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  1. Happily they seem to have gone back to it. I like it better than the wings.
  2. 10th Wedding Anniversary today. The Mrs has rather outdone herself by getting me this!
  3. Some of the prices on the Bay are crazy, but this one was pretty reasonable. I'm pretty skinny but this 40 fits me perfectly
  4. Ebay arrival today. I didn't know I needed a green watch until I saw this. Really is a cracker.
  5. 18 years old and still going strong Perhaps a little bit of a classic now? Certainly I prefer it to the newer incarnations
  6. My new Dan Henry 1964. Only had it a couple of weeks. It's very impressively done, the only tell really being that it's quite lightweight.
  7. Not for everyone... new homage fun arrived from the Aliexpress sale today...
  8. This one is celebrating it's 10th anniversary with me... a new date lever aside it has been solid as a rock.
  9. I didn't think so. But the lume is so good on my new Seiko Turtle that I'm periodically checking it out in the dark! The rest of my collection looks rather naff in comparison...
  10. @Toddy101 @JonnyOldBoy You were not wrong! Now on a watchgecko Italian leather. Just look at it!
  11. The Seiko arrived this morning. We are in love. The rubber strap is a lot less comfortable than I was expecting.. so temporarily on an old NATO. Vintage style brown leather is on the way
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