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  1. QP. Watch Time is better but I don't think iy's available for subscription in the UK.
  2. What tool are you using? Any standard jaxa type opener should work fine.
  3. My old Alpina. Sold it a while back.
  4. Seriously, get over it. You bought a fake watch, pretended you got it cheap so it didn't matter, then got all p*ssy when It was revealed it wasn't cheap at all. Why you feel the need to drag it up by making snide comments 5 times a day is beyond me. I'm sure Nigel will be along in a bit to back you up in his ongoing quest to get onto your pants. Goodluck Nige! Anyway, seeing as it's remembrance day I'll be wearing this because I spent the vast majority of my military career working on Tornado:
  5. Saw this on another forum so thought I'd pass it on (but not before I ordered one myself). Black Friday deals on Yema watches with some pretty good discounts: https://en.yema.com/collections/black-friday I've got one of these winging its way to me for just 240 Euros:
  6. That's pretty shocking. I've dealt with Julian a few times before but that description of his watch is pure bullsh*t: "Specially rare Poljot OKEAN / OCEAN of the 80´ies with stainless steel case, plexi crystal and 18mm bandwidth. RARE!" He's either being dishonest or he's incompetent - these fakes have been around for donkeys years and any self respecting dealer of Russian watches should be more than aware of them
  7. The dial is undoubtedly a fake, the caseback is wrong and that does look like chrome pitting on the rear - can't be 100% sure without seeing the inside - threads are always a giveaway. Where on Julian's site is this for sale? I had a look and can't find it.
  8. Funny how even six years people were buying fake Okeahs. Poor old Dazzer - hope he got his money back.
  9. It's a nice looking watch but doesn't anyone else equate the name "Richard Le Grande" with "Big Dick"?
  10. Juri now owns the rights to the Strela name but I believe the last Okeahs were remnants produced by Maktime. I like Poljot24 too - had a few things from there and Julian is a great guy to deal with. I know nothing about GUB Glashuttes but crikey - those are expensive.
  11. You can't restore something that was never original in the first place but I wish you the best of luck with your project anyway. I do have a lot of 3133 spares so do feel free to ask if you need anything. These are just the spare whole broken watches I have right now, never mind the numerous bits and actual working Poljot Chronos I own
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