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  1. Hi Eric and welcome to the forum. You probably won't find those watches here so I'd recommend keeping an eye on Chrono24 and a watch forum search engine such as watchrecon.com Good luck!
  2. I bought my son a Hydroconquest for his 18th. Somehow he hasn't lost it yet despite that being 3 years ago.
  3. No, I just posted up a pic of your watch so others could see it!
  4. Hi Damien and welcome to the forum. Can you post any pictures?
  5. As @Always"watching" has already said, mid to late 70s. Here's the Slava version (Sekonda was an export name for a variety of Soviet watch brands) of your watch in the 1979 Slava catalogue: The button on the side is for changing the date - to change the day you have to cycle the hour hand. £18 seems like a very fair price in that condition.
  6. +1 for what Brummie said - Timefactors NATOs are excellent quality and decent value. The few I've bought cheap from eBay and Cousins have generally been pretty awful.
  7. Look what I didn't just pay £260 for lol! It must have had some alterations by a genuine Soviet military watchmaker back in the USSR. Probably while working inside a T34 tank or a Sputnik lol. Here's a link which in no way proves my watch must be genuine but I'll post it here anyway: http://www.watchmandan.com/ocean_chrono.htm lol ;)
  8. What's your point? Surprised you haven't put up another link to a genuine watch in yet another poor attempt to try and justify your own flawed purchases.
  9. Once again you have either completely missed my point or deliberately obfuscated. I'm not going to discuss it with you any further
  10. You seem to have a real bee in your bonnet about my calling your watch "shonky". Just for clarification, I don't have any problems with replacing knackered old dials with newer ones. Each to their own and all that. What I do object to is when people attempt to give their watches false provenance with misleading posts and obfuscation.
  11. Hi Handsworth and welcome to the forum. Have you got any pictures of the watch?
  12. It makes a nice change to see an accurate post about your Russian watches I am a sucker for originality wherever possible.
  13. Ignore all you want. As long as you continue to make misleading posts about your ropey Poljot I'll be there to make sure everyone else knows what a ******** artist you are.
  14. I know you ignore me because you don't like hearing the truth but watching you trying to somehow justify your numerous shonky dials is pretty funny. That dial couldn't be more obviously aftermarket.
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