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Community Answers

  1. Lovely pictures! Love the old style gauges..............
  2. The arbour that is inside the barrel must have some endfloat, if it is clamped down by the cap of the mainspring barrel then you will lose power there Also the centre wheel is a favorite place for losing power due to its high load pressure on the pivots, a thicker high quality oil should be used on this pivot I would remove all the gear train and just have the mainspring barrel and centre wheel connected, wind it up gently and see if it runs smoothly down or if it jumps and is notchy Have fun!!
  3. Sounds like not enough impulse is going to the balance, i would say more power is needed, and a careful look at the escapement Another option is to lengthen the hairspring if there is any left over after the pin
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum The movement is an older example as it has lantern pinions, so 1940's to 1950's, am leaning towards a German maker but someone else may have a different opinion. The case looks more of a Vienna clock case, with room for the two weights etc, no real idea on value, have a look and see what other similar examples sell for on a well known website!
  5. Exactly what i was going to say Roy, am interested in the Ball GMT "Pepsi" And yes the tubes do lose there glow, but after 25 years.................. also Ball will refit new tubes, you can either send the complete watch or just the dial back to them and they will fit new, so its not really an issue anymore......... I also love their "Railroad" ones, they have a completely new inhouse calibre as well as the ETA 2824, also the "RR" on the seconds hand is a nice touch
  6. Hi Dean and welcome to the forum! These watches have individual stepper motors for each function, so it may be a dirty contact somewhere or the coil itself, it sounds like it needs and indepth repair & service
  7. What a stunning and rare watch, it should be in a museum!! I think i can narrow the date further, the heavy "tulip" engraving on the balance cock was certainly a feature with Joseph Knibb of Oxford who joined the clockmaking guild in 1670, and his clocks and clocks of that time period were heavily engraved with a tulip theme, the watch does not appear to have a hairspring, so this pulls it back to pre 1700, so i would date it as 1670 - 1700 Due to the highly expensive nature that this would have cost back then, coupled with a depiction of Christ on the front of the watch i would suspect the owner was someone very high and wealthy within the church, perhaps a bishop...... as all the money back in those days belonged to the church
  8. Well done for getting rid of the IWC, the lower models with the Sellita movements in are not good at all, you can buy a Rotary with the same movement in for £300 Both Tudor & Breitling have got into bed with their B01 movement, both nice watches imo and should hold value. Some nice new heritage Breiltings just released, Omega also a good favourite Perhaps when you decide what to keep get the backs engraved with a message to each son, then it will be harder for them to sell it!
  9. Glasutte is a nice watch, at the end of the day buy something your happy with, do some research, see if it has a manufacturer calibre or a bought in one from ETA, do they do a chronometre version? Second hand purchase is also good value as long as the condition is ok, All the best!
  10. A very nice watch, the "T" on the dial denotes it is a Tritium lume on the numbers, which dates it to early 1970's It is certainly a valuable watch, i have seen similar models sell before, they also did a white dial version of this one, in my opinion your looking at £800 - £1200 for value Ask your local auction house for an appraisal, Best of luck
  11. Probably the oil they used was at end of its life............. Hopefully you got some sort of guarantee after they serviced it? Goldsmiths do their own repairs on site as well so just check that it actually did go to Rolex themselves.........
  12. Hi, the wrong battery in it wont prevent it from working. If your late mothers watch has been bashed about abit it may well have other issues, coil or dirt ingress etc Batteries have different outputs as some watches work differently. Some quartz watches before midnight go into "high power mode" so they can activate the date mechanism then drop into low power operation, some have alarms or chronograph's with 3 or 4 stepper motors running at the same time as the "time" movement itself, so they need a high current drain There are quite a few nice small watch testers which can be bought for around £30 which will greatly help and also improve your skills and knowledge base
  13. Like Mr Bond said, my old BMW's i had virtually new the old E30 325 sports and M3's are now going for silly money, lost big there I would only buy a watch if i liked it and for wrist time, like others have said i have lost money on them when re-selling What does annoy me is AD's selling to the grey market, i would love a new Rolex Pepsi GMT, but why should i pay double the price from a grey dealer to own one? People who "flip" these new watches are dealers and not watch lovers, ok then, let them make some profit but 8k? That's the same price as a 18K white gold GMT
  14. As Roy said, basically it can be many things!! Your looking at a car engine really, not only does all the pivots have to be clean and lubricated, but then it has to be "in time" with certain sequence of events need to be carried out, a myriad of levers and wheels all working in harmony to get the clock ready to chime, then to make the clock chime, then also be self correcting in-case someone advances the hands without letting it chime first I would sit it on the mantel piece and let it tick for an hour and see if it corrects itself and start chiming, failing that it needs to go to a clockmaker for service and repair, its a big job, trust me!
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