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  1. I also have one of those- pretty rare nowadays
  2. I have a new old stock original SST if you are interested
  3. Quite a fan too. Another black, another orange and a couple of blumos. Lovely watches
  4. Nicknamed the Daytona. Yours is the earlier 7T32 version - they also did a 2 button 7T62 version.. A yellow faced model was also released - together with an orange one for the JDM market. I have a NOS black one - can I ask how much yours cost you ?
  5. This range was released in 1992 to commemorate the 500th year of Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. The design is based on a cross between nautical themes and the instruments used to navigate by. Nice watches. I am a fan
  6. They are nice watches. They also did the exact version with a blue face and a black one, plus a blue one with gold highlights. If anyone is interested i also have 2 white NOS ones - one of which may be available - and the gold / blue one possibly
  7. These are stunning watches - when you see them in person, the dial is one of the most attractive ever. Shame about the chapter ring alignment though https://imgur.com/9j7F7pP https://imgur.com/r8ryKzs
  8. oh - and these quite like this one and these these too er and these soft spot for AoD's rare one
  9. On the subject of alignment....... that looks far better than most. I would be happy with that
  10. It wasn't the Royal Mail - it was a courier called DX. H.Samuel got a copy of the signature - nothing like mine. I have repeatedly told them that i have irrefutable documentary evidence that i was out of the country. They totally ignore that. Some of their replies are a joke. Not that hot on social media but do intend kissing and telling when i know what i'm doing :-)
  11. I did pay by Paypal - and due to the lack of interest from H.Samuel - have put in a claim. I have to wait a few days for the to step in. It just stinks when a high street brand can't be bothered - especially when its black and white (literally as i have the documents). I have threatened them with going to social media - but they just aren't interested at all. I find their stance weird - and so counter productive from a business perspective.
  12. Thats common. I have rather a few with screw down pusher collars. After they have been left a while, they are more difficult to unscrew. Its not a problem (just a feature :-)) I never over-tighten mine
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