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  1. Let me have the height of your hour wheel and I will get it for you and post it off.
  2. Measure the height of your hour wheel and compare with the list.
  3. What is the thickness of your glass? Seiko glasses, generally, are sized 270, 280,290, 300. etc. A 290 diameter of the thickness you require is available from Cousins. Look under "Sternkreuz Mineral watch glasses, Flat. You can select the thickness. If you get stuck. give me a shout.
  4. Pull the crown into the handset position and turn until the date changes. Now fit hands at 12
  5. Yes, is an easy fix. You will have to remove the dial. If your not sure I will do it for you.
  6. simon2

    WW1 watch

    If you get stuck and can't get anyone to help. Give me a shout.
  7. Send when you are ready. I will let you know when it arrives. Will examine it at my bench and chat with you then. Please include Email address and telephone number. Regards Simon.
  8. well done. on to the next. keep at it, mate.
  9. Hi, Pop them in the post and I will sort them for you. Regards Simon.
  10. Sounds like a strip and clean will solve your problems. £80 + any parts that I find that need replacing, during service and return postage. Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  11. You tease. lol
  12. The clutch wheel may have dropped out of place. Time to take the dial off
  13. A gentle tug on the crown, as you press the push bolt will enable you to remove the stem without pushing to hard on the push bolt.
  14. Have you replaced the Date change wheel and run the watch?
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