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  1. Got the bug 7t32 bug also. Now have about 60. Most new old stock. Started listing some so some of those you mention may be mine
  2. A similar but even more exclusive was the Seiko Blue Riband line. Google it - nothing comes up at all
  3. And you have lots of eco-drives do you ?????
  4. When the cap dies they are junk. I have over 150 seiko and citizen solars. Citizens are great. Till the cap goes. Then a new movement is needed. Will never buy one again
  5. I also have one of those- pretty rare nowadays
  6. I have a new old stock original SST if you are interested
  7. Quite a fan too. Another black, another orange and a couple of blumos. Lovely watches
  8. Nicknamed the Daytona. Yours is the earlier 7T32 version - they also did a 2 button 7T62 version.. A yellow faced model was also released - together with an orange one for the JDM market. I have a NOS black one - can I ask how much yours cost you ?
  9. This range was released in 1992 to commemorate the 500th year of Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. The design is based on a cross between nautical themes and the instruments used to navigate by. Nice watches. I am a fan
  10. They are nice watches. They also did the exact version with a blue face and a black one, plus a blue one with gold highlights. If anyone is interested i also have 2 white NOS ones - one of which may be available - and the gold / blue one possibly
  11. These are stunning watches - when you see them in person, the dial is one of the most attractive ever. Shame about the chapter ring alignment though https://imgur.com/9j7F7pP https://imgur.com/r8ryKzs
  12. oh - and these quite like this one and these these too er and these soft spot for AoD's rare one
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