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  1. Brother to the 7A28-7039 like in my avatar (?)...guess that's what it's called
  2. Sheeze...where have I been. Just sifted through all of the pages to get an idea what's been going on. Problems....solutions....drama....whew!! BTW...I'm getting use to the new forum style.....all will be ok. Oh....and did I miss the football emoticons? :sweatdrop:
  3. "So I ran a 'where used' (reverse look-up)" Thanks for the tip!
  4. Well..let me see what I can do about that... This was Ebay item...250904685284. I paid £132 ($208) which includes shipping. All the inserts with the watch are black. No damage like shown in the bracelet (the first pic in the thread) that was purchased before I bid on the watch. I was bidding on a prior 7039 with no bracelet to mate up with the bracelet. When I received the first watch...the minute dial would not reset. I didn't consult with the forum as to possible fixes before returning that example for a refund. That's when I saw this one that had an opening bid of $150. I tossed in a late bid fully expecting to get sniped at the end but...ended up winning. There were only 4 bids. So far it's keeping accurate time. All pushers and reset functions working. Now..if I can figure out out to post pics instead of links...I'll be very happy.
  5. LOL...I'll finally confess. It's sitting right next to the 7A28-7039 that I bought that has an even better bracelet. It never fails.
  6. Hadn't seen these parts before. Are they as scarce as I think...or not? Ebay #170711409984
  7. I think he really meant......180685764416
  8. Now...if you're looking to get rid of it....I have a 7T92-0bb0 looking for a strap. And that one (I like the metal keepers...) would do just fine.
  9. I need a Bezel for the watch Is this the one....(Ebay) 260840739687
  10. In case anybody's in any doubt about the ease of this fix, I've already documented it in an earlier 7A38 thread: A Rant About High Street Watch-Botchers (with apologies to Josef Walkner - no such criticism intended ) After I took those Q&D photos in post # 82, I noticed a speck of dust on the dial (as you always do :blush:). I'd previously removed the movement to re-align the Tachymeter dial ring (see the Wimstore web image). So while I had the case-back off, I thought I'd take a couple more Q&D's to demonstrate the (non) problem. Dis-placed finger spring (as received): Rectified (in under 30 seconds): Lol...yep...I had one with the same "problem". And being the complete mechanical klutz it took a little prodding from Seikofan to get me to act...but finally..I removed the back and replaced the finger to the proper location. It's worked like a charm ever since.
  11. Yep....a pic or two would surely help. Depending on bezel/face colors.... Silver bracelet / white face / blue bezel - SDX 009 Silver outer links with gold inner links / gold face / gold bezel - SDX 008 Silver bracelet / black face / silver bezel - SDX 007
  12. No, I didn't, John. :( That's why I sent the request again, a second time. :dontgetit: O.K.. Thanks, I'll belatedly add your serial #'s into the two-tone table. Sorry you didn't get my original response. I emailed back to you using your "admin" addy on 6/21 from my AOL address. Spam folder maybe?
  13. Didn't you get my reply to your PM? Don't see my two 7270's listed :crybaby: 778142 and 8N9917
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