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  1. Now..., do you really believe that?! I believe I said this after every one of them. I just got like, my 5th grail watch!
  2. A real Vernier (well..., a couple): Wore the 1960 18k (1/10th second) last Sunday and today. Welcome back Kev... I have just recently returned myself.
  3. I wanted to know if the blonde picked the P51 or the Corsair. In the end, turns out..., they were all "Professionals".
  4. That's weird, a lot of mine click over at Noon! Just kidding, I love it when people come up to me and ask if I can fix their watch because it does this. I hand it back to them about 5 seconds later all fixed and they think I'm some sort of watch Savant. Well..., okay, I am!
  5. The only complaint I have (on the Carlo), is that it keeps terrible time! I think I have discovered why. Every time someone shows the slightest interest... I take it off and show them how it works. Then, I can never remember what it was set at! I'm lucky to get the hour right! I'm sure it's operator error! Take care guys!
  6. Roger, thanx for posting up the video. The skeleton version really shows how things work on that highly modified ETA! The, "Dancing Hands", never get old!
  7. Thank you, Gents! Roger, trying to post up the video and not having any luck...
  8. Sure, why not? Picked it up and the date was correct... it's gonna be a good day!
  9. All threads need pix, so here is mine in the Gulf colors... Who am I kidding... not like I would ever sell a watch! Plus, these things are going for stupid money now! No one in their right mind would ever pay it. Good thing for those that are out of their right minds!
  10. This one always gets a comment... As do several others. But, I do tend to wear the more unusual.
  11. Sorry to be such a PITA, but your description was a little misleading. So, does this mean the KSC was the high bidder when it came up for auction from the estate and this is where it currently resides, or is it now in the hands of a private collector? I remember the pre-sale estimate was something like $50K. Never heard what it actually went for, or to whom, if it was public.
  12. So, this IS or ISN'T the Chaffee watch?? Any record of what his sold for at the auction?
  13. A good article here, comparing all 3... https://watchguy.co.uk/comparison-sea-gull-st2130-eta-2824-2-peacock-sl3000/
  14. I have had this Peacock (sorry, another brain fart) for 2-3 years and am pretty pleased with it. Granted it doesn't get a lot of wrist time because of my huge rotation. It is finished very nicely (I'm a sucker for blued screws) and the 3 day power reserve is very impressive for the price! Not quite as good as the ETA but also 2-6 or 8 times cheaper than the 2824... depending on what is surrounding it! Time keeping is probably as good as some of my ETA's and there have been no reliability issues. All in all... quite pleased and like I said it is quite a looker! Again, not
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