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  1. I don't think you can go far wrong with either Stowa or Sinn IMO, both are top quality & highly respected. However if i had to pick a favourite it would be the Sinn 556 (or 657).
  2. Congratulations the detailing & materials are beautiful. Not my cup of tea aesthetically but that doesn't stop me appreciating the workmanship involved which is very impressive.
  3. Mallorys in Bath is definitely worth a look with a good selection of Patek Philippe. Cartier, Rolex, Tag, Mont Blanc, Chopard, Longines, Bvlgari, Omega, Panerai, JLC & Breitling. Plus they've got all the latest must have catalogues to drool over & will even offer you tea or coffee with a biscuit.
  4. Hear a lot of good things about the Steinhart's & the Vintage Red would definitely be my choice.
  5. The Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT would be a good choice if a little more than the Steinhart, Automatic eta 2893 so true independant 24hr hand, 42mm, available in rubber, leather & bracelet & a quality piece. Also worth a look are the Bernhardt Globemaster, the Orient Black auto, the Vostock Europe, the Seiko SBQJ017 (which is a lovely watch) & also the Debaufre GMT II. Good luck & happy hunting.
  6. No question IMHO has to be the Planet Ocean, stunning watch, but that's just me & you must buy the one that sings to you the most (buy the PO).
  7. Down to just the one now. Finally managed to find the grail, the ever elusive "ultimate watch", one that wears well in every situation. A timeless design classic & true icon, as at home with jeans & a Tee as a bespoke suit. Water & shock resistant & quartz so keeps perfect time all the time. Always a conversation starter & ice breaker as well as always brightening my day as soon as i put it on every morning. Never thought i would ever be satisfied with just one watch but couldn't be happier! Billy.
  8. Hi Piemuncher, Billy here, i started that thread but i didn't buy a car, the thread was hijacked half way through & ended up discussing the Mazda RX8 which i think someone did in fact buy, but not me. I did however take on board all the advice including yours & decided that for a forever watch the Sea Dweller as recommended by many was in fact the perfect choice (congratulations on yours). Unfortunately my car (a golf) ate its own turbo (whilst the wife was driving) (maybe i should have bought a Mazda) & swallowed a chunk of my windfall! I looked & looked but the new price increase by Rolex had come in by then which had a knock on effect & try as i might i just couldn't find one with box & papers for 3.5k anywhere. So now i'm trying really hard to be disciplined & not spend the rest (so many nice watches out there) & saving hard to make it happen. Glad to see you put your money where your mouth was & are enjoying the SD & big thanks to you & everyone else for the great advice.
  9. Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch (manual wind) possibly the coolest watch in the world.
  10. The only watch i regret selling was my Submariner, with so many price increases its unlikely i'll be able to replace it any time soon.
  11. I would never flip my Speedy as it has sentimental value, everything else is just a means to an end.
  12. Really liking this, classy & stands out from the crowd.
  13. Used Tag series 2000 would suit, although mine was a quartz.
  14. Never been a Breitling fan but this is superb, i may be turned yet.
  15. It works perfectly. They sell a lot of bezel replacements to would be do it yourselfers. :D Later, William :D :D :D :D
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