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  1. Thanks Wrench, Perfect and I have just ordered one
  2. Not a bad idea PC-Magician Got me thinking about the stickers you get on new watches?
  3. For a nine year old girl how about this.....it is a bit 'Mickey Mouse' though
  4. Hi, I have recently put my stainless steel watch onto a nylon Nato strap as it is far more comfortable than the default leather strap with deployment buckle that came originally with the watch. My only concern is that over time it may leave burn marks on the rear of the watch as you see on some old military used timepieces. Am I being concerned for nothing or should I stop using the Nato strap? Thanks
  5. Whenever I am having a bad day at work , I think of our extraordinary brave and courageous young men and what they had to endure, makes me 'man up' and realise how easy we have it nowadays. God bless each and every one of them, they personify the true meaning of the word 'hero', so lamely used today for celebrities, sportsmen, etc... This week I have been wearing my 1944 Omega H.S.↑8, who knows, it may have been used by a Supermarine Spitfire pilot from one of our WWII aircraft carriers.
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice. Panic over as I have found a reputable company who will insure all my watches for their second hand replacement value Can a moderator please let me know if I am allowed to post this companys' name for anyone else who has experienced the same dilemma as me. Thanks guys.
  7. Just found a company called Ripe Insurance. Filled in their online quote form and received a good quote but they haven't asked for my address, home security questions etc... They seem to have good reviews but none of these reviews mention making a claim. https://www.ripeinsurance.co.uk/valuables/quote/ Has anybody on the forum heard of them or even better used them ? Thanks (I really want to keep this watch if I can and for the record, Direct Line want £600 per year to insure it) @relaxer7 Thanks relaxer7. I have just checked the M&S website and they cover single items up to £15,000 with their premium cover My new watch has a replacement value of £16,000 This is a crazy scenario as in real terms my new watch is worth 25% of this ?
  8. It's a good job you never ordered 'Four Candles'
  9. Hi Deano, Yes, this is to add to my present house insurance (Direct Line) Can you recommend anyone who is more understanding to watch collectors? Thank you
  10. Nice, clean looking watch. The design emulates the WWII Longines 6b/159
  11. It's basically a copy of the iconic IWC mark XII except the date window position
  12. Hi, I have just purchased a beautiful watch for £4000 and assumed insuring the watch would not be too difficult...Was I wrong The watch is discontinued (circa 1990's) and I was told in can only be insured for its modern equivalent replacement value (£16,000)! I know very well that these watches normally sell for between £4500 - £6000 and all I wanted was to be able to insure it for the purchase price....computer says No! There are also endorsements including having a new safe installed, all doors to be 5-lever, and the strap must be checked every 3 years. This has taken all the pleasure away from my 4K watch and I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem and how they proceeded. I don't understand why I can't insure it for the purchase price? I don't want to sell it but I may have to with this current scenario. Thanks, Steve
  13. Hi, Is there a reason why some pocket watches have the crown/loop at the top whilst others have the crown/loop at the 3 o'clock position (Sidewinders)? Thank you.
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