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  1. Not a good deal at all in my opinion. Frankens, trashed dials/bezels and nothing special there.
  2. I know it's not the correct case but I prefer this one. Voila!
  3. Got my bits to make one on the way. Also got the bits for another 3 if I can ever find the movement again :D
  4. About 70 or 80 Vostoks: That isn't all of them...
  5. Vostok 22XX and 24XX movement parts aren't compatible with each other. If you just want a balance assembly try https://www.vostok-watches24.com/search?q=balance&filter=2&module=13318012392 Everywhere else seems to be out of stock right now.
  6. Pretty sure I've mentioned it before but there are quite a few sellers of many Vostok mod parts here: https://modstok.com/ Alternatively, you can use Seiko SKX handsets but they do take a bit of fettling to get them to fit correctly - I did it with this Vostok:
  7. Careful mate - it can so easily get out of control: That's not even all of them...
  8. Good site here detailing who sells what Vostok bits: https://modstok.com/
  9. Possibly. The cheapest place is always the factory store at https://online.vostokinc.com/ anyway.
  10. Assuming you're in the UK, you'll be hard pressed to get a mechanical movement serviced by a professional watchmaker for less than £100, never mind a twin barrel Slava. You might find some guy on eBay with a £15 Amazon watchmaking kit willing to have a go for under £50 but you take your chances. I remember sending about 6 watches to a guy in Ukraine for service because he was super-cheap - within a year all of them had stopped working... I wouldn't start swapping movements around - there are far too many variables for it to be worthwhile. It sounds like your Slava has a problem with the balance - possibly a broken pivot/jewel. If you have a spare Slava movement, first thing I'd do is swap the balance over.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a version of this Slava (3993800) The catalogue says gold plated:
  12. Wostoks were for the German market as they pronounce "W" as "V".
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