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  1. That's because I'm special
  2. Hehe....nah...few things happened in my life that sort of changed my outlook....mum died, had a little bit of a health scare, and my best mate died aged 40..... So.....i sort of, well, did stuff a little different :) Spend very little time online at all, packed in the smoking 9th june 1st, lost 4 stone, got fit, gave away 12 (yep 12 watches) to family and friends, oh, and moved across the country....we are now resident in Manchester of all places! Those of you that know me will know the reason why we did that. So, healthier, happier, but my interest in watches has waned.....i still
  3. still a hommage however way you look at it...... er.....LOL
  4. Right...this is basically a knock off isn't it? Im sorry, but this is sailing way to close to the wind to be a "hommage" and is a blatant copy of a classic....."with aged patina" surely this is a piss take? A nod to a classic is cool, but to do such a blatant rip-off really is taking the piss.... There's a touch of double standards and hypocrisy around what is/is not acceptable.... the line between wearing a hommage and a fake is so blurred its laughable....... I couldnt care less one way or another if someone wants to wear a turkish beach knock off rep of a rolex, or this...it
  5. proper ***** week....best mate died aged 40 last week, traveled down to london yesterday for his funeral.....
  6. yep....twice..... first time was in orlando when a copper asked me about my watch in a 7/11 2nd time was a director a few weeks ago who came to visit my store from head office...... both times was wearing my jsar
  7. think its a winner bry......im a huge fan of some of your work bry and know the quality of the goods your doing is very high........i think there could be a market for this......would love the frames of my old raybans redone!
  8. Seiko make some of the finest most refined watches your ever likely to wear......the space walk springdrive is around the $25k mark, the astron range is upwards of 3 or 4k and the credor can cost over $400,000 i think you may have to ask yourself the question if your wearing the watch for yourself or wearing it to impress others, which, it sounds like you are..... personally, i prefer any watch sterile....
  9. all swiss watches are made in a dusty old workshops by grey haired watchmakers in brown coats......who lavish there time and attention making every watch by hand...... :D Think i might have seen this......and i think they were talking about development of a new model......theres a lot of myth and legend around some swiss watch house's......
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