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  1. All the straps on the Meranom site are real - most just have a small 'B' on the clasp. Yes fake Vostoks are a thing. If you're unsure of a watch on eBay post it up here and I'm sure someone will give you an honest opinion of it.
  2. I haven't seen decent branded Vostok dive straps for a while. Someone used to make these but I've no idea if you can still get them: The bog standard Meranom ones for £7 are pretty good though: https://meranom.com/en/amphibian-classic/straps/silicon-strap-anti-dust-20mm-black.html
  3. Some Amphibia crowns are plated, some aren't. Not sure why - these 2 models are on Meranom at exactly the same price but the sniper dial has a stainless crown while the KGB dial has a plated crown I'm not sure if the bezels are plated/plastic (I looked at one of mine and it seems plated and plastic?) but they are cheapest non-standard ones at Meranom which should tell you a little ;)
  4. It's basically an Amphibia with a Komandirskie dial. There is no other difference. The crown is stainless. The bezel is pretty decent too although I have no idea what the insert made of.
  5. If you're lucky you'll receive a badly painted dial and a Favre-Leuba movement that's seen better days. At the other end of the scale you'll get a complete knock-off featuring every Indian faker's favourite movement, the FHF 96. Unfortunately Favre-Leuba have long been a favourite for Indian "watchmakers" and they're pretty much spread around the globe now so please be careful wherever you're buying from.
  6. The first Amphibia was the swing lug version. The pillow case was second generation. Have a look through a load of old Vostok catalogues to get a better idea of dates, watches etc: http://ussr-watch.com/watch-catalogues/
  7. It's a Chinese movement in a "German" (probably Chinese) watch for £420. That's pretty hilarious to be honest, as is that Ingersoll for £330. Have a look on eBay sold listings for Ingersol skeleton watches and you'll see exactly what these watches are worth - about £50 tops! I'm not a skeleton watch fan so I'm not sure where else you should look to be honest...
  8. They were surprisingly fast (for a Russian watch company anyway) - less than 2 weeks.
  9. I recently bought a Vostok from https://soviet.market/ and didn't have any extra to pay when it arrived. Meranom.com and komandirskie.com are my other normal places to buy Russian watches but I haven't used those 2 since the recent Brexit/borders faff.
  10. Expert in screwing over customers at least!
  11. Good spot - I see what you mean after looking at their website. Some watches are marked as "Slava Mechanical Automatic 3 Hands" while others have the more non-descript "Mechanical Automatic 3 Hands with Date". Guessing those are the NH35s.
  12. I believe the automatic CCCP watches use NOS Slava 2427 twin barrel movements. It had a reputation as being one of the most accurate of Soviet movements but also one of the most unreliable. I've no idea if reliability has improved with these NOS movements. Slava still make watches and I'd rather go with one of their offerings to be honest.
  13. I doubt you'll get the exact ones but you could get pretty close. Cousins has a very large selection: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/watch-crowns-correctors-pushers-tubes
  14. Unfortunately it's what we call a "fantasy" watch made up from various bits of different watches with an aftermarket dial - probably knocked up in Ukraine at some point.
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