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  1. I use mine as a Media streamer connected through HDMI. Sits under my TV nice and discrete. Plays my movies and music (nice if you have a decent sound system on the TV) & allows big screen web browsing from the comfort of the sofa. Have a Wireless keyboard & mouse connected so I don't have to get up. As for what you can do with it that you can't with Windows I'm not sure nowadays. I find the interface for media a little slicker than Windows. You can always dual boot OSX and Windows with bootcamp, best of both worlds :)
  2. Shmoog

    New Sales Site

    Had my addiction under controll for over a year, not one purchace since Christmas last year. Treated myself to a couple of new affordables recently and came back here for some Nato's :) Looks like my timing was perfect, love the look of the new site...Great job :thumbup:
  3. That's pretty nasty mate. Hope the no work makes up for the pain. Get well soon. So what watch do u wear to play footy in? :)
  4. You can't go wrong with a Seiko. Orient are well worth taking a look at, I own two and can't fault them for the money :thumbsup:
  5. Happy new year everyone. Off out with friends and a lot of family I only ever see at New year, weddings and funerals. Have a good one, cheers. Mike.
  6. Very nice, congratz. Possibly the nicest Eco-Drive out there. No watches for me but lots of cash towards buying one in the January sales :)
  7. Youngest woke me at 1:00 AM, then 3:30 ish then 5:00 then 6:15 then I gave up and got up. Eldest had to be woken at 7 before his brother exploded :) Have a good day, lots of new toys to play with :thumbsup:
  8. I upgraded my iphone 3g to a Samsung Galaxy S and absolutely love it. Screen is bright and clear, just as good as the iphone 4. Phone function works perfectly, it has a decent camera and you can use it as a modem out of the box. Music is just a case of dragging mp3s as it opens as a standard removable drive on the PC, not itunes faffing. Check out www.gsmarena.com, they have some pretty thorough reviews and comparisons of similar handsets. May help you make up your mind. I couldn't recommend the Galaxy S more. Mike.
  9. Well done guys, wish I had some spare cash this time of year. Should definatly run another one soon :thumbsup:
  10. Had one (or two) of these on my list for a while. May well be my fist purchace of the new year. Love the look of the nylon, works really well. Thanks Kutusov :thumbsup:
  11. Merry Christmas all and a very happy new year :cheers:
  12. We are?, bugger got me all excited then. Was just thinking why hadn't I thought of searching for that :naughty: but if your into anime aren`t about 12? Mentaly most would agree yes. Actualy most proper Anime is quite adult, the good ones anyway. Check out Death note and Highschool of the dead.
  13. We are?, bugger got me all excited then. Was just thinking why hadn't I thought of searching for that :naughty:
  14. Shmoog


    Welcome, Merry Christmas! :thumbup:
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