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  1. Have you replaced the Date change wheel and run the watch?
  2. I prefer to strip and service the watch.
  3. Hi Adam Thousands available but you must measure it accurately. I will supply and fit it you would like. This would be £18 plus return postage. regards Simon
  4. The safest way would be to break and remove the glass. You could try using a case press,but you may distort the dial.
  5. Does the Balance spring have an overcoil or is it flat?
  6. Do you have any pictures?
  7. A standard mainspring will fit that Barrel. The spring in the picture has had its end , reformed, by a watchmaker. ( incorrectly)
  8. Email me your address details and I will send you a screw. My Email is essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com
  9. Do you know the calibre of the module?
  10. I did respond. Did you not see my message? Will Email you.
  11. Hi my contact details are as follows: email essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com Tel 0208 503 8337 address 74 Mayesbrook Rd, Goodmayes, Essex, IG3 9PJ regards Simon
  12. As it is a reasonably new watch, we can ignore the wear factor. I would want to see which wheels are slipping. Could be the Clutch wheel and Pinion or the Winding Pinion and Crown Wheel. Could even be as simple as parts need lubricating. The watch maybe a recent new purchase, but it could be a few years since manufacture. hope this helps.
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