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  1. Hi, nice watch and welcome to The Watch Forum We really need to see a picture of the movement and a picture of the hallmark of the casemaker inside the lid of the watch to be able to give more information I hope you will keep the watch in the family, so many people sell their family heirlooms for a few hundred pounds and all that heritage just gets thrown out the window which does upset me. Looking forward to seeing more pictures
  2. Looks like new old stock, very clean!!
  3. No, your watch has a standard 7750 movement made by ETA, which is then bought in by IWC and fitted to your Pilot Chrono Le Petite Prince watch So it does not need "specialist" IWC servicing Hope that helps
  4. i would look at Timken bearings, see if anything cross references
  5. Hi Dave and welcome to the forum!! Wristwatch parts can either be obtained from donor watches or sometimes the parts can be purchased brand new. Some parts are classed as "generic" so a watch glass or mainspring can be purchased without relating to the actual make of the watch, just the dimensions you need Pocket watches are of a different attitude and you will find yourself changing your mindset when working on them, parts are usually more hand made and fabricated rather than buying over the counter, this becomes more relevant with older English pocket watches. Some pocket watches with well name marques like Ingersoll, Waltham, Hamilton and other American makers, these parts sometimes can be obtained from old stock that other watchmakers have. You will find that you collect more old parts than old screwdrivers! It is a great hobby to enjoy whether you do it for fun or professionally and charge for your services I hope i have been of help
  6. Yes under that glitz and glamour is an ETA 7750 slightly modified by IWC Their new watches use a Sellita movement, which is basically an ETA copy. Very high grade IWC watches have their own make calibre and the old vintage ones do. The calibre 89 IWC movement is considered to be the finest movement every made by quite a few watchmakers........... Their pocket watches are also excellent with the "fish tail" movement highly prized by collectors Sadly IWC are putting profit before their own name and reputation and they will fall big time in my opinion............. Selling a £5000 watch with a £200 movement brought in is not good marketing
  7. Hi, watch_clock_repairs is my name on instagram where i put a few repairs i have done as pictures
  8. Well i have been into pocket watches for 30+ years, never seen a "Denco" one before.............. Best of luck friend...........
  9. Sounds like either the incabloc on the balance staff is stuck at a unusual angle, or perhaps the sweep seconds hand is dragging.......... Dont know what to say about the postage, i dont think i would trust royal mail with a £5k watch.............
  10. They might just use the size of the movement in "ligne" to identify it, measure the movement and look up to see if anything corresponds............ It is of very high quality!! It looks like the balance has been removed and refitted without putting the hairspring under the centre wheel first, as can be seen the hairspring is stuck at an angle and it could cause damage to it if left for a long period of time..............
  11. Hmmmmmmmm................ the clock repairer who did this was a bodger! ?He has hit around the area of the worn hole with a punch to close the hole, whereas the correct method is to cut the hole round again and insert a brass bush then file flat, you would not even see the repair then!! Its also an 8 day movement and not a 30 hour one The movement is of a very good quality with tapered brass pins supporting the plates The dial is quite old, brass as well, not been silver plated, i would hazzard to say 1850. The carved case is unusual, the case overall has been carved and the corinthian columns are fluted, someone has spent a lot of time doing this up, it certainly looks like a wedding present, or at the harvest time Well thats 2p worth!!
  12. Lots of fakes out there Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware!
  13. I believe the market has been purposefully starved of SS Rolex's. I get some of the American watch magazines and they have been very critical of Rolex and saying the AD's in America just cant get hold of them and Rolex is not supplying them in any quantity at all My nearest AD which is in Taunton Somerset has said he has not even had a new Pepsi GMT Rolex to sell yet, and that is last years model, he was told by Rolex he will get three GMT's a year. He told me one person was going to camp outside his shop till one arrived! Perhaps the watch department at Harrods would have some GMT's? Its probably easier to get the black / gold GMT version from last year, with the bi-colour strap
  14. Nasty, there will be a whole lot of trouble in there.............. hairspring and reverser gears will be fav................. Was it yours or bought cheap?
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