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  1. I am glad all of you showed with meaningful posts how it had to be done. back to the topic - if we say they have paid 11-12K for those watch sin order to resale them ,then they had locked about 100K cash in watches.
  2. Not sure what to say - being angry or surprised to see this today. Just published by the local grey dealer in Brighton. 14k for BNIB Hulk - having 8 of them !
  3. I use to ha e a green one, SARB017. It was alright, just too tall for the diameter of 37mm and this freely rotating bezel just niggled me all the time with its continuous misalignment as no click or stop to fix it. Sold it easily. The green sunburst dial with goldfish accents was gorgeous though.
  4. Fresh from today from SeiyaJapan The Alpinist will make a comeback in Jan 2020. POSTED BY SEIYA KOBAYASHI · SEPTEMBER 06, 2019 It has been newly fitted with 6R35 movement. The power reserve has been upgraded to 70hr. *(The 6R15 movement had a 50hr power reserve.) It will keep the 20 ATM water resistance but will come with a see-through back. The green dial will remain pretty much the same. It was announced that a black and white contrasting dial will be offered as well. There aren’t any available photos, and details are subject to change. But I still can’t wait for it to come out. SBDC091 Green dial + Brown leather strap -- 75000 Yen SBDC089 White dial + Black leather strap -- 75000 Yen SBDC087 Black dial + SS bracelet -- 77000 Yen SeiyaJapan.com
  5. There is a purists' version of the Airman. Less hands, 24h watch dial, again GMT.
  6. Why don't you go for another real GMT with a heritage?
  7. Thanks for the link. Absolute deal breaker. Mineral crystal and price of approx. 680 GBP. Big no for me. Thanks again.
  8. Now waiting for the second time, I guess. I use the chrono function almost every day.
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