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  1. Well spotted, Scott! I should organise a raffle to mark the occasion.. . . Yeah, this one has the strap with the retro tyre tread design too - and it is vanilla scented!!! Hey Dean. Hope you’re keeping better these days, mate. Strap is just about the most comfy rubber ever, if you’ll excuse the expression.
  2. Lots of odd jobs to do today like clearing gutters, erecting a new TV wall mount and creating a fancy plinth for a decorative lamp for the missus, so today’s watch is a very workmanlike and robust Alpina...
  3. You have no idea how delighted I am by this watch. To some it might look a bit innocuous or retro or old school or too simple, but I don’t mind saying I absolutely love it. The Lume is fantastic and it sits beautifully on the wrist, being a perfect 40.5mm in diameter and and not too chunky at just 11mm thick. The movement is COSC certified and after a recent service it is operating just within the prescribed tolerances. The second hand has a beautiful smooth sweep and I am loving the big date display. The vast majority of the Mille Miglia commemorative watches have a cyclops magnifier window at the 3 o’clock position and I absolutely detest that feature on any make of watch, so this is one of the very few Mille Miglia variants that would fit the bill. My previous Chopard I bought on a whim and at 38mm and with a cyclops, it didn’t stick around for long, but this one is a keeper. Yes, you heard me say it. As you can see, it also comes boxed alongside a proper actual working “analogue” tyre gauge - also emblazoned with the 1000 Miglia logo. Mille Miglia was a road race of just over 1600km in total distance, round trip from Brescia to Rome, which was started in the 1920’s and ran almost every year until it was cancelled in the 50’s after some tragic fatalities, Famously Stirling Moss won it just a couple of years before it came to an end. Since the 1970’s it has been resurrected as a celebratory event, part road race, part vintage car rally, more like a procession at times for safety reasons, where enthusiasts with cars mostly from 1957 and older, can drive along parts of the original route. A neighbour of mine intends to do at least some of it in his old Triumph TR3 some time. I’m sure there are a few car nuts out there who know a great deal more than I do about it. Anyway, here it is and boy am I enjoying it,,,
  4. Quite sad really, but life goes on. It will be interesting to see how the brand moves forward....
  5. I bought a zenith el primero that looks awfully like a Rolex, but to answer the question - NO
  6. 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport MY19 HSE Luxury. Generally very pleased with it as it’s a much more comfortable drive than my old Jaguar XF was Test drove a Jaguar I-Pace on Saturday. Want one!
  7. It is when I pick up a watch and it’s on hour out, so I haven’t worn it in months Then it is time for the chop, I’d say.
  8. You don’t happen to drive a small sporty Citroen do you?
  9. How about Longines. That would be a start. Seriously though, search for Wittnauer or Longines and select Images and trail through the myriad of images in Google looking for an exact match. If you find a good match then go to the site the image came from, you might get an exact model name or at least a potential source of such info.
  10. Probably just down to the machines involved having finer tolerances now. Interesting though. Excellent side by side shot, by the way.
  11. Off to the cinema in Henley later to see Downton movie. Felt this was the most appropriate. . .
  12. I might try the strict rota thing, but right now it’s about who am I meeting, where am I going, what am I doing and what am I wearing. Mostly what am I doing and who am I doing it with, so to speak. But it is definitely a conscious choice every time, unless I’m in a mad rush and have to default to yesterday’s watch. Then if I find I haven’t worn a particular watch for three or four months I have a brutal decision to make as to whether it is for the chop.
  13. It was definitely better when it first opened way back. I bagged a gorgeous Barbour jacket last time I went but I agree that parking was frigging awful and there were millions of bussed in tourists spending a fortune on “stuff” like they were doing so just for the sake of it. Plus, I’ve already got the one and only Tag I really wanted in my collection, and they’ve never had it in Bicester.
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