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  1. oh god...i need al three of those...i'd be happy man Yeah, that seiko is immense, as is the ocean 7 and the orsa Ive finally got my mojo back....after years of only wearing my nd sub.....the jsar is the only one from back in the day (along with my poljot) that i have
  2. With the best will in the world, i dont have the time....work takes up a lot of my time, and as much as i would like to just pick up a load of parts and do it myself, i know they would stay in my new shed.....along with my tv dialled speedy....thats been laying in its box, in pieces for 8 years.... nice one, thanks for that the brands i loved were Orsa, the ocean 7 was amazing (still going i know but with a much smaller range) Helson has caught my eye.....Sharkdiver 45mm
  3. Nice, the first looks awesome on the mesh....that reminds me...i need to pick up a couple. My favourite all time mod was my yellow beadblasted 6309....that was an amazing watch
  4. whats happened to them all? I had a folder full of them, and only 2 of them are still going....I really liked the Orsa Magdolon but the comapnies gone Aside from helson (which im in contact with already) seem to have any decent offerings.....
  5. Obviously, @mach 0.0013137 will skip right past this but im looking for some modded seiko's.... Now, those of you who know me from times past, will know i had a "thing" for modded seikos. All in all, i've had around 40. A few monsters, but mainly 007's and 6309 7040's, and a few of the 6309's even had a quartz upgrade (or downgrade depending on your point of view) After having a few done for me, and having a few bad experiences (Strangetoo & Corbyboy both still have 007's of mine, plus the money and parts) I decided to do it myself. I had some success (again depending on your point of view) and even did a few for people on here. Now, this will show you how long ive been off of the forum, but all my pics were saved to photobucket, and for some reason i can no longer access the pictures! Anyway, i digress....Im looking for either some of my old ones, or other modded seikos. I would do them myself, but i no longer have the time or the tools to do them.... so...what do you have?
  6. dont suppose anyone has tonys contact info do they?
  7. Hey Roger...yeah, all good here, hope the same you end too....hows things going here at RLT? Have i missed much??
  8. That's because I'm special
  9. Hehe....nah...few things happened in my life that sort of changed my outlook....mum died, had a little bit of a health scare, and my best mate died aged 40..... So.....i sort of, well, did stuff a little different :) Spend very little time online at all, packed in the smoking 9th june 1st, lost 4 stone, got fit, gave away 12 (yep 12 watches) to family and friends, oh, and moved across the country....we are now resident in Manchester of all places! Those of you that know me will know the reason why we did that. So, healthier, happier, but my interest in watches has waned.....i still have my jsar, poljot and an orsa, but theres nothing out there that gets me going anymore..... So there you have it :) good to see some of the old faces on here, and i do hope tyat your all keeping sell....and if anyone ever sees strangetoo or the other guy from corby whos name escapes me, tell them i forgive them....still havent recieved my 6309 mod or 007 mod :) Peace......... Shawn
  10. still a hommage however way you look at it...... er.....LOL
  11. Right...this is basically a knock off isn't it? Im sorry, but this is sailing way to close to the wind to be a "hommage" and is a blatant copy of a classic....."with aged patina" surely this is a piss take? A nod to a classic is cool, but to do such a blatant rip-off really is taking the piss.... There's a touch of double standards and hypocrisy around what is/is not acceptable.... the line between wearing a hommage and a fake is so blurred its laughable....... I couldnt care less one way or another if someone wants to wear a turkish beach knock off rep of a rolex, or this...it really doesn't bother me......but, some of you are so quick to get on a bandwagon if someone does wear a replica/knock off/panny-a-like or whatever......
  12. proper ***** week....best mate died aged 40 last week, traveled down to london yesterday for his funeral.....
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