... for the first few... and then I get bored and just change the rest to the nearest minute or two
  6. No problem @Roy - I've still got a few on there up for grabs, but they're all crap so you are doing everyone a favour (I'm kidding, obviously they are all excellent)
  7. Davey P

    DIY haircuts.

    Same here, I stopped going to the barber when it used to take them 5 mins with the clippers and they still charged me 8 quid
  8. Picked this one out at random this morning - Sometimes less is more
  9. It's time to shake up the collection, so I've just sold 4 watches in the sales corner on here. I think we all know what that means.......... I've got my eye on a lovely Casio Edifice which will be ordered soon
  10. No mate, the whole point was I had too many TW Steels in my collection. I had multiples of the same model in different colours, it was just getting ridiculous. No plans for more of them, but I have got my eye on another Casio Edifice at the moment...
  11. Following on from my previous post yesterday, this is the watch in question, starting with an overall shot where it looks like a reasonable size: But put it next to one of my other Fat Face watches (admittedly this one is a whopper) and....oh dear....: It fits my 7.5" wrist with an extra half inch to spare on the bracelet, but at 32mm wide it just looks a bit lost on my podgy, bloated wrist: Shame, because it's a lovely looking design, the condition is near perfect, and I really like it Still, the main thing is that you lot can have a giggle at my expense, that's all that matters
  12. Shhhh, we don't speak about the wig.........
  13. I discovered on my 60th birthday a few weeks ago that it's not a good idea to let your so-called "friends" choose your fancy dress costume.... They will all look cool in their stylish Top Gun outfits, while you will be forced to look like an utter bell end in an uncomfortable and ridiculous inflatable plane
  14. Just had a PM from @Sulie to say the Fat Face watch I sent him has arrived, so I'm wearing the other rubber strapped version today:
  15. If you're asking if it can be improved, there's not much detail to work with on that one, but I could probably soften the focus a bit. I'll have a look anyway, and see if I can do something. Mate, can you email the original scan of this one to me, I think I might be able to do something with that.
  16. Oh, I've got a cracking example that might give some of you lot a giggle... It's fairly common knowledge that I have got a mini collection of Fat Face watches going on. They're all from ebay, and used, (mostly NOS). Whenever I see one I haven't got I often chuck in a bid, then forget about it. Some I win, some I don't, and I don't usually give it a 2nd thought, but I saw one last year that looked awesome in the photos and I had to have it. The auction was close to completion, so I quickly put in a fairly high bid to make sure I won it, and sure enough I did - woohoo! When the watch arrived it was indeed a beauty, in absolutely perfect unmarked NOS condition, and a really nice design on it's original bracelet. However............ ....... it was bloody tiny! Clearly a woman's watch, although the bracelet was huge, and would fit at least an 8" wrist. In my defence, it looked much bigger in the photos, and there were no clues in the description either, it simply said "Fat Face Watch". Ruthie didn't want it because she's got enough watches already, but I haven't got the heart to flip it - How sad is that? I haven't even got any photos of it, but I'll take one tomorrow and post it on here. "What a Muppet!"
  17. No need to apologise mate, I agree with you
  18. Nice one mate, that strap looks awesome
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