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  1. Do you have a watch parts supplier local to you?
  2. If you are in the Uk I will post you one. freee! Email me your address details. essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com
  3. Try changing the battery
  4. Do you know the calibre of the module?
  5. Well done, look forward to working with you.
  6. Can we see a picture of the back of the watch, with the movement and ring in place. With the case back, off?
  7. simon2


    Can we see a picture of the watch, in case with the back off.
  8. Sounds like it needs stripping and cleaning. There should be tension on the hammer, from rest.
  9. No it is not correct. the 2832 goes back to 2828 BM ( basic model) both the day and date disc's are not compatible. don't buy them. Hope this helps. Regards simon.
  10. Very strange.. Do you have an email?
  11. A full strip and clean should solve it's problems. Shout if you need me.
  12. Hi, David. My Email address is as follows. essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  13. Here if you need me, just shout.
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