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  1. Probably because Dmitry Buyalov is the co-owner of Meranom ;) Nice watch but once again I'm in the "Russian watch should have Russian movement" camp so won't be buying one.
  2. @scottswatches The real Thenikjones over on TZ-UK has just messaged me: "Oh FFS... No, it isn’t me, not been on that forum for a LONG time - maybe a decade? If you are a regular and could confirm that it is a fraud, I’d be grateful - I will try but I will be guessing my login details. "
  3. Thenikjones Speedmaster? I sent him a message over on TZUK but I think this one is a scam - Nik was hacked on TZUK not long ago so I reckon there's a good chance that an old password here might have been compromised.
  4. +1 for Meranom but don't forget to pay in Roubles and NOT US $. The difference is quite a lot for some unknown reason.
  5. Getting smaller slowly. I have way too many Vostoks...
  6. Although I bought a reluming kit a while back I never got round to using it so all I can do is wish you good luck! Original vintage dials in decent condition aren't that common. Best bet is to buy more modern lookalikes from somewhere like Meranom.
  7. @Nick67+1 Yes, they're the correct links. They're 22mm wide but take an 18mm strap if that makes sense. You could also try https://komandirskie.com
  8. Sorry mate, but that makes them completely fake in my honest opinion.
  9. Ta. It's the cunningly named "Vostok Watches" group - the one with the Scuba Dude logo. Loads of old catalogues are in the files section.
  10. @JoT Am I allowed to mention a very busy Russian watch Facebook group that I moderate? :D
  11. It's almost impossible to mess up the keyless works in a 2409 when removing the crown. Crown in fully out position and depress the pusher just enough until the crown can be removed fully.
  12. It's a pretty quick and easy fix. How confident are you?
  13. If you want a big Russian watch just buy a big Vostok. The K-39s are decent quality, much cheaper at about £170ish and 45mm: https://meranom.com/en/komandirskie/komandirskie-k39/
  14. Welcome to the forum ali. It's almost impossible to date vintage pieces accurately but you can get a rough idea by using old Soviet catalogues - I do have a load on my PC but I've no idea how to share them on this forum. They are in PDF format in the files section of a Facebook site I'm a member of though.
  15. Hi Nick, Vostok Europe is a Lithuanian company and completely seperate to Vostok. They used to use Vostok movements but have now switched to other (mainly Seiko I believe but don't quote me) movements. Personally I'm not a fan - I feel they're very much a "shopping channel" watch with ridiculous RRPs - pretty much like Invicta. If you really want one, I'd wait until it appears on eBay for about £200. There's so much more massively better value watches out there for £600.
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