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  1. Good morning everyone, going with this 9ct Longines, calibre 12.68z, from 1945 today.
  2. Good morning, starting the day with this 1970s Omega, calibre 1330.
  3. Good morning all, this 14ct Lord Elgin, calibre 670, from 1953 today.
  4. Good morning everyone, going with this Le Cheminant Master Mariner today.
  5. I think it would come under the “something else” category being an unbranded stainless steel bracelet. It was on the watch when I bought it over 20 years ago and I have always felt it suits it as well as being comfortable to wear. Thank you, @Nigelp also raised this on @martinzx sotc thread. I’m not sure where to start but will try to organise something.
  6. Giving this Sekonda, calibre 3017, a turn today.
  7. Good morning everyone, going with this Omega, 1953 RAF issue, 6B/542, calibre 283 today.
  8. Fantastic collection Martin and I would have too many favourites to list. It’s lovely to see the Omega that was passed down in your family and the Junghans which had disappeared and thankfully re-appeared at a later date.
  9. Good morning everyone, going with this Omega, 2nd World War Air Ministry issue, 6B/159, calibre 30SCT2 today.
  10. Well done with your choice and I think the sentiment behind the gift is great. I can’t add much information wise though the “566” part of the code denotes it’s a ladies watch, with a centre second hand and a water resistant calendar model. The movement number dates it to circa 1966 and this link .........http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&2&2uswk&Omega_681 ......gives some information on the 681 calibre movement. Your watch has possibly the original Omega glass as if you look carefully you can see the Omega symbol etched in the centre. Its nice to have the vintage Omega watch box ( sometimes referred to as “coffin” boxes) which I believe more likely dates to the 1950s though retailers would have continued to use them over the years. I did come across this sales listing for an Omega Geneve 566.001...... https://www.blackbough.co.uk/product/omega-geneve-ref-566-002-steel-vintage-wristwatch-circa-1969-wwogasjl/ ....which may be of general interest being the same model as yours. Hopefully at some point you may be able to source a matching gents version of this watch for yourself.
  11. Good. morning all, going with this Omega Geneve, calibre 1012, from circa 1973 today.
  12. Can’t let Mickey Mouse day pass and not give this 1935/36 Ingersoll watch some wrist time.
  13. Giving this 9ct Garrard from 1968 a turn today.
  14. Good morning all, this Omega Geneve, calibre 1030, from circa 1972 today.
  15. Good morning everyone, starting the week with this 9ct Zenith, calibre 2572, from 1973.
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