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  1. How about Brad Pitt in, "World War Z"? Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering PVD Not because of the movie (but it did bring my attention to the brand), now I have 5!
  2. I had a hunch it was going to rain today...
  3. Features/Items the Limited Edition has that the Standard Edition does not: Fully lumed Bezel (this is pretty cool, see pix). The SE only has the lumed PIP.The fancy Diver's Helmet case (yep, this and 2 bucks gets you a cup of coffee).The nicer caseback engraved and nice 3-D! The Limited Edition Numbering on the caseback.The overall thickness is more because of a thicker sapphire crystal (1.5mm).The black Nato compared to a thinner blue (can it possibly be any cheaper?!).The Sellita movement compared to the Miyota. I have heard that the archival booklet outlining the history of the watch, does not come with the SE. That would be a shame if this is true. I think that is about it. For me the lume and possibly the movement were the deciding factors. I really like the way it fits, I like large watches but this one, for some reason, seems to stick up further on my wrist. I will probably go to a nice 2 piece strap and bin the cheap NATO that comes with it. That should drop it down some and be more natural. It feels well balanced and the narrow lugs actually seem to go well with everything. I do like it!
  4. @Bricey, this is for the non Limited Edition series. A few differences between them, besides the "box". I've worn it for the last 3 days! Hate the dust... Love this dome!
  5. I literally thought you meant this was your first post... I'm like, WTH!
  6. @dapperthis is pretty cool. I gots to know what that case is! Gutta-percha, Bakelite, or what?? My Friday, since I'm in the dark most of the time...
  7. One of many... Ok, a cushion case (I see a few more on here). I can't believe no Panerai's have been posted so far!
  8. Getting my days mixed up. As mentioned in an earlier WRUW thread. This again, I only had to take it off and show 3 people how it works, so far. Never fails to go unnoticed!
  9. Won't let me edit the URL, here I go again...
  10. Again today. I have only had to take it off to show 3 people how it works, so far. [url=https://postimg.cc/YGy6nVcF][img]https://i.postimg.cc/SRmgsFDg/200226-134415-854.jpg[/img][/url] Never gets unnoticed!
  11. Okay, okay... I drank the Kool-aid... mine will be here Friday. Cheesy plastic case and all!
  12. Agree about the software changes, Roy moving on, etc, etc. For me personally, I find it very hard to purchase watches under 4 or 5 figures! How things have changed!
  13. It may be the "Analisity" in me, but I always lay mine face up and on a soft cloth (microfibers work great). If I lay them on their side, it is always with the crown up, I just cringe when I see a watch sitting on it's crown. Again, on a microfiber cloth. Also, if that watch has a bracelet, I never place it face up unless there is a cloth between the back of the watch and the bracelet These are stored this way, as well, if there is no room in the watch boxes (that's always the case!). Even casually laying them down, never on as surface that even has a chance to scratch them. Again... I'm a little anal about some things (Watches, guns, knives and my fishing equipment!).
  14. @Bricey, thank you very much Suh! People can bad-mouth them all they want but, I think they build a helluva watch! I only own this and the Tourbillon and I do love the Carrera line!
  15. No Man, I did a write up of it here and elsewhere and posted a YouTube of it... Yes, it was originally a stop watch and Heuer, for it's 100th anniversary of the movement, came out with this wristwatch. Only 100 issued and I was able to procure one! To put it up to your ear and hear it run... is really something else!
  16. It's gotta be mechanical and it has to be 100 Beats Per Second ! !
  17. I have the stainless version but have set the instructions somewhere around here. If I remember it was a time zone sort of thing. ... and the antenna is in the strap! Pretty cool design and quite comfortable on the wrist. I'd post more pix but PB is holding everything hostage. (oooppss... only a 4.5 year old thread)
  18. If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium ... or Taco Tuesday, or...
  19. Oh yeah..., plus this old thing... Every collection should have at lease one Tourbillon! Thanx PB for cutting the other image off! Here...
  20. Don't get me wrong... I loves me some nice watch boxes! I'm just not so sure about this one. This box is made of wood and metal and weighs over 7lbs! Another Favorite... Oopppss... Photobucket is holding my images hostage! I'll have to post up a few later. If I pay the kind of prices that watch manufacturer's are asking nowadays... I want the box to be fricken awesome!
  21. My old "Top Hat", goes by a couple of different names... @andyclient what is the strap on that old Navi, please?
  22. You know... everyone is going crazy over the box, but I have to know... is it, in real life, a cheesy, pea-soup hunk of plastic?
  23. WTH! I just looked this up and it says they are not to be released until Sept. 2nd! How did you get this??!! Was it released to the UK early? It looks like you also got one of the Limited Editions XXXX/1000. .... WHOA... 2 Grand US!!!!
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