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  1. Have you thought about trying it on a mesh bracelet? Agree with you on the NATO!
  2. Good luck! If you need any help let me know. I've just serviced a whole bunch of these:
  3. It's certainly original although I had to laugh at the claim it's been serviced - it looks minging inside.
  4. I just looked and saw that it went for £45 inc postage! Yowsers. I need to start punting mine out...
  5. There is a section on the forum for promoting your own god-awful looking watches you know.
  6. Sounds like you're successfully visualizing cross-platform metrics right there! Don't forget - a little bit of streamlining front-end solutions will go a long way.
  7. "Disrupting" the watch industry is so 2018. Have you tried to reintermediate visionary initiatives or incentivize cutting-edge deliverables?
  8. Great choice of watch but I'll just mention to avoid eBay - there's a glut of fake Hydroconquests knocking around on there at the moment,
  9. Yep, but you wouldn't get to see the date :D
  10. @jsud2002 It's a late 80s 320 cased manual wind Amphibia with a 2409A movement. You won't get a 2409A movement from Meranom anymore but spares are easy to come by - I've got loads of bits if you need any. That crystal will easily polish up and you can find a new fancy-ish bezel for it for about £15. Another edit - looks like the dial feet have broken so you'll need either some soldering-megaskills, dial stickers or a new dial. I've serviced all these during lockdown so if you have any q's please ask away: Loadsaspares!
  11. Are you really still in business? Frankly, I'm amazed.
  12. The bottom left one is an early 90s titanium nitride plated manual wind Komandirskie. I believe the crest on it is from the Municipal Moscow Militia - it's a pretty rare one. I've found titanium nitride to be far more resistant to wear and corrosion than the chrome plated watches. There's also the added advantage that when the coating does wear it doesn't show up the brass underneath as much. On a personal note, I've always been a far bigger fan of the 80s Soviet era Komandirskies - I've generally found them to be of superior quality to later models, plus it's just, in my opinion anyway, the golden era of Russian watches!
  13. Hi Kenny, The simple answer is that the Komandirskie is an inferior watch to the Amphibia. If we're talking about the older style models (not the newer Amphibia cased versions from Meranom etc) then water resistance is far lower and the cases are chrome or titanium nitride coated brass (which will wear off over time) rather than the stainless steel cases on the Amphibias. The only thing better about them is the price! They're not even that much thinner (assuming we're comparing automatic Amphibias with automatic Komandirskies - obviously a manual winding Komandirskie will be much thinner due to the lack of rotor). Saying that, I own loads of the bloody things! Here's some of mine. I do have many more....
  14. I am also in the "haven't got round to moving the date forward yet" club:
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