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  1. I quite like that one ^ so I guess that says a lot about my taste in watches
  2. Casio Edifice for me today:
  3. In my collection, it would have to be Bulova for build quality, and TW Steel or Casio Edifice for value for money. I've got two Bulova Precisionists, and they are both fantastic I've also got nine TW Steels.... (Obsessive? Me? Naah, not at all)
  4. You're welcome mate, that looks great and I'm glad you like it
  5. The awesome TW Steel CEO Canteen chrono for me today: I put this one in the Sales Corner prior to lock down, and I must admit I wasn't too disappointed when the doors were temporarily closed, and I had to keep it - Cheers @Roy you did me a favour mate
  6. Awesome, I love that G-Shock! It's a lovely Casio Edifice for me today:
  7. This ^ is well deserved, you guys are all heroes, and the rest of us are quite literally not worthy That's a nice looking watch, and the shape is a bit different from the usual G-Shocks. I've been considering adding another G-Shock to the collection, so if you can let us know the model number and where it came from, I'd appreciate it, thanks
  8. TW Steel CEO Canteen for me today:
  9. Cheers mate, it's not as big as I'd hoped it was going to be (looks much bigger in photos than in real life), so unlikely to get worn very often, but I still like it
  10. In the current climate, nobody in their right mind would even think about doing that ^
  11. Thanks mate, nice of you to say so. The top row 2nd from right is a Fossil Q Hybrid (Bluetooth) and 3rd row down, green strap is an iTime Phantom Carbonio. Both are firm favourites, and both are definite keepers The stars of the show for me are the two Bulova Precisionists, front row on the right, but of course I also love my TW Steels and Casio Edifices as well.
  12. Timpsons would be able to change the battery on that one - And they offer a lifetime warranty as well
  13. I work from a home office, and I've converted one of my lockable desk drawers into a watch box. It has carbon fibre effect partitions, and the watches are held securely on home made watch cushions covered in black material. That holds my "top 20", so all the most valuable ones, and I keep the other cheapies on 2 shelves, currently around 40-ish I think. Here's the drawer installation: This is the rest of the cheapies: and here's one showing the watch stands I use for the cheapies:
  14. Congratulations on your retirement mate Now, let's see some photos and more details of that interesting pair of boys toys in the garage... And I don't mean the 2 bikes
  15. BAN HIM !!! Getting back on topic, () it's a Fossil diver for me today:
  16. Outrageous, I don't know how they sleep at night....
  17. Cheers mate, it's the only one I could find in my spares box that would fit I don't even know where that one came from, it looks like a Casio style, but there's no branding on it anywhere. Good enough for now anyway
  18. It's been a while since I added another Fat Face watch to the collection. I saw this latest one on ebay about a week ago, and it's different to any of my others so obviously I couldn't resist a cheeky punt... I only bid a tenner, and won it for £9.50, so I'm not breaking the bank with this one Here's how it looked on arrival this morning: It was advertised as not working and needing a battery, which is normally pretty low risk on a modern quartz, so I was happy to go for it. When it arrived, the first thing I did was ditch the horrible mismatched calf skin strap, and replaced it with a rubber one from my spares box. Then I opened up the screw down case back and fitted a new AG4 battery (which I already had in stock), and no surprise it fired up straight away and works fine. Here's a pic of the new fitted strap, which I think looks pretty good: And of course, the obligatory wrist shot to finish: Condition is good, apart from a very fine scratch on the crystal which I can only see under magnification, and some fine marks on the case from normal wear. I reckon this probably dates back to around the late '80's - mid '90's, and I doubt it's been worn very often in that time. Probably not one that I will wear very often, it's smaller than my usual giant lumps, but it's a nice little addition to my mini collection-within-a-collection, which is now back up to 15 Fat Face watches As always, any comments welcome
  19. I can definitely vouch for them after my experience over the past couple of months mate...
  20. I know we're not comparing like for like, but the case on this one is Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer, and it cost a hell of a lot less than $5K:
  21. I know exactly what to think. It's at least 10 times too expensive, and anyone spending 5 grand on that needs their head examining. Oh, I nearly forgot the all important "IMHO" of course
  22. TW Steel Maverick for me today: I seem to be alternating between TW Steels and Casio Edifices these days, and nothing else is getting a look-in. I won another Fat Face watch on ebay yesterday though, so that will get worn when it arrives, hopefully in the next few days
  23. An easy one for @simon2 to sort out I'd imagine...
  24. I'm interested in this one - Have you got any spare links for it mate?
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