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  1. Do you know the calibration of the movement? If all else fails, send me the watch and I will sort it for you. Regards Simon.
  2. Try removing the Balance from the movement and examine the pivots.
  3. Is the case round or shaped? It's all down to the right case press. Some of the cheap case tools have limited number of dies and therefore the pressure isn't exerted as required. It really depends on how many watches you intend to handle. A busy workshop can afford to invest in expensive tooling. I hear your pain and frustration. It would be safer in the long run to befriend your local watchmaker, as much damage can be done. Hope this helps.
  4. Pop it in the post and I will have a look at it for you.
  5. When ordering, ask for spring bars to fit “Z” type clasp. 16mm and 18mm are the most popular sizes.
  6. You will have to remove the day disc and the rest of the date mech. to remove the "C" clip, ease the finest and sharpest, of screwdrivers under one side and gently lift it up the Hour wheel pipe. don't try and open the "C" clip, by spreading it. If you need further help.then shout.
  7. Hello. That module looks like a Miyota 6P29 The books say that it is still available, so i would advise that you replace what you have, for new. Hope this helps. if not give me a shout.
  8. Any chance of a picture of the back of the module
  9. Do you know the calibration and number of the module? Calibre
  10. A full set of good quality screwdrivers are a must, in the long term. Maintaining them is also important. One slip could be the end of a project. There are many good brands out there, bergeon being one of them. It depends how you are going to use them, but buying them one at a time isn't a good idea. You will always need the size you don't have. Using the correct size screwdriver to the screw head is vital. They often come with a storage stand to keep your bench tidy and spare blades. hope this helps.
  11. So as not to damage the screw head. Is it possible to hold the exposed length of the winding stem, with a small pair of pliers? If so you may be able to unscrew the crown, which will possibly enable you to remove the movement with the stem still attached. once the movement is out of the case you will be able to oil the setting Lever screw- thread, to encourage its rotation. hope this helps. If not then give me a shout. Do you know the calibre of the movement?
  12. Not the best, long term storage. Back in the days when i worked for a local jewellers. during the hot summer sun of the 70's, when work was slack. we often serviced the stock watches. The mercury would often creep about 100 degrees F. in the shop window display.
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