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  1. Heat half and inch of the end of the spring to " cherry Red". Gradually bend, only when red hot, when folded back on itself, pinch the bend with pliers to flatten it. A spirt lamp is fine of a small blowtorch.
  2. Have you any pictures of the movement in it's working position?
  3. Have you looked at Cousins site? What is the width of the bracelet?
  4. simon2

    TW Steel TW75

    Hi Andy Supply & fit new glass £25 + return postage. Please supply complete case including back. regards Simon
  5. It look fake, sorry to say.
  6. It's a nice clock. I would strip it and clean again and make sure the spring barrels are also oiled.
  7. I assume it doesn't strike the half hour either. Could be something simple, like the great train needs some oil. When was the clock last stripped and cleaned?
  8. I agree with all the above. One of the issues with wearing a watch for many years. Regular cleaning of the case, can reduce the process, but in the long term ,not prevent it.
  9. No you cannot " Over demag". The problem with some cheap demagnetises is that they do not demagnetise enough. The stronger the magnetic field the better. Which is only available with the more expensive models. It is good practise to demag all watches that you service, and all your tools. My demagnetiser cost £500
  10. Are both sides of your sticky pads", really sticky"? Does your dial lay flat on a flat surface? You may have to double up on the pads. If the dial is thick. You may have to use a module with longer posts to take the hands. Do the pads, stick to the front of the module?
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