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  1. If it's running fine and keeping good time I wouldn't bother trying to open it up until the watch needs a service, and then I'd send it to @simon2 - He will almost certainly have the correct tool for that, and be able to open and close it safely. Looking at the pics, a simple squirt with anti-bacterial spray and a wipe with a microfibre is all it needs IMHO. Oh, and I DEFINITELY wouldn't superglue anything to the case back, it looks too nice for that. Just my personal opinion, obviously, so feel free to ignore it mate
  2. I've got loads of watches with pointless features, what's wrong with that? I buy all mine based on looks, not functionality. My 2 Bluetooth watches (G-Shock Carbon Core and Fossil Q Hybrid) can both work with a mobile phone app, and have loads of functions. I don't think they can be classed as "smart watches" though. I downloaded the Casio and Fossil software when I first bought them, had a quick look at what they did, then deleted them again. The Fossil has got such tiny writing on the dial, I can't even read it with my glasses on But both watches look awesome, and that is enough for me. I've got quite a few chronographs, including a Bulova Precisionist with a stopwatch that measures 1/1000th sec - Possibly the ultimate pointless function I buy chronographs because they look nice, and I've never used any of them to time anything. Same with alarms, I've got plenty of those, but never use that function because it's quicker and easier to set my phone alarm.
  3. Been enjoying wearing the mighty G-Shock Carbon Core for the past few days. Only worn it in the evenings though. During the day I've been painting, so I've worn a 10 Euro Lidl digital "G-Shock lookylikey" for that
  4. I had to laugh reading my post from May 2017. Turns out, they weren't quite keepers, and all 3 were sold ages ago! I've still got the original 2 though, so they stand a chance of being keepers - If there is such a thing around here! No problem John, although I don't remember doing that, so are you sure you didn't just break into my house and nick 'em...?
  5. Mate, you are easily pleased! But I'm really glad you like it, and thanks for the kind words, that means a lot to me I fancied a change from my usual TW Steel / Casio Edifice regulars today, so I'm giving this lovely Fossil a bit of wrist time: Bought from the Fossil Outlet in Austria while I was out there "working". Just a simple no-date 3 hander, but sometimes less is more, and I really like this one
  6. Davey P


    Cheers mate. Our build started off OK. Even though it was at the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, our builder was working on his own most of the time, so no problems with social distancing etc. Then materials and supplies started to get difficult to obtain (not his fault, obviously), and the delays started, and his communication went downhill. He's also taken on other jobs and had to employ more people to cope with that, which means he's too busy to even keep us informed of what he's doing. We've had issues with his workmanship as well, which has been shocking at times, and the build timescale has gone from 3 weeks to... well... it's approaching 4 months now Sorry for the rant, but I am so bloody angry at the moment. We are close to finishing, but it seems to have gone on forever. First world problems I guess, but that doesn't make me feel any better
  7. Davey P


    We're having a new extension built, but our builder has been bloody useless, so in desperation I arranged for a plasterer to come and sort out a few problems with the interior today, to try and keep the build moving forward ... I waited for him to turn up.... then waited a bit more... sent a text message.... no reply.... left a voicemail.... no reply,,, left another voicemail.... still no reply.... Now it's nearly 5:00 and it looks like he's not going to show.... What is it with the building trade these days, do they just not want the work? Or are they too stupid to realise that ignoring their customers and not replying to phone calls and texts is extremely annoying, and a crap way to do business? I don't very often get wound up, but this is driving me bloody crazy
  8. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that the yellow one suits the watch nicely, and is the best of the 3. And obviously, my impeccable taste is legendary around here, so look no further because the yellow strap is the correct answer. You're welcome mate
  9. TW Steel Maverick for me today:
  10. I've got that same model, courtesy of our TWF Secret Santa from a few years ago, and mine hasn't needed a battery replacement either. So the answer is probably "yes, but not for ages" I couldn't be bothered to make a decision this morning, so just put the same Casio Edifice as yesterday back on: Absolutely love this one!
  11. Most recent incoming Casio Edifice for me today:
  12. Well, I couldn't stand listening to 17 mins of a guy that sounds like the big one in Penn and Teller, so that failed miserably after about 30 secs... I printed out the 22 page user guide when I first bought the watch, and got as far as "Set the Time" - That's about all I need
  13. Casio Edifice for me today:
  14. That's exactly what I did when mine first arrived. Oh, and tested the backlight, obviously. Then downloaded the Casio App, and quickly realised that was useless, so I deleted it from my phone straight away
  15. See, I keep telling people I'm not just a pretty face - But nobody believes me... It is a beauty mate, and I'm glad you like it. Now go and have a look at the 22 page user guide (or alternatively, do what I do, and just use it to tell the time!)
  16. I recently bought the black and red version of this one, so thought I would see how it compares: Difficult to pick which one I like best - Lucky for me, I don't have to choose between the two
  17. Seems to be a lot of Omega on display today Well, I can't compete with them, but a very nice TW Steel for me today anyway:
  18. TW Steel Goliath for me today: This one always makes me smile, and gets quite a bit of wrist time
  19. Ha ha, nice one mate, you will love it
  20. No problem mate, it's not always obvious, and the split pin can sometimes look like a slotted screw head. I only knew because I've got that exact same watch (bought fairly recently), and I had to take out a couple of links on mine.
  21. Ah, not seen that type, sorry. But no doubt it will be covered by someone on YouTube, which seems to be the go-to place to find out almost everything these days
  22. I always use AO for kitchen appliances, and I recommend them to everyone. I bought a replacement integrated fridge / freezer from them last year, to replace an existing one that wasn't working properly. Fitting the outer doors to the appliance doors was really easy. They come supplied with new tracks that slide both doors together as they open. There will be printed instructions supplied, and also a video on the AO website shows how it's done
  23. I think they're not screws mate, they are more likely to be pins that need to be pressed out with a pin press (in the direction of the arrow on the back)
  24. Predictably, it's the new incoming Casio Edifice for me today, and probably all weekend as well:
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