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  1. The Adidas trackies are the official uniform of the antisocial here in oz
  2. I must admit the seller was naive http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/missing-rolex-police-hunt-man-after-gumtree-sellers-duped-20150108-12kojz.html
  3. Dave I would simply continue with your legal direction and have little further to do with this person, I would not speak with his wife as she will support him and complicate the issue. I think if you canvassed other friends of this man you would find your not alone and because of this he may reply quickly with legal action. He is very good at delaying and shuffling excuses and the longer it takes the better for him. The more conversations and deals you enter with him will only work against you in the long run. Do not threaten him as he will be guaranteed to get the law involved and your claim will be insignificant. It's a s##t situation all the best. PS I think the invoice thing is bullsh1t
  4. Hi guys this watch was actually worn by my grandfather throughout the war but was not at D-Day
  5. I could afford the citizen but would buy the Rolex
  6. The rado needed a fair amount of work from what i could understand and the world timer got a few new parts. the pink slip was for the world timer, the rado had a lot more written down the actual cost was 2500 Rado and 1500 world timer. If it was a simple service cost is 1000. I could have got cheaper but!!!!!! I found one old guy working from the side of the road he had a citizen bullhead however he had over polished it 3500 baht, also he worked off a towel and had cans of spray lubricant on his trolley. JoT it was a bit cheaper than that $140 australian.
  7. So took 2watches over to test the water. The rado automatic was not working at all and the the world timer would stop every 2-3 hours and require a solid bump to go. The shop I went to sold and repaired high end watches and mine looked very humble when placed in the drawer next to Rolex and alike. Little to no English we negotiated a plan I picked up the watches 7 days later, 4000 thia baht for both and now have two perfect time keepers. I will be doing this again.
  8. I like my orient mako very much and very good time keeper at that.
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