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  1. All the Gs are showing different times - my OCD is screaming
  2. Can't argue with your logic Sir
  3. That's lovely. What I meant was who makes the watch and where was it purchased please?
  4. With your remit I’d get this:
  5. I think some of their watches and movements look excellent but I never have and never will buy one because of the branding on the dial. Once they start putting the 'flag' on all pieces instead of the words I might jump in. But not until.
  6. My history with MKII is that I've admired them since they began but have never been able to afford one. Initially with the Paradive, Nassau and Kingston models. I admired the styling, attention to detail and materials. However....last week over on TZUK, a Cruxible Hellion came up for sale. This Hellion had previously had its polished case bead-blasted, didn't have box and papers and had lost its original strap over time. Other than that it was running well and in pretty spot-on condition. For the first time, a MKII was in my budget so I had to snap it up. A couple of watches were sol
  7. I will admit to never having heard of your brand but am very impressed with your designs and choice of movement. Best of luck in all you do
  8. Absolutely zero chance of a discount on the Rolex. They might let you clean the shop in gratitude for selling you the watch though. However, you'll have a stunning watch that will stand the test of time and be a future classic. The Rolex every day of the week for me
  9. Ooh I’ve wanted one of those for ages - very nice indeed
  10. Post your glowy-pics here....
  11. I'll have to disagree about Zenith. I'd say Ball but not sure they ever really had a way to lose
  12. Thanks for posting the pic folks I think in the current market it represents decent value, as does the Hamilton Khaki. A plea please - as others have said, please please please don't let this place mirror the squabbling and vitriol present on TZ.
  13. Great watch, great story and sensible price. Option of date and no date. I see this being a real winner. https://www.cwcwatch.com/products/cwc-t20-quartz-watch?utm_campaign=newsletter-featured_products-cd3a82879a1a475f9e0a20ef08dbe6b8&utm_medium=email&utm_source=seguno&variant=31952812376150
  14. Thanks. I like the Hack models however they're getting into a very crowded market for military / field watches. At RRP they're not too badly priced and I'm sure re-sellers will have them available at lower than RRP which will make them more attractive. I'll keep an eye out for them.
  15. I love that Parnis! Been after one similar to that for ages.
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