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  1. Thanks everyone. I'll have a play with the photographic technique! vigman
  2. I bought a small silver plated cocktail shaker. It has "The SMH Cocktail" engraved at the top followed by watchmakers' names and logos on the body: Omega, Tissot, Rado, Certina and Goldsmiths Group. Has anyone seen or heard of such an item before and if so any idea of date? I may put it on Ebay but I always like to know about such items before selling! There are no photos as all I get are reflections off the shiny surface and it is impossible to read the etched names. TIA Vigman
  3. Thanks, Andyclient. I still have a 10% trade account (even though I am a retired antique dealer) with a large auction house locally so will probably go through them. Obviously I would like to purchase many items that come through the charity I help but feel obliged to let things take their course rather than possibly ending up being accused of not paying enough. What about selling the chain separately from the watch? I know I would buy a gold Albert but not a watch and there may be others vice versa? Vigman
  4. Hi Our charity was given this Rolex pocket watch in a Dennison 9ct gold case. It has a 1920s inscription. (It came with a 30gm watch chain - not pictured.) I know I can't ask the "V" question but can anyone tell me if this is particularly rare or sought after please? Also what is the best way to sell such a watch? Auction....watch dealer....eBay? Finally is it best to sell the watch and chain together or separately please? https://photos.app.goo.gl/NqRCbMAcIEJG8z1I2 TIA Vigman
  5. Many thanks for the informative reply. I never thought of it being framed in wood or marble but that makes sense now you have explained the screw and ring construction! It certainly is the quietest movement I have ever heard. Could anyone venture a possible date of manufacture? Possibly 30s? TIA Vigman
  6. Hi Our charity shop has just received this vintage 8 day watch/clock. It is 2" across and has a back stand. The glass and stand screw off and there is a ring that is half way down the body showing the rest of the body thread so I am not sure if anything is missing? The winding mechanism is very light without much resistance and is achieved by turning the semi circular ring at the back. The key to adjust the hands is missing but it would be tiny. The watch/clock is working but with very little sound. It is hard to see what the mechanism is as it is covered by a central back plate. Any info on this unusual piece greatly welcomed, and if permitted by the forum a possible valuation? Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HDJeva4Sh6tRDDxr2 TIA Vigman
  7. Hi Our charity shop has just received a tiny (1/2" diameter!) ladies gold wristwatch and the name on it is ADAR. I couldn't find this in a search here so wonder if anyone can tell me about the maker, please? It is Swiss Made and 17 jewel Incabloc. TIA Vigman
  8. I've corrected the spelling on the Ebay adverts. Also adding that I will give free postage to watch forum members if they give their ID when paying. Vigman
  9. Thanks so much! Only just seen this as I am having serious eye problems at the moment and keeping clear of the computer. Also meant to say, if folks can identify as Watch Forum members then I will give free postage!
  10. Hi This is the link to the 2008 edition of the Jaegre-Le Coultre "Manufacturer's Book Of Timepieces 2008 + Pricelist = Other http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272673997843?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you for looking Vigman
  11. Hi I am selling the 2007 and 2008 Jaegre-Le Coultre books of timepieces. The first is here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272674007413?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you for looking Vigman
  12. This has sold, please confirm if you are the buyer and member of the forum Thanks Vigman
  13. Thank you so much for all that information, it is just the type of facts I love to learn! Interestingly it looks almost like the gold case has been lathed out of a block, especially due to its thickness but it may possibly be cast. It certainly isn't beaten and raised like the thin back plates I have seen before.. Do people replace the coloured 'glasses' when restoring this type of watch? The old crazed plastic one disintegrated. My daughter lived in Edgbaston when at uni in Birmingham and I know both those addresses. Vigman
  14. Thanks, Andyclient. Looks the same to me although the ends might be slightly burred over. I will still try and sell it with the bracelet attached (even at scrap price) in case anyone here can save it! Vigman
  15. If I did want to remove the bracelet on this watch are these simple pins that have to be driven out of the hinge? They don't look like spring pins? TIA Vigman
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