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  1. I've not been on here for ages, so it's nice to be back. Back in the 1980's my parents bought me a brushed steel LED watch from a large Boots store in Wolverhampton. To cut a long story short I repaired battery leakage it looked like it was working again but I damaged the display in the process of putting it back together!! The watch has huge sentimental value and I'd like to get it working again if possible. I'm sure I'll need a new unit inside. Any suggestions?? Wolfman
  2. Hi All My wife has damaged the crystal on her Radley fashion watch. She has taken it back to the shop from where it was purchased and been advised it will cost about £30 to replace. Is this reasonable, or any other suggestions?? Thanks Wolfman
  3. Why not take a look at some of the generally lesser known, but excellemt brands like Steinhart, Archimede or Stowa??? Wolfman
  4. Have a look at Stowa. Waterproof up to 5 ATM. More money but a stonking watch. Ditto Stowa. I have a Stowa flieger - a cracking piece of kit! Wolfman
  5. Hi Philib. Why not take a look at Casio G-Shock? Plenty of styles, should be within your budget and virtualy indestructable! Wolfman
  6. God, I love a happy ending! Wolfman
  7. Have you checked out the Laco Navy?? I've no personal experience of the brand. Wolfman
  8. To add to the confusion, there is of course Laco. Their naval watches come in a range of styles/movements from under 200 Euro. Happy searching!! Wolfman
  9. Have you looked at Archimede's Marine watch? I had similar problem when choosing a flieger. I considered Stowa, Steinhart and Archimede. Stowa was my favourite, but considerably more expensive than the others. Its a personal choice, but I didnt want to regret not getting what I REALY wanted. I went for the Stowa, and have not regretted it. Cheers Wolfman
  10. Not waiting at the moment - I ordered a flieger earlier this year. It took a while to arrive, but the wait was worth it! Cheers Wolfman
  11. Nice watch. I like it with both, but the bracelet gets my vote. wolfman
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