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  1. My tip, for what it's worth, is use a Stanley knife. Preferably with a new blade, and be very VERY careful levering it open at the indent that @Roger the Dodger mentioned (if it has one). I haven't found a watch that I couldn't get open using this method, even the ones that are so tight that they're impossible to reassemble without using a case back closer. My other tip would be to buy one of these:
  2. One of the 3 recent Casio Edifice's for me today: This one is a couple of mm smaller than my usual style, but it looks and feels great on the wrist. Who knows, maybe my taste has matured...?
  3. Not sure if this counts as interesting, or watch related, but it did come from @Roy so I guess there is a vague connection anyway: I think the other side is better (I've hardly changed since that photo was taken):
  4. Decided to invest in one of these, and the excitement on my face says it all... I've de-badged the boot lid on the Porsche, and it's left a slight bit of "ghosting" on the paint finish from the old badge, so I decided to try a machine polisher and see if that will improve it. I used some Meguires Ultimate Compound (it's a bit like fancy T-Cut ) applied by hand, and to be fair it's made a decent job of bringing back the original finish, but in bright sunlight the Boxster script is still faintly visible. I wanted to polish the whole car anyway, and that would take ages by hand, so I'll give this a go and see what happens. The boot lid with it's broken badge looked like this: Now it looks like this, which is a great improvement I think: The photo doesn't show the very slight shadow which is still visible when viewed at an angle in bright light. I guess this might be a classic case of "lockdown fever" with yours truly having too much time on his hands
  5. Finally managed to drag the new G-Shock off my wrist, and have a change today TW Steel Maverick for me - Always enjoy wearing this one Have a great day chaps
  6. Model number is GST-B200D-1AER mate. I can confirm, the photos don't do it justice, and in real life it looks even better... Also available with a resin strap instead of the bracelet, which looks great as well. I'm wearing it yet again today, and I'm not even going to post a pic in the WRUW thread, it's getting a bit predictable now
  7. From my experience, watches with bracelets normally fit an 8" wrist. I usually need to remove 2 links to make them fit my 7.5" wrist. Not sure if that answers your question though.
  8. I was getting ready to say I think you're mistaken, and I never had that one from you. Then I looked through my old photos, and guess what turned up...: Like @Roger the Dodger I've owned and flipped a massive amount of watches, usually just to shake up the collection a bit (and sometimes selling a few just to fund something new that I want). I don't have many regrets, and not many of mine have any sentimental value, but I do look at pics of past watches I've sold and think I must have been mad to let some of them go. I've picked out a few here, starting with the mighty Bulova "Davey Pee" which looked awesome in the flesh: Another Bulova, this time the mighty Sea King, which again looked stunning: And finally, this stunning Seiko Perpetual Calendar, which I only sold because it rarely got worn: Interesting thread mate
  9. I will deny everything mate...
  10. I absolutely love this watch ^ Nice one Roger It's going to be the mighty G-Shock again for me today, and for the rest of the weekend: By Monday I will have well and truly bonded with this one, so I can probably wear something else next week
  11. Excellent rule changes, your "man-maths" cannot be faulted mate
  12. But.... my Paypal watch fund is empty now..... (Note: It was also empty when I bought my G-Shock, so I had to use "real money" for that one )
  13. I probably should be offended by that statement, but if it meant getting a free Orca I think I could just about live with it...
  14. Sorry for being a bit boring, but it's got to be the new G-Shock for me again today: Absolutely loving this one, what a fantastic piece of kit
  15. No mate, you're wrong, that Citizen Orca is rubbish and should be given to me immediately for safekeeping...
  16. Impressive collection mate, there are some real statement pieces in there, you've got to be happy with that lot Difficult to pick a favourite, but I'd probably say the Omega stands out as being near perfect (to me). Just sheer class, and at the same time quite understated
  17. No surprise, it's the mighty G-Shock for me again today:
  18. That's a bummer, but I admire your... er... bravery.... If it was mine, I'd have to get that crystal off and remove the printing, or just replace it with a plain one. The watch itself looks quite interesting to me, but obviously the printed crystal is hideous. I don't think anyone can accuse Xeric of making boring watches. They're certainly a bit different, and I quite like their Halograph range:
  19. No great surprise, it's the awesome new G-Shock for me today, and probably the next week as well:
  20. The bracelet is really comfortable mate. It helps that the watch head is lighter than it looks, thanks to the carbon centre section. The bracelet links have very smooth edges, and they move nicely, without sticking. It all feels very slick to me. Even the clasp is nicer than a bog standard one, with a lovely positive closing action. I'm not very good at capturing lume in photos, so here's one I nicked from t'internet: You can see the digital part lights up blue, and there's an LED between the 7 & 8 hour markers, which floods the dial with a white light, so the analogue part is easily readable as well. The LED can display different things, such as a 2nd time zone or day/date. If the hands are covering the LED part, you can press a button to move them out of the way so it's easier to read. I haven't even read the user guide yet, but I have got a PDF file saved. I think it will take a while to discover all the functions on this bad boy... Thanks for all the nice comments guys, it is very much appreciated
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