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  1. I'm rather in love with this one... The Aerospace GMT. A big hit at Baselworld this year, especially in the Gulf color scheme. So glad to have gotten in on it!
  2. I pop in ever so often just to see what's shakin'. Ordered this a little while ago and am excited to get it. My second GMT in about 3 months! The other was the Zodiac Aerospace GMT in the Gulf colors.
  3. Just saw this... the wife loves the Art Deco and I ran across this for her, quite some time ago... We both love it but she had some troubles with the strap. Not exactly an off the shelf item! Looks so sexy on a women's wrist! PS: Jersey... that Omega is hot!
  4. Rob, are you saying one of your friends has one of these??!! There were only 7 or 9 made (we're not quite sure) and the one that made the dive is sitting in the Smithsonian! There were a few fakes made that have surfaced and even these go for big bucks!
  5. Thanx, Rog! Good to "hear" from an old friend!
  6. Here is my homage to this great piece. I also requested #123 (Jan 23rd, 1960) to coincide with the original dive date... At over an inch tall (27+mm) it also has the largest sapphire crystal of any production watch. Nearly identical to Rolex Prototype #1 - Low Glass. Totally cool and yes, I do wear it!
  7. My Watch Troubles manifest themselves in other ways...!!
  8. Yes, I guess they all sold out within a day! They are going for crazy money on the Bay!
  9. Well, I am certainly not opposed to it! No modern gold watches, only vintage thus far (rats!). My Longines Nonius in solid 18K... Oh, that movement! I picked up the modern version in Stainless Steel as well (a 1/8th second as opposed to the 1/10th second gold version) A ChronoSwiss in bi-metal (Solid 18k & SS)... and a few plated odd balls (because that's the only way they came!)... Hmmmnnn... Wittnauer! A theme, well sorta! My fairly rare Waltham... Just wore it the other day and one of the pups wanted to share. A few filled... An old Hamilton... that I love... Can't neglect this movement either... ewww..., that micro-rotor! Along with a few pocket watches and no one wants to see those (at least on this forum)! This thread needed some pix!
  10. Thanx! Oh hell, Scott... I'd probably drive one without the watch!
  11. So, I guess HUNDREDS... would be out of the question??!! Wha... whoa!
  12. Been awhile since I last visited. Doing a search on something else and the site came up and thought I should contribute again and hopefully reconnect with some old friends. Saw this come up at Basel this year, the Zodiac Aerospace GMT. Got in just before they sold out. Everyone is referring to it as the Gulf colors and I have to admit... it's pretty awesome! Without further ado... I have seen a few complaints about the bracelet but have to say... they are quite, wrong! It's a pretty sweet bracelet! Solid, nicely machined clasp and even stretchy! Yes. A few of the links even expand! Nicely done Zodiac... nicely done!
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