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  1. I had a Sinclair black watch that ran out on me once a fortnight! other than that the only time it had happened was with a plain two-hander quartz so no 2-second or 4-second warning system. Just stopped. If I know I’m unlikely to wear a particular quartz for quite a long time I just pull out the crown and put it in a safe and then reset it on the next occasion when I go back to it months later. Batteries last forever that way, at least on the ones I’ve got.
  2. Anyway, back to “the Last watch I’ll buy”... the BB 58 is FAB. Fantastic choice. I too am a child of 1958 vintage and currently have a BB with burgundy bezel which I adore, but I am now seriously coveting your Fifty Eight. Congratulations and may you wear it in extremely good health for many a decade to come. If I ever start a thread with the same words as this one, it will probably not end with the word “probably”. Its far more likely to read “The last watch I’ll every buy - my arse!”
  3. I’m sure you’ll love it. Jomashop is my friend. I picked up a classic Rado Ceramic Chrono for $450 last week!
  4. Love my Startimer. I have the green faced one in black over on tan leather. Classy.
  5. I’ve had a couple and they are really solid and very handsome but ultimately I’m not a diver and have always ended up flipping or selling on.
  6. At this price point I’m of the opinion that you wear what you’re most comfortable (or proudest) (or happiest) wearing. The Speedy has unique heritage but is not actually a head turner. If you’re looking for something that has real wrist presence and will turn heads it’s neither the Rolex nor the Omega in my opinion. From my modest collection the watches that non watch enthusiasts always remark on are my Ventura, Black Bay, Monaco, Reverso, Navitimer and Planet Ocean. My Explorer and Speedy and El Primero and Santos and Timewalker are almost never noticed. It is literally down to what you’re trying achieve. Comfort? Notoriety? Personal pleasure? Is that a weird way to look at it?
  7. Flying to Nashville tomorrow. There for 24 hours; then in Memphis for 4 days; then 48 hours in Nashville before flying home next Saturday night. Any tips for someone who has never been to Tennessee? Thanks in advance!
  8. Definitely worth it.. when my Chronospace came back the only things that we’re not brand new replacements were the case and the bracelet!
  9. Bonkers. I wonder how much he pays out on insurance!
  10. Congratulations! Happy retirement! Today’s favourite is...
  11. I’m not sure it is later than the era portrayed. From memory they were quite fastidious about their choice of watches on the Mad Men set. I’m not sure what he’s wearing above. He wore a vintage Seamaster for a while which I thought was perfect for the era. And one of the other characters actually remarked something along the lines of “Oh let me just check the time on my Hamilton Electric watch” in one episode. Well why not, they were all in advertising after all.
  12. Definitely different watch every morning unless I’m in a desperate rush and don’t have enough time or can’t be arsed to open the safe to do the swap over. On holiday now for 10 days. Brought 4 watches and find myself swapping watches in and out of the safe here at least once per day. Generally IWC Aquatimer or Breitling Navitimer during the day and Heuer Monaco or JLC Reverso for going out in the evening. Back home I also have a golf watch and a DIY / gardening watch, so very best case is as many as 4 watches in one day! yes OK it is just a bit bonkers but my lovely wife wouldn’t think twice about 4 or 5 changes of shoes!
  13. Precisely what I was thinking. What do get for this one year insurance exactly?
  14. Thank you for a fine article. Fascinating reading. If I start saving now I might afford one when I’m 100!
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