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  1. Anything with the comex logo becomes collectible by association. I used to live in the area and picked up a couple of Comex items, both made very healthy profits .
  2. Christ - that takes me back 50 years. Borgward if I'm not mistaken. My grandad had one when I was a nipper.
  3. I could vastly improve my life with 2 very simple actions - Firstly change my phone number, Secondly block my 2 sisters email addresses - the pair of them are constantly at each others throats
  4. Your Susie is an absolute ringer for my Mutt - a Clucker (Clumber/Cocker cross)
  5. Gets rid of warts as well..............but please don't use the remains to make chips
  6. I've never used a Dictaphone.............it's much easier using a finger
  7. Big Bad Boris

    Song Titles Game

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OorZcOzNcgE Child in Time - Deep Purple
  8. I remember woolies only to well - every christmas an aunt used to buy me one of those carp "Top of the pops" albums. Cover versions of hit songs made by unknown session musicians. The best bit about them were the birds on the covers
  9. Dave Myers lives a couple of villages away from me, and can be seen wandering around the village bootfair so he must be pretty down to earth. Hugh double barrelled wore a humble Tag F1 for many years, I haven't seen him on the TV for a while so I've no idea if he still wears it
  10. As long as you sing the lyrics whilst listening to it
  11. Another superb version by Disturbed - it really gets going around the 2 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4
  12. You all need to bend over a lot more then There are many things I miss after leaving Scotland - the weather and 6 hours of daylight in the winter certainly aren't amongst them...........neither are those pesky midges .
  13. I could go on and on..................but better not
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