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  1. Sounds like it needs stripping and cleaning. There should be tension on the hammer, from rest.
  2. No it is not correct. the 2832 goes back to 2828 BM ( basic model) both the day and date disc's are not compatible. don't buy them. Hope this helps. Regards simon.
  3. Very strange.. Do you have an email?
  4. A full strip and clean should solve it's problems. Shout if you need me.
  5. Hi, David. My Email address is as follows. essexclockandwatch@hotmail.com Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  6. Here if you need me, just shout.
  7. Here if you need me. Just shout.
  8. What parts do you need?
  9. it should wind in both directions. see calibre 6106 basic movement.
  10. Do you have a set of Vernier Calipers. "Digital perhaps"? If so measure the diameters of the Hour,Minute and seconds shafts. In millimetres. popular sizes would be 120x70x18/20 Do you know the calibre and number of the old modules. i may have that type of data. hope this helps. if not, then shout for more help. regards simon
  11. Is the chain touching the pendulum bob, as it swings. Do you have a counter weight on the loose hanging length of the chain? is the case standing firmly on the floor? Is the pendulum bob clear of the back of the case, as it swings? is the Warning detent lifting high enough, see pin on minute wheel. Have you fitted any new bushes?
  12. simon2


    If you get stuck. Give me a shout. But don't leave it to long, before you get it attended to.
  13. simon2

    Banking pin.

    With care, yes
  14. simon2

    Banking pin.

    Often the Banking pins are friction fitted into the main plate, so a broken one can be punched out and replaced. But some are created as part of the main plate and therefore the plate will have to be drilled.
  15. You need a Steel Longcase Pendulum Rod and Brass Bob. If you are able to use, Cousins material site has the parts you need, I have listed below 1. Pendulum rod reference, P 56319 2. 4 inch diameter Brass faced lead Bob, reference. P34548 3. Brass threaded Bar, with regulating thread and nut. Reference. L0920 hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  16. It sounds like a simple crown and stem repair. However it's difficult to test the full function of the watch, without it. If you are able to give me the Calibre and number of the movement I could send you one, but fitting maybe beyond you. If you are not sure of the service history of the watch it may not solve all your problems. A full service would ensure reliable performance, if you need further help, Shout. Regards Simon.
  17. You have a combination of parts there. The suspension spring is for an old antique longcase clock. The Bob and wooden pendulum rod it for a Hermle, German movement. I think your best bet would be to post pictures of your clock movement. then we would know what you may need. hope this helps.
  18. A standard tension ring glass@ 300 should be fine. Sometimes it it advisable to use the original tension ring, as it may be slightly different to the standards supplied with the new glass. For further reference, it is best to measure the case bezel inner diameter. Rather than the diameter of the old glass. Due to shrinkage. You should be ok in this case as it is a tension ring glass. hope this helps. Regards Simon. If not Shout!
  19. I think that the Timex calibre 25 has a double Cannon Pinion. If so. Then remove outer Cannon and close it, slightly.
  20. Harley 751 or stone down a Miyota 5y30 seconds shaft
  21. Is the range of adjustment on the pendulum, midway along it's thread? If so, small Millimetre alterations of the suspension spring length and the Crutch length can be compensated by dropping the regulating nut under the Pendulum Bob. Hope this helps. Regards Simon.
  22. I have both types of stem, should you need one.
  23. The gut lines are easy to replace, once the Clock is disassembled. The Crutch can be Brazed, and the suspension spring is an easy fix to. I'd leave the Dial , as is, perhaps a light clean with soapy watch. Hope this helps. If you need any more help, just shout. Regards Simon.
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