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  1. Hey Martin, good to hear from you too! That's a great idea! I'll probably start a new thread, so I don't pollute this one.
  2. Thanx Roger! I drop in occasionally and check things out. Life is kinda taking over and I seem to be spending more time on other forums, etc. It seems that we never leave watches, huh? The collection has grown by leaps and bounds along with some of my other (guns, knives, etc.) interests. There are some great people here and I miss them all very much, including you, Roger!
  3. That's pretty sweet Martin! I was wearing this last Sunday...
  4. Many different iterations for the Ball TrainMaster. This has been on my list for quite some time... I just need to do it! These are good from 50 to 300 meters depending on model. You didn't specify a price range. I believe these are THE choice! Oh... under 100... yer SOL buddy!
  5. I'm rather in love with this one... The Aerospace GMT. A big hit at Baselworld this year, especially in the Gulf color scheme. So glad to have gotten in on it!
  6. I pop in ever so often just to see what's shakin'. Ordered this a little while ago and am excited to get it. My second GMT in about 3 months! The other was the Zodiac Aerospace GMT in the Gulf colors.
  7. Just saw this... the wife loves the Art Deco and I ran across this for her, quite some time ago... We both love it but she had some troubles with the strap. Not exactly an off the shelf item! Looks so sexy on a women's wrist! PS: Jersey... that Omega is hot!
  8. Rob, are you saying one of your friends has one of these??!! There were only 7 or 9 made (we're not quite sure) and the one that made the dive is sitting in the Smithsonian! There were a few fakes made that have surfaced and even these go for big bucks!
  9. Here is my homage to this great piece. I also requested #123 (Jan 23rd, 1960) to coincide with the original dive date... At over an inch tall (27+mm) it also has the largest sapphire crystal of any production watch. Nearly identical to Rolex Prototype #1 - Low Glass. Totally cool and yes, I do wear it!
  10. My Watch Troubles manifest themselves in other ways...!!
  11. Yes, I guess they all sold out within a day! They are going for crazy money on the Bay!
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