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  1. The latitude and longitude at the bottom of the dial is something I’ve never seen before. Are these from Croatia or Bosnia?
  2. Indices way too big, dial too small, case too bulky, no personality or class IMHO
  3. My nephew finally took the plunge having followed the advice you gave me. He is absolutely delighted - thanks again!
  4. 22-year-old nephew is desperate for a Gagarin LE and I know nothing about them. Any advice or guidance on price or where to source most reliably? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Scott. Totally agree. Very pleasing to wear. More so than I expected.
  6. Not my best attempts by any means — my excuse is that it’s actually quite hard to snap, so have added a couple of ‘library shots’ so you get the picture - literally. It is a Franck Muller Master Banker Havana in an antique 18k rose gold, with a platinum rotor of all things. It wears beautifully on the wrist - not heavy and not bling - just stunningly elegant, even on me! Three time zones allow me to keep tabs on my team, which stretches from Poland to Connecticut - at all the right times. What think you?
  7. Workaday Alpina Big Date today - always gets fond remarks from keen observers... I do love that Fossil, Davey P - very colourful!
  8. Took the plunge and got the deal done. It gets me to work, golf, shops, pub, doctors, dentists, etc, return, on a single charge with a range of around 24 miles in real life at a cost of about £1.20. Filled it with Esso in December and expect the tank to last me until Spring.
  9. Love that Rolex Air-King and the Stowa! Happy New Year, everyone! Wearing my Alpina StarTimer today.
  10. This is it. Brand New. Current Model. Came with bracelet as well as the really cool matching NATO - got the lot for under £3k Here you go...
  11. Even when closed they will answer phones so best to get your complaint in immediately. Im sure they will sort it out for you.
  12. Hopefully - if I’m lucky enough to still have a job and life starts to become normal again - I would like to buy a nice Panerai Black Seal, a Graham Stowe, and possibly a Hublot classic Fusion.
  13. I think I may have bought quite a few this year. In fact I’ve just checked and it would appear that I’ve bought 20 and sold 23 in total - every one of which I’ve enjoyed wearing, though some quite briefly I’ll admit. This is the one that’s attracted the most admiring remarks by a long way. Bought as a gift for my gorgeous wife on her retirement unfortunately she finds it too heavy so I’m moving it on such a shame as I had it serviced by Rolex specially...
  14. Great watch. I managed to buy a very early version on bracelet when they were in short supply. Sold it second hand for more than I paid for it and replaced it with the Tudor Monte Carlo. I still love the Fifty Eight though. What a great year! May you wear it in good health!
  15. From the album: YouCantHaveTooManyWatches

    HSE Lux 2.0 petrol 240ps Sept 2018. Thousands of extras!
  16. Am I allowed to answer the original question from what feels like years ago? :-) I currently drive a 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Lux 2-litre petrol, but I’ve advertised it on Auto Trader because I now no longer need to do long journeys - ever - so I am opting for the plug-in hybrid route since 90% of my journeys are 8 miles or less, so I should be able to do the round trip on battery alone. I have made an offer on a 2017 BMW X5 xDrive40e, but it is totally dependent on me selling the Discovery Sport!
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