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  1. Superb round up and after having owned two of them (sold) and nearly bidding on a third this week I can attest to being equally enamored and bothered by them. The one I was going to bid on was a positive display example which is far more legible. Maybe it's that nordic execution of design that's so left field but they get under the skin and there's nothing else out there like them. Despite this they do frustrate from lacking basics and I concur on reliability. One of mine gave bother and reports are out there of other elementums doing likewise. There is a small plastic gear wheel which interacts with the rotating toggle and this was a problem on mine but I replaced the part from a donor. Battery swop is a dealer affair to remain in warrenty which is a let down. I got 6 months out of a quality cr2032 but became proficient in changing them. The lead from the pressure sensor is thankfully long enough to allow the case back to sit aside the watch for battery swop. Having repaired a fair few non functioning Suunto Core buttons the layout was familiar. For me the big miss with the suunto elementum is the lack of the cores graphic bar chart pressure/altitude display which can be locked to either function if desired. The extent of a weather trends change is easier interpretated in this fashion. I considered the venus for this reason. I also refuse to own another core as they are very unreliable imo, having had two fail and had to fix many buttons. Shame as they are lovely to use. I have some early examples of Suunto compasses and they are still working perfectly. My suunto observer was a very nice watch but again a flawed interface that was not intuitive and I will not own a watch which must take a company strap. I have an affinity for the company as I enjoy the fresh design and execution and still watch for elementum terra beaters on ebay. If I can pick one up sub 100 I will throw it on a grey nato and wear it out. Thanks for the review, a great read.
  2. Really happy with his work! Hell of a nice chap to deal with and I will be getting more!
  3. As said, second and minute hands that do not reach all the way out to their markers. Oh and any watch you can't simply for a NATO to, namely watches that need specific straps grrrrr.
  4. Thanks Roy, not quite sure how I managed that!
  5. Hi Just put up an advert and for some reason it appears to show it as sold when in fact it is not. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to successfully edit the advert to show for sale. Any help appreciated.
  6. Well I foolishly sold this to Deco and spent nigh on two yrs regretting it.....till now Bought the above second hand on flea bay for suspiciously reasonable money, came with the lesser spotted metal bracelet. The poor pic and description meant i suspected an issue but was assured it was fully functional and in good cond so said feck it and rolled the dice. Fast forward and the case, bracelet and crystal were in good order with acceptable wear but dust and greasy finger prints on inside of the crystal and on the face of the digi display were evident (supposedly "must have been from the jeweller who just replaced the battery"). Torx screws on the case back were all "finger tight" loose too, gotta love ebay! Anyway, case back removal revealed more greasy finger prints but thankfully no water ingress. Removal of the works was worrysome as the large jog dial button has a delicate multi point star wheel inside which when turned makes the corresponding audible click on a reciever mini paddle within the movement. After eyeballing it the movement was removed simply by levering it up ensuring you were inbetween clicks if you get me. The outer chapter ring for hpa was simply removed by upending the case. It was nicely indexed at 12 o'clock with a corresponding tab so no guesswork later. Star point wheel was removed from the inside and case/crystal were popped in the ultrasonic cleaner and left to dry overnight. The digital face was carefully cleaned with a mild solvent and the lot reassembled with the o ring silicone greased. Not being a steel bracelet kinda guy I bought a couple different 22mm nato/zulu monkeyswag straps and I'm delighted with it, mega comfy and the odd mark that's already there means I've no worries using the hell out of it:)
  7. Thought I'd bore y'all about my slight addiction to 7t32/7t62 old Seikos. Couple months back wifey kindly washed my jeans with it in the pocket. Rip my old panda after 20 odd yrs of sterling service keeping time, timing things, telling me the date and waking me up.... Anyway, to replace it bought this... Lovely, but too big and no alarm, had to go.... Started thinking I'd try and score a good old 32 panda again but they seemed relatively rare on ebay, and pricey! Then I saw the sq100 and liked what I saw. Off the back of hat I found the Oah0 models sna139 titanium/stainless/black and green faced examples. Spec rocked my boat what with the screw down crown, 200m rating and domed crystal! After two months looking I found three and bought two:) Not mint but that's good as I'll use em so! As I dig natos I kinda went a bit mad and bought a lot of them but think they look best on the ratty old leather nato and especially the light olive as it kinda compliments the green face. Tbh the green face was not my first choice (black one would be and if your selling one shout me!) but it's really grown on me. The one on leather was bought first but unfortunately had a flat crystal. Overall good condition and a less marked case than the one wearing the olive nato which incidentally has an original domed crystal. Because of this I'm wearing it more despite suffering more wear. Anyone post a link with a slightly domed crystal I can buy to replace the flat one??? I could buy a press to do the job and have a case back remover. First one I did a deal with the seller to close the auction straight away and I deffo overpaid. Anyway, the second one I bought with the domed crystal was a Hong Kong purchase sold as having issues, namely it only told time and other functions were kaput. After a factory reset she's doing as she should and an adjustment of some contacts means she has the lovely little chime that's a pleasure to wake up to back. Result for 35 quid. I suppose some may consider these old hat, too small being sub 40 but they wear so well and have all the functionality and aesthetic appeal I need, think an affordable Sinn 356 Flieger! Wifey reckoned the 7t92 big hulk I posted first was nicest but my I've 20 odd years of these style watches and its funny how a guy can get used to certain things being a certain way.
  8. Red bull aka "f***ed skull" is really vile and whys the whisky in a fridge lol?
  9. Seeing as theres a few peat and smoke fans here... Firm fav of mine Other than the standard i keep a bottle of quarter cask too, more oak!
  10. Ahh hell to the yeah lol. She can lasoo me any day! And she wears a seiko too, perfection:-)
  11. Well of course you dont like it, it's a womans watch. Wonder Womans to be exact. Whilst being too lazy to reach for the zapper to change channel (thats my excuse and im sticking to it lol) i paused the tv on the following shot of her ehhh watch amongst other things:)
  12. Elementum Terra Enjoying wearing it:)
  13. Wow, not seen that model Core. Whats the doda at nine o'clock on the bezel? Some serious customer service there all right, shows a level of commitment. Kinda digging Nordic design and execution lately, a certain innovative ruggedness about how they do stuff, simple but effective, suunto have it spades, my new ecco biom boots, rukka jacket, exped camping gear and my silva headtorch. Anyway im rambling. Arrived today, you can see the marks on the bezel but the crystals good. Still getting to grips with the functionality, different but similar to my suunto observer. Very comfy to wear despite the gargantuan size. Was up the hills today and the resolution and speed to correct altitude seems better than the observer, oh and liking the auto alti/baro function! Makes recalibrating local sea pressure a less often affair. The o ring is shot so thats first on the list and im actually now undecided on the bezel, its honest wear. By the way Alasdair, your not a biker by any chance? I know another Alasdair...
  14. Seriously? Thats brill customer service attitude Alas. Can i ask what you sent yours back for? I think i will send it to them and at least get a price on the bezel replacement, would look new then.
  15. Love my Suunto Observer and its of great use in the hills. With this in mind I bought a second hand Core from you know where, Ive been lured in by the spec. Bezel in the pics shows wear on the anodising so Id like a replacement one. I understand our Finnish friends are very protective of the brand image and do not supply parts to joe public so I assume its got to go back home like the proverbial salmon to Suunto for something that I could do in ten seconds myself:). Anyone got a handle on what kinda prices Id be looking at for this? Even a ballpark would be great. Also, anyone care to comment on the reliability of the core? Since parting with the cash Ive read lots of reports of malfunctioning unit's!
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