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  1. If I notice someones watch, it has to be a *nudge he/she is wearing a (insert watch here)* Which then gets met with a disapproving look and "you and bloody watches!". Or if im looking at them in a shop window i get "Don't go try them on, you have enough as it is" which I reply with, "I wear my watches more often than you wear your seven thousand shoes" Argument won! :D
  2. I've got my eye on a monaco in a local jewellers window. Lovely watch!
  3. Off topic, but a damp micro fibre cloth will clean the apple ally keyboard up a treat. :good:
  4. That looks stunning now. A credit to you and the fella who carried out the work to change it. I always keep an eye out for an RLT29 but they move so fast Ill never catch one :(
  5. If you could choose one of the two, which would you have? I was in Mappin and Webb Cambridge today, they had a black faced sea dweller and blue bi metal sub. Both similar looking, but the sea dweller is so thick! I've never looked into them really. IMO the Sub is a much nicer watch. Im just purely asking for opinions on the two. I know what ill buy buying for a 25th/30th birthday present. :D
  6. Im still wearing my Seamaster GMT, might change later on tho.
  7. I looked at one of those Tissot's, I'm still liking it, the strap suits it well!
  8. They are really nice watches!
  9. Lovely! Looks really nice, enjoy it!
  10. Thats very, very nice! Looks like a lot of work has gone into them. I reckon you should start selling them.
  11. Like the OP i've just finished tonights work so having some of this and I'm wearing this TAG heuer Carrera, I have been all week all week.
  12. Check out christopherward watches, theres some nice ones in that price range on there.
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