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  1. What's the problem, with the clock?
  2. Sounds like the Day Jumper spring has slipped under the day disc. Check to see if the "C" clip is inplace on the Hour wheel pipe
  3. My Watchmakers "Staking Outfit" contains 120 Punches and 30 Stakes ( anvils). Made long ago, by a company called Boley Leinen. Here is a list of some of the uses of a staking outfit. Riveting, Jewelling, Hand fitting, Bushing Clocks and Watches, Reaming, Fitting Banance Staffs, Closing and opening Holes, Thread Making and punching pins out of Bracelets. This tool is so versatile that is can be adapted for many other uses. If you are considering buying an out fit, then look for one that has a raised conversion table. This enables you to convert a Punch into a Stake, which vastly increases the outfits versatility. The smaller outfits on sale with few Stakes and Punches are of limited use. The reason for using an Staking Outfit is that the pressure applied to the job is equal and between centres. Very important when fitting a new balance Staff, for example. Hope this helps.
  4. A jeweller doesn't use a watchmakers style staking outfit.
  5. As a local clock repairer, I will keep this on file ..
  6. Would be glad to have a look at it, for you. Shout if you need me.
  7. A comfortable seat and a bench set at the correct height.
  8. Should be fine. But don't leave it in the fluid for a long period. A few minutes is enough. hope this helps.
  9. Watch has arrived. will report back, soon. after I have inspected it at my bench. regards Simon.
  10. Hi Tommy. Welcome to the forum. To give you an accurate estimate I would have to see it at my bench, first. Do you know anything about its service history? Hope this helps. regards simon.
  11. The correct size Mainspring for that Barrel is: 22x40x40 the strength and diameter sizes are sold in units of 5. So go for the nearest. Regards Simon.
  12. Measure the internal diameter of the Barrel. For example. If that diameter is ( 45mm) then the strength of the spring is .45 mm. As for the length, buy a spring that is sold to fit a 45mm Barrel. Clock mainsprings are sold , pre wound, so by buying one that will fit inside your barrel will be of the correct length. Sizes are quotes as, I.e. 18x45x45. 18 Height. X .45 Strength x 45 Diameter. Hope this helps. If not then shout. Regards Simon.
  13. Very repairable. Shout if you need my help. Regards Simon.
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