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  1. The moment I read the words "39 mm" and "IWC" and I thought - Oh, finally 39mm Pilots Chrono,but sadly nope. Joke aside, Portofino is a fine dress watch. Maybe they can just tweak the WR. Tiny bit.
  2. The post in DM is like a paid advertisement.
  3. Very fresh and yet elegant.
  4. People buy Rolex as an investment now. I do not recall ( well I am just 39 yrs old) having discounts back in 90`s-00`s Omega watches are great but you can always squeeze out 15-20% price reduction ( hard with LE or Moonwatch,but easier with pretty much everything else they offer).
  5. Erm, I am just waiting for a sterling silver barcelet,lol. Nice watches here.
  6. I had one for couple of months, I used to have a 24hr Raketa before that. This 24hr thingy is not for me.
  7. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Rgds
  8. Thank you for the kind words.
  9. Sorry for the low res. Seiko 6139-8030 , Edox Les Vauberts , Glycine GL294 36mm, SMP Bond Breitling Blackbird, Speedy Pro Hesalite, Eberhard 18k 33mm manual wind. I will post better pictures later. Rgds
  10. Thank you. The SMP 2531.80 Bond was my dream long time ago, an absolute grail 10 years ago. I bought it around that time. Next grail was Speedy Pro 3570.50 , which I acquired 3-4 years ago. Another dream came true. However in order to get the Speedy, I had to sacrifice watches that I bought and eventually sold/swapped - Stowa Flieger date/logo , Breilting Aerospace F65, Tudor Black bay Burgundy. Later on I got another Aerospace E75, Rolex Explorer 16570, Tudor Prince Chronograph 79280. All gone, hence the spaces. Somehow I did not bond with the Rolex/Tudor, and I sold the Aerospace in march 2020 , when Covid just hit us at work and I thought to get loose something just in case. The Glycine was long sought after, I got it from here, I absolutely love it! @it'salivejim ? The Breitling Blackbird was similar story - I wanted this "stealth" model with brushed steel and painted in white indices and hands for a long time, finally got it last October after years of searching. The Seiko 6139 was bought last year, not sure why, maybe I felt abstinent for another chronograph. Not sure whether I will keep it. Actually I wore it just few days and that was it. Sadly , the 18K Eberhard, the Edox ,also few more, not in the box today, were passed to me after my dad accidentally passed away this summer. They are absolute keepers. Rgds Dimi
  11. Not sure why the pic is so pixelised.
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