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  1. Times change, taste changes, we change. Nothing wrong with this.
  2. Based on the pic you posted - I see why Wear it in good health.
  3. I just got it today, it was locked in my surgery for couple of weeks, safe and sound.
  4. This arrow is big as a shovel. Like it.
  5. Nope,but I called WoS and I will test my luck there. At least to try to find a watch with similar case or bracelet, in order to see something in flesh.
  6. Whereabouts did you succeed to see one in flesh? 10x
  7. If I go for a no-date Rolex, that would be 36mm Explorer. First world problems,lol.
  8. Tough one. More drawn to DJ36. Unfortunately,due to scarcity and demand and supply - no chance to try them on and compare.
  9. Hi there. Bit of torn between these two. I know they are different,but not so . Explorer - classic design, my preferred size, iconic dial and hands, great and secure clasp , no date function, edgy bracelet. DJ - same size, black dial again, more comfortable bracelet design ( IMHO) , inferior clasp with no double security , but a date function which is very welcome, same WR,same size , same crown( is it?). I believe both watches could be worn in same occasions ,however DJ is more versatile due to date ( kind of answering myself of the abovementioned ). Price is almost the same (5150 and 5800 GBP). What would you go for and why? My intention is only one Rolex. Period. Not sure if waiting times are similar. I sent an email to WOS for more information regarding these two. Have a great day. Dimi
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