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  1. mmnnn ... the black version got me thinkin' ... please excuse the slightly rough quick and dirty photo edit but it gives the general idea I think ... t'would be nice :)
  2. I wouldn't go as far as calling it crap but definitely not cool in my eyes :stop:
  3. Like a lot of members here I go through phases when watches are put on the back boiler for a bit whilst I get on with other things in my life, but when the wis-fire is re-kindled it's time to do some wheelin' & dealin' :wink2: and although I've bought and sold on other forums I feel most comfortable and relaxed on the RLT forums ... the friendly attitude here is second to none on the internet in my opinion :grin: :rltb: :toot:
  4. Was tempted to buy one of the Precisionist's just to enjoy the smooth movement but so far I can get beyond the 'unpleasant' styling of the watch in general ... I wouldn't go so far as call the design ugly ... but there's something about the current batch that make them look cheap which is a real shame 'cause the movement is mesmerisingly smooooth ! Think I'll hold off for a bit until more models are released :dontgetit:
  5. Apart from my late father's pocketwatch for the obvious reasons I don't think I could ever part with my Seiko Alpinist 8F56 ... a fantastic watch and very robust with it's titanium case and sapphire glass, also very accurate if worn daily, mine sits at about +1 per month ... it's my work watch or 'beater' if you prefer! Sorry about the bad picture, just took it now with a flash on, bad reflections from the unmarked sapphire crystal. :thumbsup:
  6. Cyclops lens ... grrrrr ! :thumbsdown: Fat / Thick cases that interfere with cuffs / sleeves Any watch with jewels in it :shocking: :disgust:
  7. great watch at a great price, I paid a bit more than that for mine but well worth it ... mine arrived with a full charge 'H' and has never dropped lower, I leave it at the window when not wearing so it gets plenty of top-up time. mine updates daily at 2:02am :)
  8. You're right to be cautious, I am too but regards ebay I rarely get into a bidding war, I just place the highest amount I'm willing to go for a particular item or what I think it's worth and leave it, if I win, then a big hurrah for me, if not then it wasn't for me anyways :) That method keeps me happy and I never second guess myself.
  9. I have to agree ... I used to love logging in to see the updates and snapping up an import Seiko before anyone else ... distant memories now but I'm guessing Roy must be pretty busy ... good times
  10. :eek: you sinner you .... ignoring a perfectly good watch like that ... :crybaby: I look at mine all the time (pun alert) :)
  11. what a great watch ... I like very much :)
  12. Latest beater has arrived ... very comfy and easy to read :)
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