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  1. Do you consider Tudor is the poor man`s Rolex? Would you still buy it if the connection with Rolex didn`t exist at all? Do you feel it inferior compared to Rolex? Honestly, I had 2 Tudors - BB Burgundy and Prince date Chrono and sold them both as they were bought as substitute for the superior brand and sold them shortly afterwards as not giving the satisfaction of owning a Rolex which was not actually a Rolex, but still historically related with Rolex. Just a thought. Looking great btw, that would be my choice as well.
  2. Blimey, I was just browsing the blue Pelagos and considering it...
  3. https://amjwatches.co.uk/seiko-presage-srq025j1.html
  4. Let him do the mistakes and have the journey in the horology. To buy what aesthetically pleases him and to continue reading if the subject is really interesting for him. Then he will find the right one for him. Or maybe he will not find it. It is experience I would go for again. Rgds. Dimi
  5. Should we expect a topic called " AD called, should I pull the trigger?" in couple of years ? This Rolex nonsense is boring as hell.
  6. Usually they vary. But for the last 10 years hey have never been under 10 as count. 2 of them - my all time favourite are Omega SMP Bond 2531.80 and Speedy Pro Moon 3570.50 Rgds
  7. I am a huge Omega fan boy but the fake patina is too much for me.
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