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  1. I would call it an impulse lever I doubt if you could buy an original, you would have to make one I have the identical clock to yours!! The glass front has different engravings to yours............
  2. Well $7,000 or £5,600 in British money seems an awful lot for a service It looks fairly complete, it would need a strip and examine, then a clean and re-oil and set up, the gravity governor is a nice touch, i personally would be looking for a much lower figure, under $1250 or £1,000 at least! I have done a few and charged nowhere near that...................
  3. Nice watch, well done on using Seizaiken batteries, they reportedly never leak, and i havent had one leak yet, i always use them as a preference
  4. Is there any sharp edges on the drum? Does the pulley pivot on the weight edge roll smoothly? Hope that helps
  5. A good "vintage" brand to go for would be J W Benson. But as said above, condition is paramount!! Clean dials, not cracked, case condition and whether in working order is also a factor Some tend to collect different dial variations, or on the types of movements. If you have deep pockets then look out for old IWC pocket watches, beautiful movements, especially compared with the modern ones with bought in selitta movements!!
  6. I have some spare movements for those, if i can find them will message you
  7. I would date it right at the end of the 19th century, 1890 - 1900 It has a lever escapement with a "imitation" bi-metallic balance, which means it has two cuts in the balance but they are not all the way through, to give it the look of a more expensive watch. The lever escapement is a little above the standard and it appears to be a 15 jewel movement, hope that helps
  8. Would love to see a picture of the dial....... The oils in the watch can dry out, some Rolex models have a very basic and inefficient design for the rotor for the automatic winding, which means once it wears it grinds metal into the movement, not good!! The movement is an easy one to service, if you decide to have it done, a nice reminder and momento of your dad. I hope you will keep it and not be tempted to sell it
  9. Hi, the pocket watch was given to me for repair, my sherwood lathe is a 6" four jaw, the pivot i need to make is 0.3mm. I already am in discussions with purchasing a second hand watch lathe ( £1500 ) i cant quite justify buying a new one for £25k I just needed some help, which this forum is good for providing I will return it back to the customer and just say it is beyond my current abilities to repair without a correct lathe.
  10. Nice watch, sorry to hear about your dad, lovely story to it as well, a historic piece of time
  11. Hi Simon, I have an old c1890 fusee pocket watch with the lever pivot has snapped The pivot is driven into the lever, it has a slight taper on it. The lever itself is of a high quality and polished steel with jewelled inset impulse faces Could i post the lever to you for you to have a look at please? I would be happy to pay, my own lathe is too big to make one Kind Regards Tim
  12. Yes a picture of the movement would be great, Oris did make their own movements back in the day, usually pin pallet ones. So if your watch is of some age, it will be of Oris manufacturer, parts still obtainable though
  13. The diameter of the date wheel comes into calculation, as it needs to move 11.61 degrees for every 24 hour revolution So the position of the pin you fitted into the wheel, and the distance from the centre point of the wheel needs to be worked out. A shortcut to this is to mount the pin on a small "eccentric" plate so you can adjust depth and therefore forward movement It may be necessary to remove the 31 toothed cog and fit a smaller in diameter 31 toothed cog Never assume the gears in a longcase clock are original or the dial is original to the movement, its always a minefield repairing something that has usually had about ten previous repairs and dial swops in its lifetime! Best of luck!
  14. The Rodania has the centre sweep seconds hand missing, a good watchmaker should be able to fit one for you
  15. Am very pleased it has worked out for you With regard to the pressure testing of the sea dweller, it was not that long ago, 7 - 10 years, that you could buy the official Rolex pressure tester along with a Rolex sea dweller wristwatch as well!! Price was about £22,000.
  16. That sounds like a lot of money for a refurbishment. The movement runs so that is just a service, any surface rusting can be polished out As previously said the dial i would keep on there as it is original, changing the dial will hurt its value I would fit new hands and clean the case, if you want to move it on feel free to message me
  17. Very sorry to hear this, am sure we all feel distressed about this, our thoughts are with you and hope you get your watch back
  18. Hi, nice watch and welcome to The Watch Forum We really need to see a picture of the movement and a picture of the hallmark of the casemaker inside the lid of the watch to be able to give more information I hope you will keep the watch in the family, so many people sell their family heirlooms for a few hundred pounds and all that heritage just gets thrown out the window which does upset me. Looking forward to seeing more pictures
  19. Looks like new old stock, very clean!!
  20. No, your watch has a standard 7750 movement made by ETA, which is then bought in by IWC and fitted to your Pilot Chrono Le Petite Prince watch So it does not need "specialist" IWC servicing Hope that helps
  21. i would look at Timken bearings, see if anything cross references
  22. Hi Dave and welcome to the forum!! Wristwatch parts can either be obtained from donor watches or sometimes the parts can be purchased brand new. Some parts are classed as "generic" so a watch glass or mainspring can be purchased without relating to the actual make of the watch, just the dimensions you need Pocket watches are of a different attitude and you will find yourself changing your mindset when working on them, parts are usually more hand made and fabricated rather than buying over the counter, this becomes more relevant with older English pocket watches. Some pocket watches with well name marques like Ingersoll, Waltham, Hamilton and other American makers, these parts sometimes can be obtained from old stock that other watchmakers have. You will find that you collect more old parts than old screwdrivers! It is a great hobby to enjoy whether you do it for fun or professionally and charge for your services I hope i have been of help
  23. Yes under that glitz and glamour is an ETA 7750 slightly modified by IWC Their new watches use a Sellita movement, which is basically an ETA copy. Very high grade IWC watches have their own make calibre and the old vintage ones do. The calibre 89 IWC movement is considered to be the finest movement every made by quite a few watchmakers........... Their pocket watches are also excellent with the "fish tail" movement highly prized by collectors Sadly IWC are putting profit before their own name and reputation and they will fall big time in my opinion............. Selling a £5000 watch with a £200 movement brought in is not good marketing
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