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  1. Derrrr... Thanx Mate, I don't think I have ever looked at that bar!
  2. Well... at least you weren't alone! Key-rist! Saw this sitting all alone (unlike you, Mr. Bond!) in a single watch box and knew I had to wear it. I had always wanted a micro-winder and ran across this. Too awesome! ... and it is Shark Week! The Hammy Shark Fin!
  3. Oooppss... I just noticed I posted my Benrus in the Benarus category. Benrus... / Benarus, what's the difference??!! Sorry, guys!
  4. Quite a rare diver that I have searched high and low for and finally ran across this one with B&P, divers strap, manuals, etc. Not cheap, but I found it for a good price from someone that wanted to give it a good home!
  5. Me too... me too, I'm witcha Gas! The Deep One... the Bronzo...
  6. @AVO ... if you are tired of this now, please pass it on... checkbook in hand! Here's my vintage UN...
  7. Sure, why not...? New before any patination. I have to admit, this watch never takes a bad pic!
  8. How come I can't access the map? Where do you click or whatever? Thanx!
  9. "Do you sleep with your wristwatch?" Nope... Only the Wife and 2 dogs.
  10. Had to pry the Heuer off my wrist to get this one on...
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