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  1. A quick update to this undoubtedly enthralling topic Managed to pick up a few links from Cousins (at a fiver each - ouch!). Turns out I needed 2 extra links to have this strap fit comfortably. So now back off the temporary Nato and back on steel as is my preference (although the grey nato looked surprisingly good as a combo). Hope someone other than me was even mildly interested in hearing the further adventures of my watchstrap!!
  2. Morning gents I was the one Rob mentioned (thanks for thinking of me btw Rob and for asking on my behalf - I hadn't seen this thread at all). Whilst the extension could be used to make this just fit my wrist, it would need to be at full stretch and thus making the rigid element of the strap slightly wider than the underside of my arm! Not the most comfortable position really. I clearly need at least 3 links more which I find strange, as I only have around 7.75 inch wrist, so certainly not the biggest. That all said, this is a really lovely watch, and my first/only ecodrive at that.
  3. It's been a while since I added anything here... This is my latest acquisition, and very nice it is too! screengrab
  4. That takes me back! I remember the bear in the series as being awesomely cool - I wanted one myself too... Somehow doubt the then girlfriend would have appreciated that! the actor didn't have a real name to me - he WAS Grizzly. Probably helped by the fact that I don't think I ever saw him in another role either. He did come across as a genuinely gentle, excellent sort of person to. On top of the the other recent high-profile losses to the dreaded C, that has left me quite teary actually. Thanks for resurrecting the memories though.
  5. Well, the destructive bit sounds just like me, as does the short bushy tail Perhaps the better looking part might just be a tad misplaced! Guess I picked the right 'handle' then (and here I chose it 'cos of my habit of accumulating.....)
  6. Hehe. I was wondering when someone would get around to saying something! I wasn't aware that my pics would a) show on the side as they do/did or then b) they would take so long to be replaced. I was waiting for a spot of sunshine to take my next set of photos. Apologies for the disturbia! Added: There you go, found a couple of previous pictures to add. Nasty rattie now gone!
  7. Yes it is and I'll see if I can mock something up. Oooh! *Rubs hands in anticipation*
  8. Hi Roy. Is it possible to make this as a one-hander? Just wondering what that would look like...
  9. Old leather jacket & some shears? I can provide a template...
  10. me too mate - that was the point of the thread If it helps, I bought it either here or on TZ... Actually, I guess that really doesn't help all that much, does it! Hold the presses!! Look at item 281714388675 on the 'bay - bit pricey to my mind, but looks to be the same as mine.
  11. True Although the leather on this is thinner than most bund straps I have seen, and as supple as glove leather. Worth looking into buying some calf leather gloves as donors?
  12. I think this is about the best strap I have available for this watch - light, supple and very comfortable without being bulky. The best of a nato with added leather. I just wish I could tell you where to find one....
  13. Make sure it is a watch auction?
  14. If you check the movement, you should have an ETA 955.414 movement fitted. This is now an obsolete movement, replacement being 955.412 apparently. The correct battery for that is the 371. re the movement number - it is in tiny script on the very edge of the movement - stamped into the metal. I needed a magnifying glass!!
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