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  1. Thanks. I'm looking at them on Amazon. Just found another one, slightly different model number but same features and materials, for 20% less but haven't checked shipping. Also, will look at ratings of suppliers. Thanks again,
  2. I'm considering buying a CASIO watch, MODEL LCW-M170TD-1AER. It's advertised with good features for the price ($319 + shipping and tax): Waveceptor, solar recharges the battery, Titanium case, Titanium band, Sapphire crystal. Lots of plusses for this watch. It's a 2014 model but is supposedly new. To anyone who has had experience with this model or similar ones: Will I have to replace the battery right away if it's been stored away for a couple of years? Is it compatible with the US time-sync signal? Any pro's and con's you care to pass along are appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Back to trying to resurrect this Waveceptor after not wearing it since August. Took it to a jeweler and had them go over it, install an Energizer battery (wal-mart had installed a Sam's battery), and verify the gasket is good. Sorry I didn't forward pictures of the extra parts. I took pictures of them but the resolution wasn't adequate. Set the city code to CHI. It won't manually receive after several attempts at various locations by windows. Verified it's set to auto-receive and will see how it goes tonight. If it doesn't receive the signal tonight, I'll contact Casio support at t
  4. Took my 7 year old Waveceptor to WalMart for a new battery. (The LCD display would dim when I activated the watch's light; it was keeping time okay and always indicated that the radio signal had been received the night before.) The person changing the battery was having a great deal of trouble putting it back together. She was trying to install two small metal plates that presumably fell out of the waveceptor. Both plates are about 4 mm X 4 mm, roughly square. On has a small tang that probably helps secure it back there. Bonded to the other plate is a square of black rubber (or plastic).
  5. I have a CASIO Waveceptor with some scratches in the crystal. I assume the crystal is plastic. I'm assuming that mineral or sapphire crystals would only come with a much more expesive timepiece. If it's plastic, I'm thinking of trying Polywatch or fine grit sandpaper. I see where Polywatch is available on Amazon. Any opinions on the best buys (manufacturers, types, etc.) for sandpaper? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Is there a 'user fix' for a Waveceptor that has different analog and digital times? The first thing I tried was battery replacement as it's at least 4 years old. It didn't help. I'm looking at it now; the analog time is about 4:32, the digital time is 1:42. I downloaded the manual for module 3747. No mention of a 'reset' procedure. I'm trying other initialization procedures in the manual. If you have any ideas on how to fix this, please reply. I have a feeling this watch is gonzo. Thanks, Jeff
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