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  1. it didn't. Why have you for a qnap? Do you run a squeezebox? It did load up just fine thanks the nas is powered off now. If I left it running 24/7 it would still be showing the pic.
  2. I know its not wednesday :stop: but just to see if the pic loads up testing from my Qnap nas :eek:
  3. For around £350 quid you might like to take a look at Steinharts Ocean series ? not knocking Seiko but Swiss ETA movement in the Steinhart and excellent build quality. Just sayin :eek:
  4. Yes same size and yes it was engraved invicta on the side until I rasped it off then. I chose the invicta lot cheaper than a Seiko as a starting point for a mod. The movement is an outstanding timekeeper it's still spot on after a week!!
  5. I think they just do the Arctic Marine in black or blue, would love to get one of these but shipping seems a bit of a lottery according to the comments section on the site one bloke waited a year to receive a watch from them.
  6. Just finished this mod on an invicta 8926ob not all Seiko but the movement is a hacking and hand winding Seiko NH35A. I really like the Tudor Black Bay and this is my attempt to get something that looks like it but for a fraction of the cost. Dagaz dial and hands Domed mineral crystal from cussins Red bezel insert is a Rolex non original of the bay. First pic still waiting for the bezel insert to arrive from Texas! And the finished pics
  7. WIlkos velvet stout is pretty good I always put a fair bit of extra sugar or treacle into it to bump up the alcohol level :)
  8. It probably would but too small It needs a 24mm strap for that
  9. If large dial size is preferred how about Parnis? chinese with seagull movements auto or hand wind to choose from plenty of styles and many available on the bay.
  10. This new strap arrived this morning fitted to my Steinhart OVM from forum member Miterant :D what a great guy he is! Quality is first class and the leather very supple. Nice heavy quality buckle too! thanks pavel :thumbup:
  11. This arrived yesterday from Steinhart so its been on my wrist since then for intensive testing :yes: happy to report its doing well so far just like my other one (vintage red) about 1 second slow after the first 24 hours. Leather strap ideas would be welcome but for now its looking ok on the nato I think. BTW Steinhart say theres a new version of this coming out around the 18th November and these are now out of stock. Looking forward to seeing the new version.
  12. Marine Star for me too just off for a ride on the bike :yes: Its on this strap now though.
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