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  1. Sorry. Bit late in the day! IWC Aquatimer today.
  2. So is the consensus that a full service through an AD is m6 only hope?
  3. Hi all This one came out of a drawer looking very sorry for itself. Any advice on cheapest route to a fix? Trying to avoid sending it to Movado through an AD if at all possible! thanks in advance...
  4. Showing this one at a lunch party held by a dear friend who maintains light aircraft for a living - it turns out he loves it too!......
  5. Saw a stunning one at the Watch Fair today and I was tempted but I thought £700 was a bit over the top with no box or papers.
  6. I talked to my local AD about it within an hour of buying and he reckoned if I check the timekeeping and it’s anywhere near COSC standards not to bother with a service, but I might leave it with him sometime soon for a “light” £250 maintenance service to get it back in line with COSC standard. It certainly doesn’t warrant a full £600 spending on it as it’s in such great nick.
  7. Deano old buddy. How are you? Headache-free I hope! Seller said 10 years old which I’d say is bang on for the sub-model. The blue face and batons for hour markers rather than Arabic numerals was the exact combination I had hoped for. I’m over the moon with it. Keep well. And cheers!
  8. Thanks for sharing the fact that it would really piss you off. Just as well you’re not the one that will be wearing it!
  9. I’d been looking for one of these for a while and this one was tucked away in the corner of a crammed cabinet at a very innocuous outside stall - I could so easily have missed it - what a result! I will take much better pictures later.
  10. Looks nice enough from here, Pete, but how does actually feel in terms of quality and how does it look in the flesh?
  11. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Simon and Garfunkel, but hey ho. The Uxbridge watch and clock Fair is tomorrow and it will be my first time as I’ve only ever been to the Midlands ones up until now. Anyone else going? Do stop me for a chat and a cuppa if you spot me. I shall be there from just before opening time. I shall be the six-foot grey-haired guy in the dark blue version of this shirt......
  12. Picked up two beauties. They arrived yesterday. They are smart watches and solar driven so magically sprang into life as soon as I opened the box and the light struck them. What fun. My colleagues were royal entertained and one of them immediately wanted to buy one from me!
  13. I’ve bought a few watches New from the US. Customs admin process seems a bit random and it almost seems to depend on the carrier that the seller uses, so it’s a bonus on occasions when they don’t charge you quite the full whack One of my most successful outings was in an outlet store. The Movado one in St Augustine. I bought two great watches and was delighted with their prices. The best was a stunning Ebel BTR 1911 (below) for less than $2000 with a full three year international warranty. So have a look, do the research and good luck. Hope you find a real bargain or two.
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