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  1. Hi, apologies for the delay replying, I have only just seen your post. The watch doesn’t have any references on the case back or inner back I am afraid. The movement is a calibre 2209 & if you search online using that there are some very similar watches. Also saw this https://www.watchuseek.com/threads/sekonda-de-luxe-caliber-2209-23-jewels.872235/ which has some information on the de Luxe models that may be interesting. I hope this is helpful.
  2. With a mechanical watch I would wonder if there was a slight friction / colliding between any part of the sweep second and minute hand. The hands may not be loose but just slightly out of alignment. With the crown in the setting position you could try slowly advancing the time for 12 / 24 hours and if you see the sweep second move at any point then check the position of the hands to see if any contact is being made. If there isn’t it may still help to identify if this is happening at specific times or randomly. My only other thought would be if there is an online manual for this model which may have troubleshooting pages for any issues that may arise. It’s a lovely watch & hopefully there will be a straightforward remedy to give you peace of mind.
  3. Good morning and merry christmas everyone. A rare outing for this silver Harwood from 1929.
  4. Good morning, going with this Tudor Oyster Royal, 7803, today.
  5. Zodiac..... Zenith....... ZentRa......
  6. T for Triple date.... ......Trench watch..... ......Tatton Edinburgh.... .....Tavannes... Trebex.... ......Tonneau case...
  7. Good morning, starting the weekend with this 9ct Longines Flagship, calibre 340, from 1962.
  8. Good morning, giving this Longines Conquest, calibre 431, a turn today.
  9. Good morning, it’s this Omega Constellation, calibre 561, from 1966 today.
  10. Good morning, this Omega De Ville, calibre 1330, from circa 1978 today.
  11. Good morning, going with this Omega Geneve, calibre 565, today.
  12. As Scott says the case back may have been swapped. These are the omega code references for their calibre 1425.... https://www.omegawatches.com/en-gb/vintage-watches?v_watches_calibre=2882 ....which don’t match. Also, the inner case back refers to the case being gold plated but the watch is stainless steel.
  13. Thank you Martin. it’s not a recent addition but one that hasn’t had the wrist time it deserves over the years. I will try and remedy that in the future as it is a lovely watch.
  14. Good morning, going with this 14ct Benrus today.
  15. Good morning, it’s ages since I have worn this Longines split 5 so it’s getting a long overdue turn today.
  16. Good morning, it’s this 18ct Eterna-matic 3000, calibre 1500k, from 1971 today.
  17. Good morning, going with this 9ct Garrard from 1968 today.
  18. Good morning, a long overdue turn for this 9ct Rotary today.
  19. Good morning, starting the week with this 18ct Omega Seamaster.
  20. These hands don’t have lume though over the years they have become a little bit corroded. Thank you, I think there are a number of options that would compliment the watch. The bracelet is a bonklip style one and was on it when I bought it. I left it on as in some ways it’s part of the watch’s history and being able to precisely adjust it makes it very comfortable to wear. Thank you Nigel It’s not a bubbleback case. These type of cases were I believe purely for automatics where additional space was required for the rotor.
  21. Good morning, going with this Rolex Oyster Speedking Precision today.
  22. Good morning, going with this 1970s Omega Geneve, calibre 1030 today.
  23. Good morning, giving this 9ct Longines, calibre 12.68z, from 1945 a turn today.
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