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  1. Managed to drag the newly arrived Casio Edifice off my wrist today, and going back to.... the previous incoming Casio Edifice!
  2. Excellent stuff, I hope the planets all align for you soon mate... I've just noticed they also do a version with red highlights instead of the rose gold, and if anything I think that one looks even better
  3. Yep, they certainly have a large selection to choose from, although a lot of them are variations on the same watch designs, but in different colour combinations. An impressive line up though, and most are good value for money, especially if you shop around. Just out of interest @BobJ did you find one? I get the impression that blue chrono with rose gold is no longer available, and when I looked around the only place I found it for sale was on ebay. One seller had 2 left, brand new, for 88 quid each. Slightly more than I paid, but still amazing value to get that much watch for under £100 I reckon.
  4. Yes mate, I don't use my mobile for any internet stuff, I just do everything on my laptop. I host my photos on Flickr, which is OK when you get used to it.
  5. I just right clicked on your photo (after opening it from the link you posted), then selected "copy image address" from the drop down menu. Pasted it, and the photo appeared as if by magic
  6. Nope, but look on the bright side mate, at least we can all point at you and laugh...
  7. Another day getting used to the newly arrived Casio Edifice, and still really enjoying it:
  8. No problem fella, that blue chrono should fit an 8" wrist straight out of the box, but if you needed any extra links I could send you one or two of mine free of charge if that helps.
  9. Cheers fella It's actually yellow, not orange but yes it does pop quite nicely
  10. Now you've got my attention................
  11. This is exactly what has attracted me to the Edifice range. Most of their chrono's are extremely complex to look at, with loads of fine detail on the dials, but they still manage to keep the hands (and therefore the time telling) nice and clear, with good contrast between the hands and dials. The bracelet on the blue chrono is very nice mate. It's slightly wider than the other one, and has a bit more detail on the links, which you can see on the photo of them side by side. The clasp is similar in operation, a simple squeeze to release, and they both have the same engraved Edifice branding, but it's 2mm wider. Also worth noting, it's a custom fit to the watch head, so there's no way of changing the bracelet for anything else. The non-chrono one is a standard 20mm lugs design with hollow end links, so of course that could be replaced with a strap, although I don't have any plans to do that as the bracelet looks so nice. The removable links on both have the same simple push fit pins, so are dead easy to adjust for size using a cheap pin pusher tool. I have a 7.5" wrist, and took 3 links out of each to get a perfect fit. There is also some fine adjustment available on the clasp if you need it. When I ordered the blue chrono, the only thing I wasn't sure about was the rose gold highlights, which I'm not normally a fan of. However, I didn't need to worry, when it arrived I was blown away. It looks really special in the flesh, in fact I would describe it as quite spectacular. Quite a heavy lump though, so be aware of that if you do decide to buy one. If you have any more questions I'm happy to answer them. I hope that helps anyway
  12. Unsurprisingly, it had to be the new incoming Casio Edifice for me today, and probably the next few days as well:
  13. A nice enough looking watch, but attempting (and failing miserably) to post a sneaky sales pitch, while trying to sound like he's not linked to the Kickstarter campaign? I don't think so, and the fact that he's done one post then disappeared says it all. Shame, because the product looks pretty good, but has been ruined by a pathetic marketing attempt which has gone pear-shaped in a big way. @Roy should have booted his @rse out the door on day one IMHO.
  14. Cheers mate, I really like 'em They also offer amazing value for money if you shop around, which is quite surprising given the quality of the Edifice range.
  15. Thanks mate, I've been buying quite complicated chrono's recently, so it's nice to have something plain and simple for a change I think the two chrono's are more "impressive" looking than the new one, and if I had to pick a favourite I'd probably say the blue chrono, which actually looks pretty special on the wrist. However, they are all different, which is what I'm trying to achieve in my collection. I had too many that were the same or very similar, which is why I sold 4 to try and shake things up a bit.
  16. Another Casio Edifice arrived on Saturday, ordered from The Watch Hut, and it arrived within a couple of days, same as the previous one I bought from them a few weeks ago. I've now got 3 in total, and I've got to say I'm really impressed At around 40mm, the latest arrival is a bit smaller and lighter than my usual hulking great lumps of metal But it sits nicely on the wrist, and is quite a striking looking watch, with it's smooth lines and a gorgeous dark blue dial and bezel, which change colour depending on the light. The fact that the blue is quite similar to my beloved Porsche is pure coincidence, of course... As you will see from the photos, it's a basic 3-hander plus date, in a diver's style case with screw down case back and crown, but with only 100m water resistance this one is not suitable for deep sea diving, Not something that would bother me, obviously, as this is unlikely to even get wet, let alone go under water Here's the gratuitous wrist shot: The stainless steel case has got smoother and simpler lines than the other 2 recent arrivals, which you can see here for comparison: The bracelet feels slightly cheaper and lighter than the chrono, which has an integrated bracelet rather than a "standard" fitment on the new one, which could of course be changed for a strap. However, it's comfortable and, after removing 3 links, it fits perfectly on my 7.5" wrist. Here you can see the smoothness of the case, and the Edifice branding on the crown: In terms of quality and style, it reminds me of the Orient Mako XL I had a while ago (but the Casio is quartz, not auto). It feels nicely put together, is clearly readable, and looks great, so I can't ask for much more than that. I'm really happy with this one, and I think all 3 of these will be keepers Any comments welcome, as always.
  17. I received another Casio Edifice on Saturday, making 3 in total, but I haven't got round to resizing the bracelet or taken any photos yet, so I'm wearing the previous incoming one today: I'll sort out the bracelet and wear the new one tomorrow
  18. We had a hot tub delivered and installed. To be honest, we're a bit disappointed, it's a lot smaller than it looked on the website: Also, the bubbles function on the Jacuzzi is not as powerful as we'd expected:
  19. I've still got a few in the sales corner up for grabs from before the lock down started, but I'm not desperate to sell so I don't really mind what @Roy does. It's entirely his decision, and rightly so.
  20. It's our 1st wedding anniversary today, so me and Ruthie are celebrating by... er... staying at home To mark the occasion, I'm wearing the watch I wore on our big day: And here is the proof, you can see the mighty Bulova Precisionist in action, during my hilarious and thrilling speech at the reception Have a good Easter guys, and stay safe out there
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