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  1. The strap is possibly the most comfortable leather one I’ve ever experienced and the suede look is actually really classy in the flesh. It may not be the obvious choice but I think Breitling have got it right in this instance (again) :-)
  2. Sorry Colin, mate - yes I met the chap from Taunton halfway - I had no idea I was snatching it out of your grasp! I f you are missing the Autavia, I have a lovely Heuer Carrera up for grabs at the Moment - do IM me :-)
  3. Not to everyone’s taste I admit - bought this striking watch in honour of my late father-in-law who bequeathed me a tidy wee sum and the missus insisted I don’t just fitter it away - so it became “the watch fund”. His name was Graham George…..
  4. I’ve always fancied the old Top Time models from Breitling - at least I did until the new ones came along. As soon as I saw the new range of Limited Edition models I fell in love immediately. In a ridiculous stroke of luck some months later, I found a lovely chap in Somerset who’d bought this one brand new and was looking to offload it. Don’t ask me why - something about trouble and strife. After about 6 days of very amicable negotiation, we did the deal and he kindly met me halfway for a mask-to-mask handover, as he didn’t trust those tremendous folks at Royal Mail with it. And here it is - the Top Time Limited Edition “Zorro” - 41mm of gorgeousness housing a Caliber 23 COSC movement - I am absolutely loving it!
  5. Interesting. I guess I can get my head around the fact that momentum might still be a thing in space, so tapping the watch on the side could get the rotor spinning, but surely an automatic is classically dependent on at least a modicum of activity, most commonly walking in normal gravitational conditions, so being stuck in a glorified tin can in space in zero gravity for months is bound to compromise the watch, in some way. Plus to be honest I thought that the watch being worn upside down by Bryan Cox was more bizarre!
  6. I don’t know many but the one or two I do know are quite funny 1. The legendary observation of a girl who’s seen in the background as an extra in the film “Gladiator” - clearly wearing a wristwatch, possibly a Swatch - in Roman times. 2. The two Hamilton watches In Interstellar both being automatics, one which is still running even though the daughter appears to have left hers unworn for years and the other one that wouldn’t work in zero gravity anyway, because it’s automatic. 3. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen watches that are clearly recent modern day very large models, despite the film being set in the 80’s for example when watches were generally relatively small 4. The most recent gaff is this howler in a current big budget high profile series that I really enjoy, normally. In which universe does Brian Cox wearing a watch upside down make any sense, I ask you? Although I’ve seen it done on a few watch adverts in newspapers and magazines it still winds me up when this method is used merely so that the model can be seen from a normal viewpoint but the watch appears to be the right way up from the camera’s perspective.
  7. Happy New Year, all. A timeless classic (though possibly not the most appropriate expression for a watch!)
  8. Although it feels a little unnerving to be missing a minute hand, I can see the appeal aesthetically. Congratulations Wear it in good health!
  9. I went on a VIP tour of Bremont in the summer. This is their reception and boutique area… I browsed the boutique and this was the standout new model for me please…
  10. How funny if it really is your old one back. It looks great on the bracelet. Nice job! I do love a Tudor.
  11. The new Oris models are nice but I don’t think anyone does it better than JLC.
  12. Merry Hristmas everyone. Oh my god I adore that Breitling so much! Quite an easy choice for me today…
  13. Want to help my niece buy a gift for her brother - Is gecko the best place to go? it’s for a Tag but the Tag bracelets are like £300.
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