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  1. Anything with the comex logo becomes collectible by association. I used to live in the area and picked up a couple of Comex items, both made very healthy profits .
  2. Christ - that takes me back 50 years. Borgward if I'm not mistaken. My grandad had one when I was a nipper.
  3. Your Susie is an absolute ringer for my Mutt - a Clucker (Clumber/Cocker cross)
  4. I've never used a Dictaphone.............it's much easier using a finger
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OorZcOzNcgE Child in Time - Deep Purple
  6. I remember woolies only to well - every christmas an aunt used to buy me one of those carp "Top of the pops" albums. Cover versions of hit songs made by unknown session musicians. The best bit about them were the birds on the covers
  7. Dave Myers lives a couple of villages away from me, and can be seen wandering around the village bootfair so he must be pretty down to earth. Hugh double barrelled wore a humble Tag F1 for many years, I haven't seen him on the TV for a while so I've no idea if he still wears it
  8. Just looked up the conversion for my 3 Litre (V6), it equates to 183 cu inches, so 350cu is around 5.75 litres £1.28 ave uk price per litre (=1.57usd) x 3.8 (litres in a us gallon) equates to circa 6usd per us gallon at uk prices - how much do you guys actually pay in the US ?
  9. It's easily done by any halfway competent watch tinkerer.
  10. Christ, there are some weirdo's on here - wear it and enjoy it, without any further thought as to when or if you might sell it on. If the original strap breaks simply replace it. Under the bed and in the loft are where you stash your porn collection
  11. Aye, I popped into the Aberdeen branch on quite a few occasions and rarely left with anything. 99% of their stuff was far to blingy for the middle aged But I do like the look of Bond's watch
  12. Yep, had a similar problem a few years back with an overseas buyer. Claimed the watch wasn't working, so I agreed to take the watch back. When it arrived the keeper on the leather strap was cut in 2 as he obviously couldn't be bothered to unwrap the watch properly and had attacked the packaging with scissors or a knife. Surprise, surprise, the watch was running fine Don't cancel your ebay account, simply use it to buy, but don't sell. All the power is with the buyers, has been for many years now and I can't see ebay changing their policies until they lose their market domina
  13. Wouldn't touch one with yours, or anything else with a wankel. Had an early mk1 RX7 with a Rover v8 conversion and loved it, apart from having my knees up around the steering wheel go kart style.......but it fitted my 5 foot 2 inch wife perfectly.. It comes to something when a 3.5 litre eats less fuel and oil than a supposedly 1.3 litre, and the v8 didn't need rebuilding every 5 minutes.
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