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  1. Approx £30+return postage. Hope this helps. Shout if you need me.
  2. I will service them foe you. If you need me, just shout. What do you mean by" tightening up your mainspring?
  3. Providing when the rack drops to 12 on the snail there is still pressure on the tail of the rack, then all should be fine. hope this helps. If not shout.
  4. I Know that cousins does sell fine tapered brass pins to fit Balance spring studs. You could make one. If you get stuck I will send you a sellection, just shout.
  5. The domed side faces up, when placed on the movement.
  6. Check the tightness of the screw on the silent lever
  7. Can't see your pictures. But it is possible that alarm hand remains with the dial. if there is one. Top cutters are probably the best tool to use. To remove hour and minute hands.hope this helps.if not shout.
  8. Do you have a picture of the front of the movement?
  9. Probably 1/3 of that price. Some people are just, greedy.
  10. Hope you get it sorted. If not give me a shout.
  11. Has it been recently serviced? Could be a mainspring problem or generally dry. Happy to look at it to establish it's faults. Here if you me me, just shout. Regards Simon.
  12. The date retaining plates are higher than the date disc. So the date disc will not touch the underside of the dial.hope this helps.
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