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  1. On the firestick try to get paradox running over the top of kodi. You will find plenty of tutorials online. Honestly its by far the best kodi build ive found to date.
  2. The crucian is a crucian/goldfish hybrid. You can usually tell by the elongated fan type tail. Sadly its very hard to find true crucians anymore and dont know of anywhere in my neck of the woods that has true crucians. Still a lovely fish by the way
  3. Where can you buy a divex? Cant seem to find a vendor or a price on divex website.
  4. Iits been off all night mate. Its been reading high since i got it last week.
  5. Can anybody tell me how to set the temp on the above? I have looked at an online manual and cant work out how to do it. Currently showing 31.8 degrees celcius which cant be right. [/URL]
  6. I know adults who are the same. "Why have a watch when my phone tells the time" I don't get it!
  7. I'd probably struggle with that one haha especially after a few jars!!
  8. Thats funny...my lad always says ten past 11. No idea why as we don't routinely plan anything at that time and don't recall mentioning it to him.
  9. I was thinking 4 years old to be honest but he is always asking. I don't think I would find one to fit him at the minute anyway.
  10. At what age would you get your child a watch? My lad is 3 this week and he is constantly looking at his wrist and asking us what time it is. Is he a bit young? If not where would I look for the correct size for a child so young?
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