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  1. If they ever bring out a "FatBit", obviously I would snap one up!
  2. Blimey Ice Man, you've certainly had some wear out of that bad boy since you nabbed it from the sales corner Nice one G-Shock Carbon Core for me today:
  3. BAN HIM!!! Welcome to the forum mate, from a fellow Boxa.net member Feel free to post up some photos of your watch collection sometime if you like.
  4. I'll put it inside a lead box first, just to be safe...
  5. Just had an email from my watch to tell me it needs charging - It's official, "Terminator Judgement Day" is coming true, and the machines are becoming self aware... Run for the hills, we're all dooooomed!
  6. I was actually tempted when I saw those up for grabs, but I was too slow. Just about the last thing I need in my collection is yet another bleedin' chronograph, but that white one is a beauty. Wear them in health mate
  7. I made it quite clear to the right honourable gentleman Mr Speaker, he should NOT take it to Timpsons under any circumstances...
  8. Take it to Timpsons..................... (I'm kidding, please DO NOT take it to Timpsons)
  9. Same G-Shock Carbon Core again for me today - Because sometimes, one day of wear is not enough: Love this one
  10. I got 15 seconds into that video, and that was enough for me. Far too much BS I'm afraid: "Back in history, to read the time in pitch darkness may be one of the greatest challenges of humanity..." Seriously?
  11. I can't believe it took nearly a week before anyone commented about that - I spotted it straight away, and have been waiting to see who would be OCD enough to bother saying it, ha ha! Looks like a decent watch, and a good result with the free spare straps, nice one @deano1956
  12. There is a Breitling Outlet in Bicester Village, if that helps: https://www.tbvsc.com/bicester-village/en/brands/breitling
  13. New charging dock for the Fitbit Blaze tested and working fine, so it's back on with this one today:
  14. Lovely Fossil Diver for me today, but back on it's original bracelet (new photo needed):
  15. Awesome G-Shock Carbon Core for me today:
  16. Normal business is resumed, and Flickr is back up and running, so here's a gratuitous pic of my pride and joy:
  17. I did start with the mighty Fitbit Blaze this morning, but that's being charged up on the newly arrived dock now, so I've switched to this G-Shock Carbon Core for the rest of the day:
  18. I'm not surprised, you seem like a pretty shifty character to me...
  19. Your neighbours probably just assume you're a car dealer At this point I would normally be uploading a pic of my beloved Porsche (any excuse! ), but Flickr appears to be unavailable at the moment
  20. Apparently I'm up to 189 steps now - But I'm not sure if that is just today, or in total since the start of the week...
  21. I'm not even going to post a pic of mine today, I can't stand the ridicule and hurtful comments....
  22. I've just checked, and my pulse has gone down to 66 - I'm having a relaxing day, obviously
  23. I think around 30 would probably be an ideal number. I've thought about having a cull, and possibly moving some of my cheapies on, but I'm just too lazy to sort it out I've got watches that don't get worn in between battery changes, which seems a bit pointless...
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