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  1. Hi Roger yep it's deffinatly a pepsi besel, just not sure what make.
  2. Can anyone help me out with this? In the film "High heels and low lifes" Minnie Driver wears a divers watch, I think it has what I have seen the site refere to as a Pepsi bessel. I don't suppose anyone knows what watch it is do they? I have had no luck with Google so I may have to go and watch it again, it's driving me mad.
  3. okay so according to this link http://quartzimodo.com/how-to-tell-when-your-seiko-watch-was-made-part-1/ On the glass back Seiko 5 models they printed the serial number on the glass before 2002 and on the metal rim more recently so mine must be June 2010. Sorted Now I will have to look at my other onw when I get home. Thanks Guys I am learning a lot from this site, soon I won't be such a novice lol
  4. Thats brillian!! thanks Tim. So if I'm right by following what that says my Seiko baby monster has 060061 on the back making it either June 2000 or June 2010. Im not sure what years these where manufactured though so I'll have to do a bit more digging.
  5. As the title says, is there a way to tell what year your watch is or what years the model where sold? I would like to try and date some of my watches. Starting with my first Seiko which seemed so cheap it must be NOS. Cheers guys
  6. I have started noticing watches a lot on TV too. Even soaps, I noticed Phil Mitchel had one on the other day, I only caught a glance but it looked like a Rolex Sub. But thats my untrained eye so probably not.
  7. ooh I like the white knight Monster. I was very torn between the one I got and the black face black dial one, but I think I made the right choice.
  8. Ok here goes, I'll attempt to upload a pic and see if it works. If so I'll try and get a better one and some of my other watches, not that there very exiting. WOW!!!! just previewed the post. I think it worked, bit big though lol
  9. thanks for that guys, I will check out those links. I couldn't find a search setting on the forum, am I missing it or isn't there one? Also I was thinking that with a cheap winder maybe it could be turned on for just a few hours a day like when you leave for work and turn it off when you get home. Just a thought.
  10. Hi there, Having just bought my second Automatic Seko and I fear it will not be the last, I was thinking about getting a watch winder so I don'e have to keep reseting the date and time. Does anyone have any experience with these, are they a good/bad idea? I read somewhere that auto watches have a part inside that stops them being overwound and watch winders can ware this part and put to much stress on it as it never gets a break unlike being on your arm which does not move 24/7. Sorry if this is vauge but I am a newbie and still learning what the parts are called, and can't for the life of me find that article again. Thanks Nat
  11. It's here!!!!!!!!!!! I got home yesterday and there was was a slip from the postie where I had missed it:( I had to wait till this morning to pick it up. It's soooo much better than I expected and very quick delivery, I only ordered it Friday evening. I am at work now though so cant adjust the strap till I get home and it's obviously way to big a for my wrists as it is, grrrrr. As for those pics everyone, very very nice. I especially like the orange one the black strap with orange stitching luuuuuuuurvly. I will try and get some pics tonight and upload them if my home computer stops throwing hissy fits.
  12. Thanks again for the replies peeps. I have now found the one I wanted and acccidently ordered it (I was just looking!) I'ts in the post :) pics to follow. I keep getting little waves of exitement lol
  13. Wow! I though I had a problem. I should show this thread to mt Husband, he might not think I'm so bad lol. Nice collection
  14. Hi guys thanks for the replies, Cheers Gaz but I have bought one now anyway,don't tempt me to buy another lol. Also thanks to Roger I actually opened a photobucket account at the weekend so will get uploading soon. I got an email Saturday evening from the seller with a tracking number so its on it's way! Thought I would post a alink to a photo of the watch from google. I will post one of the actual watch when it arrives.
  15. Ooops!! my finger slipped on the key board and I acidently bought one :hypocrite: Thanks for the input Sparrow. I always ware mens watches and love divers so it should be ok. I do have slim wrists but like heavy watches. I do like the look of yours and really like the orange but being a girl I had to think of colour coordination with everything else lol. I went for the white dial snacksize monster in the end, I found a trusted seller with 100% feedback which I read through a lot of, I think I am pretty safe. UK seller too so should get it pretty quick. ooh it's exciting :) All I have to do now is work out how to upload pics.
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