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  1. Here’s paperwork I have from when it was loaned to the US in 1963. Foggy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Doesn’t look right for a 7924 to me. That should have a calibre 390. I also don’t like the engraving on the inside of the caseback. Foggy
  3. That’s an Omega Calypso. What you describe regarding the setting of the hour hand is normal for the calibre 1337. With luck the movement hasn’t suffered beyond the contacts damage. If it has, a donor movement from a less desirable model Omega might be a way forward. Manual for the 1337 is in the link below. http://www.old-omegas.com/1337en.html Foggy
  4. Hydrographic service deck watch from WW2 period. cheers Foggy
  5. Nothing odd about a 1970’s Hamilton with a one piece case, as described above. Came with W10 issue markings and 6BB too. CWC also made a similar cased watch. Screw back military watches from the end of WW2 onwards, known as WWW’s, were made by 12 companies, of which Hamilton wasn’t one. These are known as the dirty dozen. Later watches in the tonneau one piece case, discussed above, arrived in the 1970’s, to be replaced by quartz watches in the 1980’s, made by CWC and Precista. That’s a very brief summary and doesn’t cover all British issued watches e.g. I haven’t touched on divers watches, chronographs etc. Foggy
  6. Yes. For example, Hamilton 6B RAF issue. Then there is also the issued chrono. Both screw-back. Foggy
  7. The 2824-2 movement was introduced in 1982, so that is the earliest date for your watch. Stylistically it also looks 1980’s. Excellent paintings, Vinayak - you have a real talent there. Regards Foggy
  8. Just enjoy it. The movement in these are pretty straightforward, so other independent watchmakers would be able to service it assuming no difficult to find parts are needed. if you want the bracelet sorting, though, Seth is the man. Foggy
  9. Which means the bracelet was made in the second quarter of 1963 (or at least the clasp was). So either a later bracelet or a replaced later clasp. Foggy
  10. 57 is the number of the bracelet end pieces, not the year. Cant tell from the pics, but the bracelet clasp may have the production quarter and year on it. It looks like it might be 2 63 which would suggest the bracelet is later than the watch head. Foggy
  11. It could be a little earlier. The only way to get a truly accurate date is for somebody to open the case back, as inside will be the quarter and year of production. Eg iii.56 for third quarter of 1956. For UK bracelet restoration , google Seth the watch dealer. Comes highly recommended when it comes to these Rolex bracelets. Foggy
  12. Looks in decent order, so I’d advise a movement service, if you don’t know when last done, and a polish of the acrylic glass. Foggy
  13. It dates from the mid 1930’s. Foggy
  14. With that serial number i’d Say 1958. Foggy
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