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  1. 6 hours ago, Kmot said:

    Lampoc: I was going to buy a new one, as seen on eBay. Tell me about the "original"? 

    The "original" ones were hand winding, made around the mid-80s and came mainly in the old 470/320 style cases. They're considered pretty special (in Russian watch collecting circles anyway) and do fetch a rather large premium over Vostoks with the same case but different dials. You'd be looking at paying £100 to £150 for a decent one. I've got a new and an original one. Here's a photo I stole from google:




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  2. 13 minutes ago, Steve D UK said:

    Yeah, and the same watch from Iconic is on there too at the 'special' price along with a 'suggest a price' button. There's one other one on there too that's £650 cheaper but it's in Russia!  Presumably they will pay a sellers fee if an offer is accepted and sold through Chrono 24?

    I wouldn't risk buying a 7K watch from Russia, but maybe you're braver than me! There's no sellers fee with Chrono24 - all payments are arranged directly with the seller.

  3. I wouldn't give up on Iconic yet Steve. They're known for operating on fairly tight margins and work on selling large quantities - more like one of those car supermarket type places that won't haggle rather than an authorised dealer with wriggle room on the prices. You can see on Chrono24 how much cheaper they are than anywhere else in the western hemisphere.

  4. 1 minute ago, Toddy101 said:

    If you like it, it runs ok and you think it's worth the money then go for it. Doesn't matter if people don't like franken watches as you're the one who'll be wearing it:thumbsup:

    One more time... these Oris are not frankens - they are fakes. There is a big difference!

  5. 5 hours ago, Autonomous said:

    This one is reported as a 1970's calibre ST96 17 jewel, which is a multitude of watches. I'm not expecting anything quality for £40 but I might do a little more digging and try to get some pictures of the movement etc.

    Have just had a look on another site (ebay) and there are literally dozens, some of which are pristine but being called vintage - kinda puts me off the whole thing, but I'll see if my seller can come up with more detail as they've been honest so far.



    It doesn't sound like a franken to me - more like an outright fake. I don't believe Oris ever used the ST96 caliber and there seems to be a glut of ST96 powered mechanical *cough* "NOS" watches with garish dials from all sorts of brands on eBay right now which mainly seem to be emanating from India. Stay well away would be my advice!

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  6. 2 hours ago, TockTick said:

    I use a little jeweler in Boston Lincs. He has serviced two Smiths watches for me that weren't working properly, and now work great. He charged me £25 a watch + the £3.95 return postage. It would be wrong for me to name them, but I am sure you will find it on the tinternet 

    Well I'm going to ask who it is - I live near Boston so the info could be useful! The only place I know of in Boston right now is Hoppers.

  7. Hi Steve. Is it the Breguet Ultra Slim Automatic that Iconic Watches currently have in stock? Iconic are usually very competitive with their prices and this shows if you do a search on Chrono24: http://www.chrono24.co.uk/search/index.htm?accessoryTypes=&dosearch=true&goal_suggest=1&query=Breguet+Classique+Ultra+Slim&searchexplain=1&sortorder=1&watchTypes=

    Watchrecon can give you some idea of what private sellers are asking for these watches: http://www.watchrecon.com/?query=breguet&last_days=0

    Breguet recommend a service every 3 to 4 years and, although I'm not certain exactly much it'll be, you can rest assure it won't be cheap - £800+ a time would be my guess. Beautiful watch by the way!

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  8. 8 hours ago, WRENCH said:

    Thanks for the reply, mine has good power reserve, needs regulated, and should it be able to be manually wound ?

    Oops... The 2 I posted above are actually the 2414 manual wind twin barrel movements! However, the one I own below is definitely a 2427 and yes it can be manually wound.


  9. There are still a few makers of "expensive" Russian watches and yes, labour etc is cheaper but you have to take into account economies of scale. The Amphibia you mentioned in your previous post is obviously the diver. Let's also remember that Raketa are among one of only a handful of watch companies in the world that produce a completely (right down to the hairspring) in house movement, the other 3 being Rolex, Seiko and Swatch.

    Like Wrench, I am also hoping to get hold of a newer Raketa, but not at anywhere near retail. I'd happily splash £300 to £400 on one of the new Amphibias or Avtomats.

    The Amphibia:


  10. Try Iconic watches. They're an established UK company with a really good reputation, competitive prices and a proper bricks and mortar premises. And you still get the original manufacturers warranty (despite what some may have you believe). The "Petit Prince" is currently in stock for £4050.

  11. 3 hours ago, gimli said:

    In general the quality is lower than that of Soviet or early Russian watches. Even the metal itself seems of a lesser quality to me. This is applicable to all russian brands,,,

    I think he's talking about the "new" Raketas that have been released over the last couple of years. Seeing as many of them are £500+ I'd hope they are way better quality than Soviet watches!

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