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  1. For 2 weeks running it's this Titoni, complete with me pretending that I own a fancy car:
  2. Always good to see a Strela with a Russian movement.
  3. Paul Thorpe seems to be getting everywhere nowadays with his scandal warning videos. What a shame he wasn't able to warn anyone when his own son was scamming folk with fake watches to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
  4. Very nice. I bought a similar model a couple of weeks ago - it's amazing how much better quality they are compared to the older models.
  5. Did you deliberately ignore the part I quoted in bold? I thought it was obvious that for the "most part" the watches were produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory until 2004, and those that weren't were produced in the Maktime factory (also in Moscow) until 2011. Seriously, what kind of evidence do you need?
  6. 3133 movements were always made in the First Moscow Watch Factory, just like Omegas have always been made in Bienne. I don't think anyone has ever said they weren't made there. I'm really lost here as to what your point is? From probably the world's biggest 3133 movement expert/nutcase: "The cal. 3133 movement and chronographs were for the most part produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory, located in the central south-east part of the city, since 1975. Poljot is an international trademark for watches produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory. However, many of the other chronographs not branded with the Poljot name were also produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory, and are often referred to as Poljot watches no matter what the branding (e.g. "Poljot" Strela). One thing is certain, all of the cal. 3133 movements were produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory through 2004. Beyond that, the were produced by the MakTime company, at their factory in the south-east end of Moscow, until production ceased in 2011. " Here: http://polmax3133.com/
  7. I'm not sure of your point. You can be a Russian watch snob too you know! Soviet watch companies often bought the tooling from Swiss companies in order to produce their own movements. Yes, Poljot knocked out some ropey knock-offs in their later years but the company was on the verge of bankruptcy after the collapse of the Soviet Union All 3133 movements were made in USSR/Russia. What's the confusion? And what's this about Vostok pedigree?
  8. I can't say I have a high opinion of Steinhart either but at least there are differences. At least Steinhart are making watches that are "homages" (NOT exact copies) of great watches that are no longer in production by the original manufacturer. At least they put their own spin on some of the designs. All Parnis do is occasionally change the settings on the dial printing machine when they've already made their quota of fakes for the day. If you like them, great. I'd rather chew my own arm off than wear one on my wrist!
  9. Good pick. Don't forget to throw the bracelets away when they arrive Quick tip for anyone ordering from Meranom: buy lots of Vostok springbars at the same time - possibly the best spring bars in the world. I have the majority of my Swiss watches on Vostok springbars
  10. Refreshing honesty? I'm not sure if you're joking or not...
  11. A company with absolutely no shame whatsoever! I've little doubt that the same factories produce those models with "different" brand names on the dial too.
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