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  1. Just watched Ray Mears, what was on his wrist?
  2. I will look out for that Keep them coming its got me looking harder now
  3. I can not believe that anyone could take a photo like that and not bin it and start again :shocking: Great result for you though :thumbsup:
  4. Now that I have been bitten by this watch bug I find myself watching TV programs and looking at the wrists to see if I can identify the watch. Being a newbie I haven't yet been able to identify a single watch, what have you seen being worn and by who? Thanks all
  5. How about making the forum sales forum PAYG? All the leeches, dealers and freetards would be off like hot snot. :lol: Roy should charge for using the sales section, let's say 2% to the buyer and 4% to the seller. That seems fair to me. That would make the five sales posts a week rule redundant in about two seconds. Some (many) people seem to forget that internet forums are a privilege paid for by someone else and not a state provided benefit. This is a tongue in cheek reply to those who can't be bothered to drum up the effort to follow the rules, but can to complain about them. Membership duration and number of posts excluded, in the interest of fairness.:wink1: Firstly I am not complaining just debating and discusing. Your proposal is sound and IMO very sensible. You need a for sale section in a forum because it does bring in new members, those new members may well stay and contribute, however they may not if they can not buy or sell without a post count. Those that do stay may read many of the posts already made here whilst they find their feet and build their confidence and may not feel able to contribute, even less so if the watch they wanted to purchase is unavailable due to post count. Can't buy, and therefore can't ask questions on their not purchased watch. Those that leave will buy from somewhere without a post count because that is how the world works. Those who stay will over a period of time hopefully become valued memebers, able to question, reply and join the debate. I know many use these places for the fantastic opportunity it provides to sell without loosing a large sum of money in ebay fees so a seller/buyer fee sounds like a very sensible solution. Just to clarify I am not moaning about the rules just trying to understand them and the principals behind them. I have just purchased two watches neither of them from here, and there were watches here that I was very interested in just couldn't make the contact to buy. Sinks back down behind the sandbags with tin hat on :notworthy:
  6. Shouldn't it be quality not quantity I see this rule in many many forums and when you look at the posts made it's apparent what is happening. I can fully understand why the rule is there but wouldn't it be better to judge on some other criteria? How about a probationary time period or 10 New thread topics posted, just something other than 50 posts of "Wow thats really nice" or "I like that one" or any of the other numerous count building posts. I'll go and put my tin hat on now and take cover :grin:
  7. Some great replies, thank you for taking the time. I have honestly trawled through so much reading material both here and other forums but you then just become a lurker. I am still intrigued by some of the high pice tags compared to others and I must confess this is where I struggle to understand the component parts bearing on this. I can definitely see why you can become very adicted and I know that I am going to struggle to not get bored with a watch with so many to tempt me Thanks all
  8. Hi All Well I am here asking my first newbie question. At the moment I am drawn by the look of a watch and how it feels on the wrist along with external build quality that I can see, I know that there is a whole stack more to this than that. So kowledgeable members what aspects make a watch a great watch? what do you look for? what are the key points and what should a newbie educate himself with. Thanks in advance
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