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  1. I’m not sure it is later than the era portrayed. From memory they were quite fastidious about their choice of watches on the Mad Men set. I’m not sure what he’s wearing above. He wore a vintage Seamaster for a while which I thought was perfect for the era. And one of the other characters actually remarked something along the lines of “Oh let me just check the time on my Hamilton Electric watch” in one episode. Well why not, they were all in advertising after all.
  2. Definitely different watch every morning unless I’m in a desperate rush and don’t have enough time or can’t be arsed to open the safe to do the swap over. On holiday now for 10 days. Brought 4 watches and find myself swapping watches in and out of the safe here at least once per day. Generally IWC Aquatimer or Breitling Navitimer during the day and Heuer Monaco or JLC Reverso for going out in the evening. Back home I also have a golf watch and a DIY / gardening watch, so very best case is as many as 4 watches in one day! yes OK it is just a bit bonkers but my lovely wife wouldn’t think twice about 4 or 5 changes of shoes!
  3. Precisely what I was thinking. What do get for this one year insurance exactly?
  4. Thank you for a fine article. Fascinating reading. If I start saving now I might afford one when I’m 100!
  5. Sorry. Bit late in the day! IWC Aquatimer today.
  6. So is the consensus that a full service through an AD is m6 only hope?
  7. Hi all This one came out of a drawer looking very sorry for itself. Any advice on cheapest route to a fix? Trying to avoid sending it to Movado through an AD if at all possible! thanks in advance...
  8. Showing this one at a lunch party held by a dear friend who maintains light aircraft for a living - it turns out he loves it too!......
  9. Saw a stunning one at the Watch Fair today and I was tempted but I thought £700 was a bit over the top with no box or papers.
  10. I talked to my local AD about it within an hour of buying and he reckoned if I check the timekeeping and it’s anywhere near COSC standards not to bother with a service, but I might leave it with him sometime soon for a “light” £250 maintenance service to get it back in line with COSC standard. It certainly doesn’t warrant a full £600 spending on it as it’s in such great nick.
  11. Deano old buddy. How are you? Headache-free I hope! Seller said 10 years old which I’d say is bang on for the sub-model. The blue face and batons for hour markers rather than Arabic numerals was the exact combination I had hoped for. I’m over the moon with it. Keep well. And cheers!
  12. Thanks for sharing the fact that it would really piss you off. Just as well you’re not the one that will be wearing it!
  13. I’d been looking for one of these for a while and this one was tucked away in the corner of a crammed cabinet at a very innocuous outside stall - I could so easily have missed it - what a result! I will take much better pictures later.
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