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  1. Cheers fella, it's so nice I had to buy two of the big buggers
  2. I will let you know next week mate....
  3. Big ol' Fat Face chrono for me today:
  4. I've got an extremely poor man's homage of the OP's watch....: Probably the only thing it has in common with the Monaco is the fact that it's square
  5. No. I've just checked, and I'm in the 9 year club, which makes me nearly twice as important as you
  6. Ha ha, don't get too carried away mate, that watch came from Poundland, so it wasn't a massive investment... On the plus side, I did fit a new strap to it, which increased it's value 5-fold It was just a bit of fun to cheer you up after your lousy ebay experience, that's all
  7. Nice looking watch, but did anyone else immediately think of this guy...? "I 'ate you, Butler!"
  8. I've just ordered a "trombone snake brush" from ebay - And I don't even own a trombone!
  9. Giving this excellent freebie from the RLT Secret Santa an airing today:
  10. It was tempting mate.... very tempting....... I think that might be my standard answer to most things in future
  11. If you believe the annoying adverts, Gorilla glue will stick almost anything to almost anything, so that might be worth a try...
  12. I stand corrected, it appears that Nigel doesn't know the correct answer after all.........
  13. @Nigelp will be along in a minute to answer this one........
  14. Moscow Time automatic for me today, for the 2nd day running (what the hell has happened to me, I feel like I've been brainwashed by you sneaky buggers...) :
  15. Thanks for all the positive comments guys, I really appreciate your encouragement I joined the Boxster forum today, and they seem like a friendly bunch with plenty of helpful advice, so that's pretty cool.
  16. Technically it was bought yesterday, not today, but any excuse to post a pic of this bad boy will do :
  17. Awesome work, well played Sir Just out of interest, are there any "before" pics?
  18. Also a great car mate, so there's no shame in that I've had Fiat 500's a few times when I have hired cars, and they are great fun to drive, even the basic models. The 500 Abarth is quite possibly the most fun you can have with your trousers on... They gave me an Abarth convertible as a free upgrade in Austria once, and it was bloody brilliant
  19. Cheers fella, I must admit I didn't sleep very well last night
  20. I've been thinking about treating myself to a Porsche before my 60th birthday (in March) so I went to have a look at a Boxster at a garage in Norwich yesterday "just out of interest"....... I think you can all probably guess what happened next! I'll be picking it up on Tuesday 5th November after it's had an MOT and service. The garage have also agreed to complete any work that comes up as advisories on the MOT (knowing my luck, it will pass 1st time without needing any repairs ). They gave me a fair P/X deal on the Beetle, and the Porsche was already very keenly priced thanks to a lack of service history with the car, which I think would put most buyers off. However, condition both inside and out seems really good, all electrics worked fine (including the electric roof), and it drove beautifully on the test drive, so I am happy to take a punt on it. To say I am excited would be an understatement I'll write a bit more after I've collected the car and give my first impressions on the two hour drive back home. Any comments or helpful advice welcome, as always
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