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  1. TW Steel Volante for me today: Another cracking watch that doesn't get worn often enough
  2. I remember a few years ago waiting at the baggage carousel at Stansted Airport, and a drug dog and handler were doing random checks. As I bent over to collect my bag, the dog jammed his snout right up my rear end, so I can vouch for the fact that they don't hold back when they're working
  3. That is exactly what my cousin said when I posted the pic on Facebook! You will notice my mask was custom made to match my Porsche - Well, you wouldn't expect any less from me, would you...?
  4. Me and Ruthie staying safe:
  5. It's the mighty G-Shock for me today:
  6. In his defence, he was only the getaway driver, and didn't have a shooter (as far as I know)
  7. It's the mighty TW Steel Goliath for me today:
  8. My cousin Alan was jailed for armed robbery - Does that count?
  9. The photos would seem to confirm that......
  10. No mate, I didn't want to look like a right bell end, so I decided to just wear one of the two, like I always do.... Double wristed is for losers and freaks, everyone knows that (no offence, obviously)
  11. Get a TW Steel, and save yourself £3300 mate
  12. TW Steel Maverick for me today: I wore the black one yesterday, and I'm wearing the cream one today (Note: The straps have been swapped over since this photo was taken, which made more sense to me)
  13. Davey P


    I showed Ruthie your pics, and she said Mo is much prettier than that, so we won't be killing him or discouraging him, he's welcome here any time
  14. Davey P


    Ha ha, brilliant! I was watching this thread hoping for a tip to "discourage" moles rather than kill them, because one appeared in our garden about a week ago. We won't be killing him, he's far too cute for that, and Ruthie has named him "Mo" so he's more like a member of the family
  15. TW Steel Canteen for me today:
  16. My tip, for what it's worth, is use a Stanley knife. Preferably with a new blade, and be very VERY careful levering it open at the indent that @Roger the Dodger mentioned (if it has one). I haven't found a watch that I couldn't get open using this method, even the ones that are so tight that they're impossible to reassemble without using a case back closer. My other tip would be to buy one of these:
  17. One of the 3 recent Casio Edifice's for me today: This one is a couple of mm smaller than my usual style, but it looks and feels great on the wrist. Who knows, maybe my taste has matured...?
  18. Not sure if this counts as interesting, or watch related, but it did come from @Roy so I guess there is a vague connection anyway: I think the other side is better (I've hardly changed since that photo was taken):
  19. Decided to invest in one of these, and the excitement on my face says it all... I've de-badged the boot lid on the Porsche, and it's left a slight bit of "ghosting" on the paint finish from the old badge, so I decided to try a machine polisher and see if that will improve it. I used some Meguires Ultimate Compound (it's a bit like fancy T-Cut ) applied by hand, and to be fair it's made a decent job of bringing back the original finish, but in bright sunlight the Boxster script is still faintly visible. I wanted to polish the whole car anyway, and that would take ages by hand, so I'll give this a go and see what happens. The boot lid with it's broken badge looked like this: Now it looks like this, which is a great improvement I think: The photo doesn't show the very slight shadow which is still visible when viewed at an angle in bright light. I guess this might be a classic case of "lockdown fever" with yours truly having too much time on his hands
  20. Giving this big fella an outing today:
  21. Yep, that is exactly what has happened
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