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  1. Sounds like a plan, apolgies for the late reply........... I havent measured the length of my staff yet, but i do have a Ronda x ref book from the 1960's, its very detailed so hope to get a close match, am also buying up some old movements to use for parts It is surprising that such a popular watch has limited parts available, failing that i will have to make a new staff on the lathe, but thats a last resort.........
  2. The West End Watch Company was a good Swiss maker of watches dating before 1900 Their movements are always quite elegant and are "Above Average" in my opinion
  3. Hi Everyone! Just trying to get some information on a Rolex Rebberg movement i am currently working on. The balance staff is broken and dont know if there is a replacement for these. The movement was apparently made by Aegler for Rolex, mine is the large gents version at approx 28.5mm in diameter or 13 ligne, and is the 7 jewel version with sub seconds hand Some say this is the same company as Aegler Michel which Ronda does list a number for in their old book Had a reply from one individual that they never made spares for these movements and my best bet is to obtain a second han
  4. I would call it an impulse lever I doubt if you could buy an original, you would have to make one I have the identical clock to yours!! The glass front has different engravings to yours............
  5. Well $7,000 or £5,600 in British money seems an awful lot for a service It looks fairly complete, it would need a strip and examine, then a clean and re-oil and set up, the gravity governor is a nice touch, i personally would be looking for a much lower figure, under $1250 or £1,000 at least! I have done a few and charged nowhere near that...................
  6. Nice watch, well done on using Seizaiken batteries, they reportedly never leak, and i havent had one leak yet, i always use them as a preference
  7. Is there any sharp edges on the drum? Does the pulley pivot on the weight edge roll smoothly? Hope that helps
  8. A good "vintage" brand to go for would be J W Benson. But as said above, condition is paramount!! Clean dials, not cracked, case condition and whether in working order is also a factor Some tend to collect different dial variations, or on the types of movements. If you have deep pockets then look out for old IWC pocket watches, beautiful movements, especially compared with the modern ones with bought in selitta movements!!
  9. I have some spare movements for those, if i can find them will message you
  10. I would date it right at the end of the 19th century, 1890 - 1900 It has a lever escapement with a "imitation" bi-metallic balance, which means it has two cuts in the balance but they are not all the way through, to give it the look of a more expensive watch. The lever escapement is a little above the standard and it appears to be a 15 jewel movement, hope that helps
  11. Would love to see a picture of the dial....... The oils in the watch can dry out, some Rolex models have a very basic and inefficient design for the rotor for the automatic winding, which means once it wears it grinds metal into the movement, not good!! The movement is an easy one to service, if you decide to have it done, a nice reminder and momento of your dad. I hope you will keep it and not be tempted to sell it
  12. Hi, the pocket watch was given to me for repair, my sherwood lathe is a 6" four jaw, the pivot i need to make is 0.3mm. I already am in discussions with purchasing a second hand watch lathe ( £1500 ) i cant quite justify buying a new one for £25k I just needed some help, which this forum is good for providing I will return it back to the customer and just say it is beyond my current abilities to repair without a correct lathe.
  13. Nice watch, sorry to hear about your dad, lovely story to it as well, a historic piece of time
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