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  1. Plenty of Amphibias with dates out there. As Martin has already said, the Amphibia is stainless steel as opposed to the chrome plated brass case of the Komandirskie which does tend to pit after a while. Amphibia all the way - put a WTB on here for a cheap 2nd hand one and I'm sure you'll get plenty of offers.

  2. 7 hours ago, Gazbut said:

    Thanks everyone for your opinions.

    I will continue my research, it good to know that whichever i pick someone else likes them!!

    Off to Bankslyon in Lancaster to try the Alpina on. Just wish CW wasn't so far away!

    New to this watch game but can already feel an obsession coming :notworthy:



    Wow - Banks Lyon isn't cheap! I guarantee that Alpina will be for sale somewhere at some point for less than half that price. Keep an eye on Jomashop and Gemnation - they often have Alpina sales with big discounts.

  3. I owned the Alpina below and jolly nice it was too - the quality was exceptional. However don't even think about paying anywhere near RRP on any Alpina. They appear in sales a lot and massive discounts are available. The one below has an RRP of £2500 (3000 CHF on the website you've linked to). I paid £750 brand new from a dealer...


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  4. 1 hour ago, icheletee said:

    Hello Wrench,

    originally the watch had a solid gold strap designed with little gold rectangles. The strap/bracelet unfortunately has been changed and I fitted another strap as the previous one was disgusting. :)

    What you posted is surely a start...

    Thank you very much,


    If you can get the back off, the movement number should give you the date of production:


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