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  1. As it is a reasonably new watch, we can ignore the wear factor. I would want to see which wheels are slipping. Could be the Clutch wheel and Pinion or the Winding Pinion and Crown Wheel. Could even be as simple as parts need lubricating. The watch maybe a recent new purchase, but it could be a few years since manufacture. hope this helps.
  2. simon2

    Swisstime woes!

    Hope you get this problem resolved. If not give me a shout.
  3. simon2

    Swisstime woes!

    Did they give you a full report of what they did, during the service. What is the time error?
  4. simon2

    Seiko Crystal

    If yours has, then yes it should. Just check the 2 rings, to make sure there ring is the same as the one on your old glass.
  5. simon2

    Seiko Crystal

    the reference# i get for that case is: 310P03HB0A . You may have to have a glass press to install it.
  6. simon2

    Seiko Crystal

    Will go look at books.
  7. Not going to an easy fix.may have to remove the dial or that green plastic module cover.
  8. simon2

    Old omega, issue.

    Hi, Zoot. Have now seen your watch at my bench. It appears that someone in the past has taken the auto work to pieces and assembled it incorrectly. I offer you 2 options 1) take the auto work to pieces and assemble correctly £20 2) fully service the watch which includes resetting the rack on the auto winding. £240 Awaiting you advice. Regards Simon. ps. The telephone number you gave me is incorrect. Could you also give me your Email address.
  9. Sounds like the date change wheel is damaged.
  10. Did you get my Email?
  11. Hi Joe I have a Bulova 11BLACD escape wheel £25 + p&p Hope this helps regards Simon
  12. If you can't find someone to do it, I will. just shout.
  13. simon2


    No problem. I will do it for you.
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