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  1. Do you know the size of the size of the wire? Suggest you use a piece of old mainspring
  2. Just a general comment. There is no point in trying to finely regulate a dry and dirty watch. Just saying.
  3. Is this a one -piece case. From the picture it does look like it. Looking at the Picture there does appear to be a small recess on the edge of the dial, At the 2 O' Clock position. With a good light and an eyeglass, look into that gap as you pull the Winder into hand set. Do this a few times and you should see a small plate appear within the gap. With a fine screwdriver, press down lightly on that plate and gently tug on the crown. once the Crown and stem are removed the complete movement can be gently eased from the case. Hope this helps. If not shout. Regards simon.
  4. Classic old watches. A Watchmakers bread and butter, back in the day lol. I will service them for you. just give me a shout, if you need my help. regards Simon.
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    Seems odd. My Email is. essexclockandwatch@hotmail. com
  8. The type of screws you require can vary in thread size and head diameter. Therefore it may be easier to purchase an assortment. Hope this helps, if you need further help, then shout. Regards Simon.
  9. Hi Dimi. Yes i can service that Omega for you. Is a very popular Calibre and most parts are available. An approximate price for servicing would be £140 plus parts and return postage. To be more accurate with regards the costings, i would like to examine the watch at my bench first. Presently i'm running at 3/4 weeks turn around time, which is subject to delays if parts are needed and not in my stockroom. Hope this helps. I'll give you my address details if you need them. Regards Simon.
  10. Please include contact details in the package. Will let you know when they arrive. Regards Simon
  11. Yes I will help you. Do you want to send them to me?
  12. Sounds like the mainspring has slipped off the barrel hook, at some point in the past, when the clock has been near to fully wound. As the spring has slipped it has reattached itself to the hook and the tension on the spring has bent the barrel hook. As the clock is 40 years old and only running for 2/3 days i would replace all 3 barrels as the springs may all be weak. stamped on the barrel gear you will see a 2 digit number. quote this number when ordering and Cousins should be able to supply. Hope this helps, if not give me a shout. Regards Simon.
  13. Hi. The reason I have suggested that the crown should be replaced, is because it looks as though it is wearing smooth. Better to replace it now, whilst the watch is being serviced, than to disturb the case later. hope this helps Regards Simon. ps. My address is as on my website
  14. The Hour wheel should not break the bank. Is a common ETA movement.
  15. Clean and Overhaul, New Crown and new Glass. £108+ return postage. Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
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