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  1. I wouldn't necessarily stick to jewellers. You will get a lot more for your money online, and places like Amazon always seem to have a lot of genuine bargains and are constantly changing their stock. If she likes digital, I personally think Baby G's are cool. If it's analogue, I quite like Skagen, which are nicely understated and ultra thin.
  2. Oooo, now THAT is a decent birthday present! Nice one :D
  3. Ha ha, brilliant statement, I will be following this thread with interest... :whistle:
  4. My guess is because it looks cleaner and less fussy - To be honest, how often does anyone look at the date on their watch anyway...
  5. I genuinely took my pic this morning, but I suspect most people use existing pics instead...
  6. Edited to say: My curiosity got the better of me, and I've just ordered a 20mm grey and black striped one to try out...
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated. They actually look a lot nicer on the watch than I thought, and I guess they must be comfortable to wear as well. Reckon I might have to try one or two of them sometime...
  8. Sorry to revive an old thread, but has anyone got pics of these Nato straps fitted to a watch and/or on a wrist? I'm just intrigued to know how they work, what they look like, and what style of watch they are most suitable for. Cheers.
  9. Skully...? Skully...? There must be an X Files pun in there somewhere.... Damn, can't think of one at the moment, I must be losing my touch :lol: Welcome to the forum mate.
  10. I've acquired a rare vintage Buler watch, model number 2002 GA, which I suspect might be worth a fair bit if it can be restored. I just bought it on impulse (damn you, ebay!) and after fitting a new battery it appears to be dead - apart from the light, which functions normally. Cosmetic condition isn't too bad, although the glass has got a lot of small, fine scratches, and the case has got normal wear marks as you'd expect. The bracelet is one I fitted because I didn't like the one it came with (which was also non-original, I think), but it's a brand new old stock one from the 1970's, and suits the watch quite nicely. (I've got a few more of those bracelets, but that is another story...) Anyway, my question is this: What would you do? (1) Have it professionally restored, and keep it. (2) Have it professionally restored, then sell it. (3) Sell it to someone as it stands, who can then restore it. The oldies aren't normally my thing, but I must admit it does sit nicely on the wrist so if it's not worth much and would be relatively easy/cheap to fix I'm half tempted to keep hold of it and wear it for fun. Here are a few pics so you can see what we're talking about: If any watchmakers out there can give me an estimate of costs involved to restore this bad boy to it's former glory, I'd appreciate it. Apparently, it uses the same module as the Tissot TX-S2 or TS-X2, but since the Buler and the Tissot are both like rocking horse poo to find, I guess that might not help much! Any comments welcome, as always.
  11. No laughing here mate, your budget is approx 10 times the maximum I am prepared to spend on any single watch... Welcome to the forum, by the way :D
  12. Thanks, I'll do that then ^_^ I will be working in Austria next week, but if I can get an internet connection in my hotel I'll try to get a few sorted out and see if anyone is interested.
  13. Awesome watch, automatics are not really my thing but I like that :notworthy: Just out of interest, did you refit the original strap? Might be nice to see a pic on your wrist as well.
  14. If I was paying £1000 for a watch, it would need to be in pristine condition...
  15. Welcome to the forum matey, and congrats on the new baby :dummyspit:
  16. Awesome watch, especially on leather :notworthy:
  17. Yep, that is scandalous, £4.08 for a belly dancing DVD, what a rip off :lookaround:
  18. Excellent result, I like that a lot :notworthy:
  19. Looks nice mate, I like that better than the Mudman and I'll be adding it to my wish list... Good to see Casio continuing their quest for pointless functions as well. Moon...? Tide...? What's that all about?
  20. That is exactly the type of thing I was thinking about, plus it might be nice to see before and after pics of what results people get if they can manage to bring a broken or damaged watch back to life. I haven't got time today, but I will sort this out soon and get a few up for grabs. I guess it would be best to start a new thread every time, but if the Mods think that would be a pain I can just add them onto this one and maybe change the title to "Free Watches" or something? Cheers for all the nice comments guys.
  21. Regardless of the Vulcan story and whether it's true or not, that is one gorgeous looking watch! :ok:
  22. Pretty much as per the title really. I've got a few watches that I'd be happy to give away free to members on here, in the interests of giving something back to the forum, but just wanted to check that I'm not breaking any forum rules. Most need repairs which are outside of my limited skills* (i.e. Missing crowns or broken crystals) and almost all will be quartz. They might be useful for practising repairs, or even just used for spare parts. I've almost got enough posts under my belt to venture into the sales section, but not sure if that would be the correct place to post 'em. Any advice appreciated guys, cheers. (Note: My skills are limited to changing batteries...)
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