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  1. This hurts, feel sorry for you, mate. And thanks for the advice. Did you decide what to do with it? Cheers
  2. The G-Shocks are thousands as models, shapes and colours. They are tough, rigged, versatile, happy and resilient watches. So far, I would say that 5600 and 6900 are the quintessential watches of the company and d even the entry models that are deadly cheap will make you smile. I always have at least 3-4. Cheers Dimi
  3. As almost every Graham is. But, hey, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cheers Dimi
  4. how many years to become a forensic anthropologist
  5. What is the vat? 20%? I guess the major expense is still there.
  6. Has anyone purchased a watch from Japan recently? Like last week or so. I read there is a trade deal between UK and Japan and no import taxes for the goods,it is supposed for watches too, but has anyone tried actually to buy a watch from Japan without paying import taxes? Thanks.
  7. Being away from controversy, just that design is somehow already familiar to lower end watches. ......................................................................
  8. What do you see when removing the brand name? A boring and uninspiring work, lack of brand identity. Same as JLC Polar series. My opinion, sorry again. Dimi
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