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  1. Hello, Thanks for everyone's reply but I managed to flip it as I could not get on with the 30mm diameter :( at least this will be future reference for other peeps :) cheers guys
  2. Good evening, I just dug out an old Rolex Oysterdate precision out the drawer when hunting for sum selotape, I gave it a wind and it started no problem and keeping really good time over the past few hours. My question is, is that its gold plated and the plating is starting to wear on one of the lugs where you wind it, is it possible for me to get it replated, or maybe stripped off but not sure if this can be done as it looks brassy color underneath? Anyone with ideas or know someone to call to get the beast looking good again, Pics to follow dont worry guys :) Any help would be great. Cheers
  3. The Breitling for me :thumbup:
  4. Now that is nice!!! I love the automatics, but this is the only one he wanted to trade for so quartz would have to do, at the end of the day its still a Breitling :) Going to put it on a nice leather strap later and post up some more pics this evening when its all cleaned up on new leather strap. Wear in good health :thumbup:
  5. Cheers, no not the original bracelet I'm afraid, I'm going to put it on a leather strap I think :)
  6. very true, my best watch is a quartz :thumbup:
  7. ohhh thought it was a manual wind :( oh well, as you say looks pretty cool :) What about there precision range, they do one with an ETA 2824 movement on leather strap for £190, just over your budget I know but worth a look buddy
  8. hey, bit of a long shot but how about a Bulova, Seen a military style one at our local H samual and it looked pretty ace, also hand wind I think, all for £89.99 :thumbsup:
  9. By any chance did you see this at one of the Watch Doctor stalls hehe, competition for Casio there :blink: lol
  10. Hello everyone, remember that Breitling chrono I bought that I wasn't to sure about well I traded it today and this is what I got, Yes i know its a quartz but I love it and its grown on me straight away, well as soon as I saw it. Heres a quick and dirty pic, get some better ones up tomorrow when its light :)
  11. Someone has stolen my picture looking at it now your right!!! I shall be reporting that straight away.
  12. It is slowly. Thats not mine buddy, if you look at my pics its got slight marks on bezel where that hasn't and I'm from Midlands not Leeds. Got mine on now :D
  13. Sounds like your a lucky man :P What about trying local watch fairs, bit of a long shot but may be worth a look if you live near one? Good luck in your mission
  14. Thanks for your kind words, let's just hope it grows on me :)
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